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My wife, Adrienne, and I live on Anderson Island in Washington State. Around 1965 I received a letter from George Dickover of Goshen, New York. In it was a copy of the descendancy chart he had compiled of the Dickover family. I didn't really do much with it until the early 1980's when I suddenly became interested in finding out all I could about my heritage. I visted the Seattle branch of the National Archives, the Seattle Public Library, and the Tacoma Public Library, all of which are excellent sources for genealogical research. I found out about the LDS Family History Centers and took full advantage of their resources as well. As a result, I have found approximately 2,000 descendants of the Lancaster County Dickovers.

The Dickover Family Newsletter

I began the newsletter several years ago and managed to keep it going for a couple of years. I never seemed to run out of material--just the time it took to put it all together and publish it.

When I stopped, the mailing list contained about 150 names of family members who were all direct descendants of Henry and Barbara Dickover. As the publication grew I received a lot of input from the subscribers which kept it going. As a result I have compiled all of that information, along with the genealogy research I and others have done over the years, into a book that will be published when time permits.

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