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This page will give you a quick rundown of the forces from Soeliland that are involved in Soeliland's endless interior strife. The key participants are the regular DRS Forces and the PLAoSS and CUSTARD militias; for private military contractors see here, for foreign intervention forces see here.


Democratic Republic of Soeliland Armed Forces - DRSAF


As a result of the long-running civil war the current government of the Democratic Republic of Soeliland exerts little control over the country outside its capital Suzman City. Politically the current president, while being at least partly financed by the west, has been known to play upon anti-Western sentiments repeatedly; apart from the fight against the PLAoSS, which has wrestled with government forces for control of key positions in and around Suzman City several times, the DRS is also regularly involved in clashes with CUSTARD, as it flatly refuses to consider any concessions towards autonomy, as well as with other militias trying to gain control over various parts of the country.

Of the once quite sizeable DRS army only a fairly small number of units is left. Likewise, the DRS navy is reduced to very few small vessels of questionable fighting value and very few Marines units. Much of the developmental aid lately arriving with the DRS government has been used to pay for the services of Murkwater, a private military contractor hired both to provide personal security to the president and to train the presidential guard. As a result, the presidential guard is - by Soelilandian standards at least - of above average quality and considerably better equipped than the rest of the DRS forces.

The remnants of the ordinary army are mainly equipped with Soviet equipment of WW2 vintage. Many of these units are of a highly questionable value, as they have repeatedly joined forces with the highest bidder in the past, making them an ideal recruiting ground for the PLAoSS or terrorist groups; the DRS Marines enjoy a slightly better reputation than the rest of the army.

DRS M-48
DRS occupying a blocking position; M-48, VAB and M 113 in evidence
DRS Panhards in action

The presidential guard is equipped with a mix of fairly modern weapons of Russian and Western origin. The infantry uses Russian AK rifles, RPK machine guns and RPG-7 AT weapons, while French VAB are employed in the APC role. The presidential guard also has some M48 tanks on strength and even fields 155mm SPGs, albeit of WW2 origin. These have been proved to be quite powerful both for indirect and for direct fire support.

Very blurry picture of DRS infantry very much in trouble...
DRS 105mm artillery

Ordinary DRS army units on the other hand are less well equipped. Relying either on old ex-Soviet or on old US equipment the infantry platoons lack suitable anti-tank weapons putting them at a distinct disadvatage against any enemy fielding tanks or other armoured vehicles. DRS army artillery is a motley collection of guns and mortars of WW2 vintage.

DRS Marines
DRS Marines mortar

The DRS Marines also use equipment of WW2 vintage, but mainly from British stocks. Marines platoon have some anti-tank capability, although they have to rely on 1950s bazookas.

The DRS air force has only a small number of serviceable aircraft left. Apart from some jet trainers used in the light bomber role the air force's main offensive assets are two OV-10 Broncos and one or two Cobra gunships that are still believed to be operable. DRS aircraft are often observed to be crewed by foreign contractors.


People's Liberation Army of South Soeliland - PLAoSS


The People's Liberation Army of South Sardonia (PLAoSS) is a marxist-islamistic Rebel army whose ideology is totally focussed on a personality cult around its leader, General Mahmut, who is described as extremely charismatic by some (including foreign correspondents held at gunpoint). Other reports suggest that General Mahmuts charisma in fact mainly rests on the copious consumption of Alcohol and hallucinogenous substances by his followers. The PLAoSS apparently has no political agenda as such; gaining overall control over Soeliland in order to recklessly exploit its natural ressoureces is generally assumed to be its sole objective.

PLAoSS M-47 roaming around
PLAoSS tanks preparing for action

The PLAoSS is equipped with a variety of equipment from different sources ranging from ex-army hardware to equipment captured from the UN. Currently the most valued possession of the PLAoSS is a motley collection of tanks giving it a considerable edge over some of the other contestants in Soeliland.

PLAoSS T-34/85
PLAoSS infantry squad

PLAoSS is known to operate T-62s, T-55s, T-34s, a M-47 and one or two old M3 Stuart as command vehicles. Apart from these tanks technicals are in widespread use, armed with a wide array of machine guns, AA guns or recoilles rifles.

