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Like I have said many times, JOmania was created mostly for John devotees, and so I'm sorry if you came here looking for indepth information concerning John. Here are a few sites I recommand you to visit (from my own experience)and I hope they could proof to be helpful.
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Today's Special

I urge you to visit this Unique Page of THE WORKS by Photographer Chris Buck. There you can see pictures from a photo shoot he had with John for the W magazine, and also read about the session. The pictures are just wild!! Check it out. You won't regret it.

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Better Off With John Cusack

Here is a very good one, a standard. Lots of facts, with great pictures and a John Cusack Chat Box (although it's hard to find someone there) check out the "Magazine Section" it's a good way of finding printed Materials of John.

The Ultimate John Cusack Site

If your into "Postcards" check out The Ultimate John Cusack Site. What I like about this site is it takes you to lots of Articles about John.

Something About John Cusack

If you like Trivia Questions to prove your Knowledge of John. Play and see just how much you know. A busy message board also makes it worthwhile for a visit.

Grosse Misconduct:a John Cusack Tribute Page

Don't you just love the name to this page. I personally call it "THE TEMPLE" it's got lots of great pictures. If your into .Pics, visit the Temple.

The John Cusack Web Site

I think (or I was told) that this was the FIRST JOHN SITE EVER CREATED. If you don't think it's worth a visit based on that fact, it has TRAILERS and SOUNDBYTES you can listen to and watch.

Cusack Point Blank

Because the owner of this page and I are both from Toronto, one reason to recommand this page. The other reason is because if you are really interested or shall I say addicted to John and want to get involve on a daily bases, check CPB to JOIN THE "MAILING LIST" The Graphics and design to this site are also amazing.

A Johnny Cusack Page

If your into both Poetry and John. This is the place to go. Read what others have wrote and write one of your own.

Please remember to come back and visit us soon. Take care

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