Explosion Extra Ordinaire
Advanced Warning - 2000

Explosion Extra Ordinaire - 2000 - Advanced Warning Explosion Extra Ordinaire - 2000 - Advanced Warning


  1. Woody's Tune - 11:38
  2. Old Fashioned - 16:19
  3. Dalmore - 6:51
  4. Sons of Kirk1 - 10:38
  5. Je Chante Miou Miou - 5:37
  6. Give me a Break - 16:24

    Total time: 63:19
    All songs composed by Herbert Noord
    © 2000 - Blue Room Records

    Musicians :
    Rinus Groeneveld - Tenor Saxophone
    Herbert Noord - Hammond C3 - Organ
    Pierre van der Linden - Drums

    Recorded: 27th of February 1999
    Recording engineer: Rinus Groeneveld
    Mixing: Studio Greenfield
    CD editing: Mediatrack
    Cover design: Myra Noord

    Special thanks: Joke Noord and Cor Jas
    Produced by Herbert Noord for Stichting Jazz Werkgroep

    'Can you play music that's a little more accessible?' was the question the lady asked in the intermission during the concert that 'Advanced Warning' gave for an audience in a jazz club. Well, you can hear the result of that question on this cd. 'Advanced Warning', the name says it all, is a group that doesn't walk on beaten tracks. Every concert is a surprise with never a dull moment. This is the first live recording of 'Advanced Warning' that gives a correct impression of the capabilities of this extra ordinaire group. Although, 'Give me a Break' and 'Je Chant Miou Miou' are released on earlier 'Advanced Warning' cd's, the music played here is brand new. You could experience this cd as a compilation of the music the group played in the last decade. When you have the possibility to compare the original themes with the working-out on this cd, you will probably share the feeling that these musicians have achieved a new standard in improvising

    Robert Rhoden

    Press release


    Hereby we sent you the new 'Advanced Warning' live cd 'Explosion Extra Ordinaire'. This cd is an anthology of the music that's produced by 'Advanced Warning' on a variety of cd's. This new cd is a live recording of a concert by 'Advanced Warning' at the 27th of February 1999. The cd is released on the English Blue Room label and distributed by Proper Music Distribution. Former cd's of 'Advanced Warning' were released in Germany, France, Holland, the UK and the USA.

    This unique live compilation consists the highlights from the 'Advanced Warning' repertoire in the past years. The added value is mainly the creativity, the improvisation talent and the musicality of the musicians: Rinus Groeneveld - tenor sax; Herbert Noord - Hammond B3; Pierre van der Linden - drums. More information: http://www.xs4all.nl/~sjw/index.html

    We hope that the cd inspires you to pay a little bit attention to this group.

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