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Buffalo Soldiers..... Ray Elwood
Rough plot-
Based on Robert O'Connor's cult novel of the same name, the book deals with a criminal subculture that exists among a group of young U.S. soldiers in West Germany during the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989
Genre- Dark Comedy
Release date-
Other cast members-
Directed by-
Gregor Jordan

Production begins November 3rd in Germany.

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Quills ..... Abbe de Coulmier
Rough plot- This is based on Douglas Wright's Obie Award-winning play about the Marquis de Sade (Rush). Joaquin will appear as a priest who engages in a battle of wills for the mind, soul and body of Miss Winslet ...
Genre- Drama
Release date- November 22nd (limited), December 8th
Other cast members- Kate Winslet, Geoffrey Rush
Directed by- Philip Kaufman

The Yards ..... Willie Gutierrez
Rough plot-
Wahlberg stars as Leo Handler, an ex-com who goes straight on his release from jail and gets a job at a NewYork subway repair yard. But he gets caught up in an attempt to sabotage the trains, alongside his best friend Willie Gutierrez. The corruption leads to the murder of a cop, and Handler has to confront his boss Frank (Caan), who is also his uncle.
Genre- Crime, Mystery
Release date-
October 20th (limited)
Other cast members- Mark Wahlberg, James Caan, Faye Dunaway, Charlize Theron, Ellen Burstyn
Directed by- James Gray

Gladiator ..... Emperor Commodus
Rough plot- In AD 180, when a cruel new Emperor of Rome, Commodius, takes power, he strips the rank from Maximus (Crowe), one of the favored generals of his predecessor and father, Emperor Marcus Aurelius.
Genre- Drama
Release date- May 5th 2000
Other cast members- Russell Crowe, Djimon Hounsou, Derek Jacobi, Connie Nielsen, Oliver Reed
Directed by- Ridley Scott

8 mm ..... Max California
Rough plot-
Cage stars as a private eye hired ba a wealthy widow to discover how a snuff movie came to be hidden in her late husband`s safe. Cage employs Joaquin to guide him through the sleazy and dangerous porn underworld to discover the film`s origins. 
Genre- Thriller
Release date- Feb 1999
Other cast members- Nicolas Cage, Catherine Keener, James Gandolfini, Peter Stormare, Amy Morton
Directed by- Joel Schumacher

Clay Pigeons ..... Clay Birdwell
Rough plot-
When his best friend Earl takes the news badly that Clay has been sleeping with Earl's wife, Earl kills himself and makes it look like Clay killed him. Clay disposes of the body and tries to put the episode behind him. He meets and befriends a cowboy named Lester (Vaughn). An FBI agent (Garofalo) begins to ask questions.
Genre- Comedy, Crime
Release date- Sept 1998
Other cast members- Vince Vaughn, Janeane Garofalo, Georgina Cates, Scott Wilson
Directed by- David Dobkin

Return to Paradise..... Lewis
Rough plot-
He plays an American who goes with two pals for a vacation in Malaysia. As they're leaving, Joaquin's character gets busted carrying drugs. When he's sentenced to death, his friends face the ultimate dilemma: either go back and share the blame, or leave their friend to die. 
Genre- Drama, Romance, Thriller
Release date- Aug 1998
Other cast members- Vince Vaughn, Anne Heche, Jada Pinkett, David Conrad
Directed by- Joseph Ruben

U-Turn ..... Toby N. Tucker
Rough plot-
A man (Penn)  running from a mysterious past is trapped in a small desert town after his car breaks down. Everybody in this town seems to have totally lost their mind and Bobby can't wait to leave. Joaquin plays the jealous boyfriend of Claire Danes.
Genre- Drama, Thriller
Release date- Oct 1997
Other cast members- Sean Penn, Jennifer Lopez, Claire Danes, Billy Bob Thornton, Nick Nolte, Jon Voight, Powers Boothe, Liv Tyler
Directed by- Oliver Stone

Inventing the Abbotts ..... Doug Holt
Rough plot-
The movie is set in the 50`s. It`s the story about the two lower-class brothers (Joaquin and Cudrup) who are interested in the upper-cruse Abbott girls (including Tyler).
Genre- Drama, Romance
Release date- Apr 1997
Other cast members- Billy Cudrup, Liv Tyler, Jennifer Connely, Joanna Going, Will Patton, Kathy Baker
Directed by- Pat O`Connor

