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Works by Jim Petiton

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Jim is a "cyber friend" I met on the internet in 1999. We soon found out how much we had in common; we are both singers in musical groups and we both have a passion for writing. Soon we were e mailing and IMing works to each other for critique. And now Jim has asked me if I could post some of his works on my page. So here for your viewing pleasure are the works of James Petiton!
Delightful/ Always Today

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the forest has run offal textured.
it hangs death, loosely contrasting familiar colors.
let us wallow reminiscing,
for this revelation,
brief though it is,
nonetheless speaks for all our despicable kind has created.
rejoice and touch the mundane stench.
in harmony, this forest is yours.

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always today

nightfall tomorrow draws upon yesterday.
in beautiful symmetry: no hellos, no goodbyes.
this soul aroused belonged to you
the moment your form , in my name, kissed my eyes.
alas have you come and delivered today.
your scent recognized, my heart is purloined.
the poetry of past. present, and future,
in rhyme realized, having always been joined.
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