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Ryouga was previously in the same school as Ranma. Back in that school, Ranma had done many things to antagonise Ryouga. In his anger, Ryouga promised to make Ranma his worst enemy and subsequently challenged Ranma to many duels which he lost - Ryouga is by no means a lousy fighter!! It's just that Ranma is too skilled for Ryouga......In the later part of the story, you will realise that Ryouga will start to defeat Ranma more often although Ranma will always emerge winner in the end. At Jusenkyo, Ryouga fell into a pond which a black pig drowned in thousands of years ago and because of this curse, Ryouga turns into a black pig (Xiao P) everytime he touches cold water. Ryouga incidentally, is also in love with Akane and gets to sleep with Akane whenever he is Xiao P. Akane, of course do not know that Ryouga is Xiao P. To her, Xiao P is just a cute little black pig whom Akane treats preciously as her favourite pet. Ranma, however knows Xiao P's true identity and shows his jealousy everytime Akane sleeps with Xiao P. By the way, Ryouga is also a real blur block when it comes to finding his way around places - during an arranged duel with Ranma, Ryouga took a month to reach the battleground when it took Ranma only an hour to reach the venue!!


Ukyou was Ranma's playmate since they were very young. Like Kasumi, Ukyou is an expert cook but this is where their similiarities end. Ukyou is also a highly skilled martial arts specialist and she dresses in man's clothings wherever she goes. Like most of the female characters in this manga, Ukyou is also attracted to Ranma. There is always a three-tier fight between Ukyou, Shampoo and Kodachi for Ranma's love but it seems only obvious who Ranma will end up with in the end.
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