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This page was getting a bit out of hand. Thanks to your enormous amounts of helpful hints, I've gathered so much info... There are some new pages with fresh reviews right here, of the new album of course...
Everything you need to know about the debut is in this Kerrang review, written by Liam Shiels and sent to me by Erik Ditlefsen:

'Karma To Burn'
Rating: 4 (out of 5)

This is not an album. It's the sound of a mudslide flattening your house and carrying your car away to the next county. It's a thunderous, black-hearted anthology of 12 of the most suffocatingly immense riffs ever recorded, plus a cover of Joy Division's "24 Hours". One day, when they've run out of everything else, the ACME Corporation - or whoever it is that does these things - will put out a compilation called "The Heaviest, Sludgiest, Stoner Rock Album In The World...Ever!" And on it, next to Sabbath, Cathedral, Trouble, Kyuss, Monster Magnet et al, will be a band called Karma To Burn.

The fact that they almost managed to secure for themselves the vocalising services of ex-Kyuss man John Garcia will tell you an awful lot of what you need to know about Karma To burn. Like Kyuss, the game here is bad-vibed, juggernaut grooves underspinned by a seismic, rumbling bass, and given suitably impenetrable acid-headed titles like "Waltz Of The Playboy Pallbearers", "Patty Hearst's Closet Mantra" and, best of all, "Bobbi, Bobbi, Bobbi - I'm Not God". You know, fellas, you're not supposed to breathe in when you're putting diesel in the van.

"Karma To Burn" is the sound of tectonic plates grinding against each other and major coastal cities falling into the ocean. Fittingly for such an inhuman din, the vocals are almost arbitrary. And when he does bother to sing, mouthpiece J. Jarosz sounds like he's got a sock stuck in his gob. So the only way you're ever going to figure out what "Mount Penetrator" and "Appalachian Woman" are about is if the lyrics were printed on the CD insert. Which, of course, they aren't...

Fu Manchu's P45s are in the post. Karma To Burn have now picked up the standard of mean, weighty, rude retro rock, and they're charging with it. May the Lord have mercy on your neighbours.

Band profile:

  • FORMED: Four years ago in Hicksville, West Virginia.
  • BIGGEST HIT: You jest, surely?
  • CURRENT LINE UP: J. Jarosz (vocals), Dickie (bass), William (guitar), Nicholas (drums).
  • STUDIO VIBE: Drunk and hazy.
  • COVER ARTWORK FOR LP: An ornate statue of a naked woman on a motorcycle, which just about sums it all up.
  • SUBJECT MATTER FOR LP: With song titles like "Bobbi, Bobbi, Bobbi - I'm not God", it's anyone's guess.
  • NEXT MOVE: KTB will be playing Holland's Dynamo Festival in the summer of 1997. They hope to visit Britain around the same time.

    Now you want to read more? Well there's a new page with reviews of "Wild Wonderfull Purgatory". There still are album reviews on the self titled debut from all over the world, a page with the interview and a page with articles

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