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Message from Annie First Hongkong Venture Scout Unit

I would first take this chance to thank my mum, for she has given me enormous support and embracement towards my scouting activity. Following that are three influential figures in scouting activity who affect me a lot. They are Mr. Simon Chan !V the Group Scout Leader of the 6th Hong Kong Sea Scout Group, Mr. Raymond Chan !V Former Group Scout Leader of 1st Hong Kong Group and Mr. Man Ka On !V ex-Venture Scout Leader of 1st Hong Kong Group Venture Scout Unit.

Simon was the inspiring man of me in scouting. He taught me a lot of things, from Seamanship knowledge to other skill. Also, he directed me to all the traditional scouting skills that I still find them useful today.

Raymond was my course!|s programme leader. By random luck, I was able to do my in-services as a leader in the 1st Hong Kong Group Venture Scout Unit and continued until now. Through him, I learnt how to be a true !¢FFFFFFFFFFFDleader!| of people. He let me exposed to different situations, so that I could learn from them. Besides the day-to-day routine of Venture Scouting, what I treasure the most is how to deal with interpersonal matters. He made me knew how to accept others, how to be considerate and how to forgive others. He is now in the States, but I will never forget his teachings.

Mr. Man Ka On has unreservedly given me all he knew about Venture Scouting. This helps me to understand the mechanism of Venture Scouting even better. Thank you so much.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Mr. Paul Lo, for he has generously spared out his precious photos in scouting. Also, Uncle Manhin and Mr. Colemen Ho. They taught me how to construct a website, and at the same time, gave me support when I got confused. Thanks for the guidance you have given to me.

A word of thanks to all whom has helped me or aided me.

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