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  MY JOAQUIN PHOENIX shopping page - purchase videos, scripts, soundtracks

other Joaquin Phoenix pages - news, articles, multimedia, links - definitely worth a look!
  Phoenix Rising - bio, filmography, pictures, messageboard, ...
  Gwen`s All for Joaquin - info, filmography, pictures, articles, quotes and links!
  Joaquin-fanpage - biography, articles, pictures, ...
  Looking for JP - this German fanpage
  Joaquin Phoenix Online - biography, facts, articles, fun, shop, links, ...
  Joaquin Phoenix Multimedia Site - pictures, videos, sounds, wallpapers, ...
  Poetry and Art - share your poems about Joaquin
  Ayukawa's Joaquin-sama's page - new and looks really nice!
  Joaquin Phoenix - simple and brilliant - gallery, interviews, biography, filmography
  Joaquin: the prepared Phoenix - pictures, biography, filmography
  Hannah`s Joaquin-fanpage - filmography and pictures
  Inventing Joaquin Phoenix - good page, with some cool pictures, but out of date
  Helena`s Joaquin-page - biography, filmography and links
  Wonderful Joaquin - quick facts, a long biography, movie reviews, quotes and a whole section on his PETA commercial
  unofficial Joaquin Phoenix - biography, filmography, some pics
  young male stars of tomorrow - about his life and career, and also the great Details-article
  Joaquin Phoenix homepage - a long interesting biography, but that`s all
  Angie`s Joaquin-page - only pics, but a lot of them! OUT mag, POV mag,...
  Courtney`s Stars N Stuff - a little page with filmography, some links and some news
  Looking for Joaquin Phoenix - the first German Joaquin Phoenix page
  Young Hollywood - Profile, filmography and links (and a lot of other interesting actors!)
  Heather`s Joaquin-page - not much in the moment
  The Future of Hollywood - just some biographical information
  StarOasis - here you will find some movie-pics of his early films

movie-pages - official page
  Official Gladiator Page - great page with many features (like behind-the-scenes-clips)
  a Kate Winslet Quills page - with news, articles, photos and links
  official To Die For page - that page doesnt work well, it`s a bit out of date, but you can get there facts, movie and audio clips
  Inventing the Abbotts - it`s a fanpage, really well made, with the story and the images
  official U-Turn page - U-Turn page at hollywood online - at both pages you will find a really cool design and a lot of multimedia files (movies clips, audio clips, interviews,..)
  official Return to Paradise page - you can get the trailer there, and you can read there really a lot about the story
  official 8mm page - great layout, and many information and pictures
  at Movieweb: To Die For Inventing the Abbotts U-Turn Return to Paradise Clay Pigeons 8mm The Yards Gladiator - the story and a couple of pics

fact sheets

  imdb (internet movie database) - the best movie-data-station ou there! you will find there information about him and his movies
  estar - really informative with a biography, quotes, interesting facts, filmography, ..
  looksmart celebrities - a lot of links, even devided into special groups
  Absolute now - biography, filmography, quotes, pictures, huge picture-gallery (but the pics are all from my page)
  celebsite - profile, biography, news and links
  eonline - not much, just a listing of his movies
  casenet: scans of peopel on the move - some information about him and his movies
  hollywood online: movie people database - little biography and listing of his movies
  birthday countdown - counting the days and hours to his birthday on Oct 28
  fansites - some links

family and friends

  river phoenix - his late big brother, the guy he will always be compared with
  liv tyler - was his girlfriend for three years!
  vince vaughn - friend and partner in "Clay Pigeons" and "Return to Paradise"
  casey affleck - a good friend of Joaquin and co-star in "To Die For"
  vince vaughn - along three other great guys (it`s called four non-blondes)
  summer phoenix - his younger sister, an actress
  rain phoenix - his older sister, an actress too!

other pages of mine

  newHollywood - features on Joaquin, Heather Graham, Ryan Phillippe, Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Christina Ricci, Chloe Sevigny, Tobey Maquire, Minnie Driver, Cate Blanchett, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Angelina Jolie.
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