To Die For ..... Jimmy Emmett
Rough plot-
A cable-TV weather girl (Kidman) who'll do anything to become a celebrity seduces a high school student (Joaquin) and convinces him to kill her go-nowhere husband (Dillon) in this black comedy.
Genre- Drama
Release date- Sept 1995
Other cast members- Nicole Kidman, Casey Affleck, Matt Dillon, Allison Folland, Illeana Douglas, Rain Phoenix
Directed by- Gus Van Sant

Walking the dog .....
Rough plot- Unknown.
Release date- 1991
Directed by- Bonnie Palef

Parenthood ..... Garry
Rough plot-
The Buckmans are a modern-day family facing the age-old dilemma of trying to raise children the "right" way. At the center of the storm is Gil, who manag es to keep his unique sense of humor while maintaining his career, and being a loving husband and parent. Academy Award Nominations: 2, including Best Supporting Actress--Dianne Wiest, Best Song ("I Love to See You Smile"). Joaquin played Dianne Wiest`s son Garry.
Genre- Comedy, Drama
Release date- Aug 1989
Other cast members- Dianne Wiest, Keanu Reeves, Martha Plimpton, Steve Martin, Mary Steenburgen, Jason Robards, Rick Moranis, Tom Hulce,
Directed by- Ron Howard

Secret Witness (TV) ..... 1988
Rough plot-
Two twelve years old boys play spies and investigate about their neighbourhood. But on one of their incursiones they discover the father of one of them with another woman... 

Russkies ..... Danny
Rough plot-
A Russian sailor is shipwrecked in America and found by three adventurous young boys who grow fond of the Soviet and come to his aid. Anti-Soviet sentiments are strong in thei community, but must be faced in the climatic ending. 
Genre- Drama
Release date- 1987
Other cast members- Whip Hubley, Peter Billingsley, Stefan DeSalle
Directed by- Rick Rosenthal

Spacecamp ..... Max
Rough plot-
While attending the United States Space Camp, five teenagers and their instructor are accidentally launched into space on board a shuttle and they must figure out how to bring themselves safely back to Earth.
Genre- Adventure, Sci-Fi
Release date- 1986
Other cast members- Kate Capshaw, Kelly Preston, Lea Thompson, Tate Donovan, Tom Skerritt, Larry B. Scott
Directed by- Harry Winer

Morningstar/Eveningstar (TV Series) ..... 1986

Kids Don`t Tell (TV) ..... 1985

Backwards: The Riddle of Dyslexia (TV) ..... 1984
Other cast members- River Phoenix

TV guest appearances

The Adventures of Superboy (TV guest appearance) ..... 1990
episode- Little Hercules

Alfred Hitchcock presents (TV guest appearance) ..... 1986
episode- A Very Happy Ending
Rough plot-
A poor little rich boy (Joaquin) who's deaf witnesses a murder, then blackmails the hit man into doing a job for him.

The Fall Guy (TV guest appearance) ..... 1984
Rough plot
- Colt Seaver is a combination bounty hunter and stunt man. He drives a big Chevy truck with a eagle painted on it's hood. He chases after "bad guys" and returns them to the L.A. area.
episode- TERROR U.

Murder, She Wrote (TV guest appearance) ..... 1984
Rough plot-
Joaquin and his sister Summer played siblings in a episode
episode- "We're Off To Kill the Wizard"

Hill Street Blues (TV guest appearance) ..... 1984
Rough plot- Joaquin plays
Daniel Flowers
The Rise and Fall of Paul the Wall

Mr. Smith (TV guest appearance) ..... 1983
Rough plot-
Mr. Smith was a talking orangutan with an IQ of 256 that worked as a political advisor in Washington, D.C.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (TV guest appearance) ..... 1982
Rough plot-
A drama series, based on the classic musical film of the same name. Joaquin had a guest appearance as Travis, because his brother River was in the main cast.
episode- Christmas Song

other work

Cancelled Lives: Letters from the Insice ..... 1991
50 min. VHS video designed to provide an impressionistic view of prisons and jails as seen through the eyes of the inmates. Letters, which inmates have written to their friends and relatives, are read by a group of celebrities (Joaquin, River, Martha Plimpton, Dermot Mulroney, Alec Baldwin, ...) while scenes from a number of prisons are displayed in the background. ...
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