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Girls' Large or Ladies' Small Sock
(Fits Ladies' Sizes 4-6, Girls' 3-4)
By Marla Caneer
Copyright 2005

A Very different sock pattern!!

G hook
WW yarn

Ch 105


Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and next 49 ch. Skip next 2 ch. Sc in next 50 ch.
Row 2: Ch 1, turn. Sc in next 50 stitches . Skip next 2 sc. Sc in next 50 stitches.
repeat row 2 for 11 more rows. You will have a total of 15 rows.

Note: From the point to the V opening and later sewn back seam will form your heel.

Ankle/top of foot:

Turn at the end of row 15 and sl st down the side, leaving 8 stitches from the point of heel unworked. ch 22 being careful not to twist chain, join chain at same point on other side of the V.

Turn and Sc in each ch to other side of point, and join with a slip st. in other side of the "V". Repeat to last stitch of the point for a total of 8 rows. Note: Don't worry if it looks funny at first, like a "V" with a strap on the end- it'll turn out as you work.

When you reach the end of the 8th round, sl st to join, ch 1 and begin crocheting in rounds, carefully counting 22 st. in each round. Continue working in rounds for length of foot down to the last 3 rows.

Next Row of toe: Sc in first Sc and next 5 sc, sc decrease, (Sc in next 5 sc then sc decrease) all the way around. Join to chain with slip st. Ch 1.

2nd from last row of toe:
Repeat previous row.

Last row of toe:
Sc in first 4 sc, sc dec in 5th st around. Join w/sl st to chain. Finish off by sl st across toe and leave 2" tail, knot and weave tail into seam well.

Join sides to foot on each side, leaving top 16 stitches of ankle cuff unworked. Finish off and weave in tail.

Join front seam of ankle cuff. Again, weave tail in well.

Turn sock inside out before wearing!

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