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Exakta collecting is growing all over the world.

Exakta Items from Ebay Auction
Here I list the most interesting lots I found on Ebay.
If you check this page often, you can find rare or unusual items.

Exacta V with fixed 85mm f/2.0 Zeiss Sonnar

Description of the lot
Never have I seen this combination before. body and lens in good overall condition. Lens will focus but the scale doesn't - slight mark on front coating. If buyer is interested we may be able to check out the apparent problem with the focus ring. On 11/29/98 at 12:12:57 PDT, seller added the following information: I've just learned that this lens was from an Arriflex motion picture camera - the focus is OK , the rear part of the mount was designed to work on the Arri turret.

exaklaus 981206

Brinkmann lens

Description of the lot
German Exakta Camera and Brinkmann Lens.
I hope the picture answer most questions because I do not know a lot about it. I can tell you that the camera is made in Germany and that the Lens is made in New York. The camera also says, "Thagee Dresden." I will try to answer any questions so please ask.
vsama 981115

Micro-Macro Meter

Description of the lot
I own two of these items, one with Germany, one without Germany. You can find them at the collection page. My higher bid was $151.00 and it was sold for $153.50. It happened in the late night (for me in Italy) so it was impossible for me to fight to own it.

someboby 980729

Exakta Stamp 1955

Description of the lot
Stamp from 1955, showing an EXAKTA Varex VX. Unstamped, good condition. (End of description)
I heard (Exakta Times N. 23) about these stamps printed for the Leipzig Exhibition and I saw the color copies sent to the Exakta Circle members from Germany by Roland Henkel who bought them in a shop on the eastern part of Berlin.

Exakta Clock

Description of the lot

I saved this picture some months ago, during the summer. I lost the original description but the picture works well! The last bid was $350, but the reserve price was not met.

Sonnar 8,5cm/2

Description of the lot

Also in this case I saved this picture some months ago. The lot was sold to a friend of mine and the bid was not cheap! Another example of what you can find on Ebay auction if you have time and attention to the Exakta search list. Most of items are sold by private collectors, not by dealers, so rare and unusual things reach the market.

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