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It`s never too early for a mic-life crisis

  National Post Online - september 00

Joaquin on the rise

  Toronto Sun - september 00

Interview with Joaquin

  Turkish Newspaper - August 00

Another Phoenix takes a big step into ...

  Interview Magazine - August 00

The misterious boy

  Spanish mag YOU - july 00

Joaquin Phoenix : Back in Business

  Galaxie magazine - 17th – 31st July 00

Movies are painful: Phoenix

  The Strait Times Interactive - june 00

Hollywood's new Wild Guy

  SKIP magazine - june 00

A Phoenix Called Wah-KEEN

  GQ magazine - june 00

River died and I changed my life

  NOW magazine - may 00

In reality I am really shy

  Sugar (German issue) - june 00

Joaquin Talkin`

  Entertainment Weekly - june 00

The leading lads who want to shake the world

  The Times - may 00

Hail Joaquin

  Daily Express - may 00

Phoenix longs for respect

  The Ottowa Citizen - May 2000

Phoenix Rising

  8Days (from Singapore) - may 00

Emperor Interruptus

  IF-magazine - may 00

Phoenix rising

  In2Film - may 00

Joaquin interview about "Gladiator"

  Entertainment Tonight Online - may 00

The Phoenix has landed

  This is London - may 00

Even an emperor likes a good cry

  This is London - may 00

Interview about Gladiator - may 00

The reluctant hero

  JUICE magazine - may 00

Article about Joaquin

  The Sun Herald Newspaper - april 00

To Die For

  The Sunday Times - april 00

Joaquin in L.A.

  OUT magazine - march 99

Joaquin Phoenix - the real deal

  VOGUE hommes - spring summer 99

The reluctant hero

  Telegraph magazine - feb 99

On Loving Liv and Life after River

  Cosmopolitan - Feb 99

Headstrong - Joaquin does it his way

  JUICE magazine - dec 98

Soaring Phoenix

  RoughCut - Oct 98

Clay Pigeons special

  People Online 98

Spotlight on Joaquin

  the movieclub 98

Joaquin Phoenix ... in Clay Pigeons

  RochesterGoesOut - Oct 98

Reaching out to the stars of Big Apple

  The Review Online - Sept 98

Wild Child

  POV magazine - Aug 98

By the Time I Get to Phoenix

  ELLE magazine - Aug 98

Phoenix Rising

  People magazine - Sept 98

The Love of Phoenix

  MORE magazine (U.K.) - 98

Joaquin Phoenix in paradise



  New York Daily

IT-list 98

  Entertainment Weekly

Phoenix shuffles into stardom

  The Standart Times 97

The Most Beautiful Cast in the World

  On the net

the artist formerly known as Leaf


  Journal Now - April 4, 97

Five questions with Joaquin Phoenix: Out from the ashes"

  The News-Times - April 1997

New Leaf returned


Liv Tyler`s Confession

  Mr.Showbiz - March 97

E!`s Sizzlin` Sixteen of 1997


Shy Joaquin makes his mark in To Die For

  USA today

Q&A with Joaquin

  Details magazine - Nov 95

Joaquin Phoenix

  Premiere UK Edition - Nov 95

Cry me a River

  The Face - Oct

New Phoenix Rising

  Interview magazine - Oct 95

One big hippy family

  LIFE magazine - Aug 87
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