PLAoSS Technical in ambush position
PLAoSS Stuart Command Tank

Apart from the militia forces at General Mahmut's disposal members of radical islamistic terrorist organisations are also known to operate in Soeliland; these apparently support the PLAoSS in return for being allowed to establish training camps in PLAoSS-controlled areas of Soeliland. It is the existence of these terrorist organisations that has caused a US intervention force to appear in Soeliland.

PLAoSS does not control any airstrip and has no aircraft in its inventory. However, in the past it every now and then managed to get air support by MiG fighter bombers from an airbase in a neighbouring country whose commander is said to receive regular payments from General Mahmut.


Christians for a United Soeliland against Terror, Revolution and Dictatorship - CUSTARD


Another arch enemy of the PlAoSS (if the PLAoSS is rich in anything, then it is in arch enemies) are the Christians for a United Soeliland without Terror, Revolution and Dictatorship, or CUSTARD for short. It is a settlers' militia that was formed after several farms were attacked and the government of Soeliland failed to guarantee the security of the settlers. CUSTARD's stronghold is Rognvaldstown, a small harbour town in the extreme North of Sardonia, which together with its surroundings is effectively in secession from the DRS. Several attempts at wrestling control over the northern coastal area from CUSTARD by DRS units have so far been unsuccessful.

CUSTARD Saladin covering a militia force including a priest and two special forces

By modern standards the main infantry body of the militia is poorly equipped with WW2 vintage weaponry, but CUSTARD tries to make up their lack of modern equipment by intensive training of its special forces.

CUSTARD Centurion supporting a militia squad
CUSTARD Centurion

Also, recent developments have seen the acquisition of a small number of Centurion tanks, giving CUSTARD a considerable edge over both the DRS and the PLAoSS tanks. Generally, CUSTARD is fairly well equipped with armoured vehicles, operating - apart from the Centurions - also at least two Sherman tanks and one or two Scorpion scout tanks. According to some unconfirmed rumours CUSTARD also experiments with mobile infantry and operates small numbers of Saladin armoured cars and Saracen APCs.

CUSTARD armoured train "ira dei" (armoured engine, infantry and AT car)
CUSTARD armoured train

As the northern plain has two railway lines leading away from Rognvaldstown, CUSTARD has constructed at least one armoured train called "ira dei". The train is apparently mainly used for controlling the plain but has reportedly been seen near the capital as well.

CUSTARD does have a small air component based at a small airstrip a couple of miles away from Rognvaldstown consisting of a number of WW2 vintage aircraft; only one or two of these are believed to be operable at any given time. There are also rumours about a modern transport aircraft that has been converted into a powerful gunship, but these are uncofirmed.


Volunteer Militia against Imperialists and Technocrats - VoMIT


The Volunteer Militia against Imperialists and Technocrats (VoMIT) is a breakaway faction founded by erstwhile PLAoSS officer Nubaba. While his brother Nububu quickly rose to the rank of colonel and overall commander of all the PLAoSS' armoured assets, Nubaba's career did - in his own opinion - not reflect his qualities as the most capable military leader Soeliland has ever seen. He therefore decided to promote himself to the rank of Field Marshal and founded his own faction. Nubaba's militia has no known political agenda apart from fighting the "PLAoSS Technocrats" as well as the "Government Imperialists" for "the good of the people", which somehow seems to be exactly the same as increasing Nubaba's personal wealth.

While Grand Marshal Nubaba continuously claims to have superior leadership over all of his enemies, his forces are generally assumed to be of the poorest quality, often even lacking basic infantry AT weaponry. VoMIT mobile forces mainly consist of technicals and a very small number of vehicles captured from the DRS forces.

While VoMIT infantry may be poorly equipped, it is quite modern in at least one respect - in contrast to the PLAoSS, VoMIT forces have something resembling a uniform in that infantrymen are required to wear a white shirt..

VoMIT has in the past desperately tried to gain some access to air assets. However up to now it neither has any aircraft in its inventory nor can rely on any assistance from a neighboring state. However, according to unconfirmed rumours Field Marshal Nubaba is in negotiations with a PMC, so things may change in the future.

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