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Cook Surname Death Certificates

Most from Kentucky 

I have many of these death certificates and you can download a digital copy of the ones that I have. The actual death certificate copies were printed by a wonderful volunteer at the Ballard / Carlisle County Genealogy Society. 

You may find extracts at the Kentucky Vital Records Web Sites Please contact me if you have copies of death certs to share. 

Under development - my alternate site will have files ready to download. But return to this page for GREAT COOK family information!! 

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Key to read this:

first name / last name

birth date / birth place / age
date of death / death place / burial
spouse or status / father / mother
other notes
Alice Cook
Feb. 12, 1853 Ballard Co, KY age 80
March 21, 1933 Ballard Co, KY Oscar, LaCenter
N/A; William Cook, NC; Susan Bordwaut, Tn
Amos Cook (see web pages)
unk KY age 72
November 19, 1929 Ballard Co, KY...
Josephine, Widowed; Seeb Cook, unk;
Annie Cook
Sept 3, 1909; La Center, KY; age 1
January 16, 1911, Ballard Co, KY, Kaak? Graveyard
(child); John Cook; LuLu Cook
Aueric Elizabeth Cook
Jul 4, 1848 Ballard Co, KY age 75
August 28, 1923; Ballard Co, KY; Hughes (Barlow)
widow; Wilson Hughes, KY; Fronie Simpson, TN
Belle (Mrs.) Cook
Jan. 20, 1850 Trigg Co, KY age: 72Y 15D
February 6, 1929; Calloway Co, KY; Hooper Cemetery
married; Eire Downs, Trigg Co, KY; Frances Hanes, Obion Co, TN
Bertha Clementine Cook
May 6, 1914 TN age 26Y 3M 14D
Aug 20, 1940 Trigg Co, KY; Hopkinsville
married, W. R. Cook; Alison Atkins, TN Downs, Trigg Co, KY; Sarah Newbery, TN
Bessie Ruth Cook
Apr 20, 1892?; Graves Co, KY; 31 y, 9m, 10d
Jan. 30, 1928; Graves Co, KY; (can't read) Park, Mayfield
married, Coy Cook; Thomas Boyd, Graves Co, KY; Willie Jones, Tennessee
informant - Clifton Boyd, Mayfield, KY
Beulah Bell Cook
Nov. 28, 1867; KY, 76y, 9m, 28d
Sept. 25, 1944; Farmington, Graves Co, KY; Lynn Grove, KY
widow, Monroe Cook; Thomas J. Harris, KY; Cordelia Elnora Hargrave, Texas (see death cert for David Monroe)
information: Mrs. Gerald Boyd
Beulah Farson? Cook
July 3, 1895; Arkansas, 41y, 4m, 11d
Nov. 24, 1936; Dublin, Graves, Co, KY; Rozzell Chapel
married, John Cook; father - unknown; Lizzie Spain - unknown
information: John Cook
Benj. Cook
July 7, 1841; Trigg Co, KY; age 86Y 2M 28D
November 5, 1927; Calloway Co, KY; Parker Graveyard
married Wm. Cook, NC; Downs?, Trigg Co, KY
Christon B. Cook
July 14, 1876, KY age 49y, 7m, 3d
Feb. 17, 1926, High Hills, Graves Co; buried New Hope Cemetery
married; father James Cook, KY; mother Mandy? Moore, KY
information Alvin C. Cook, Lynville
Datha Mae Cook
June 14, 1933, Trigg Co, KY age 1Y 3M 8D
Sept 18, 1934 Trigg Co, KY; Adkins
(Infant) F. C. Cook, TN; Velma Taylor, Trigg Co, KY
David Iley Cook the author's great great uncle
Feb 27, 1886; KY; age 72
December 24, 1958; Graves Co, KY; Bethleham, Wickliffe, Ballard Co,KY
...; J. D. Cook; Emma Roach
David Monroe Cook
Dec. 22, 1864, Tn, age 71 years
Feb. 26, 1940; Mayfield, Graves Co, KY; buried Farmington Graves Co, KY
married Bulah Harris; father Andrew Jackson Cook; mothe Eva Burchette, TN (see death cert above for Buelah)
informant: Louise Pullen
Donna Bell Cook
Oct 1, 1868, Graves County, KY age 63y, 15d
Oct 16, 1931, Graves County, KY; buried Highland Park
married John Cook; father Bennett Sawluson? Henry Co, TN ; mother Sarah J. Turnbow - Calloway Co, KY
information: John Cook
Effie Mae Cook
Feb. 12, 1891, Marshall County
Mar. 2, 1919, Graves County, KY buried Birmingham County, Marshall Co, KY
married; father - Will Ford; mother - Hattie Henson, KY
information: Authur Cook, Mayfield
George Washington Cook
May 19, 1861, Graves County, KY age 82y, 2m, 14d
Aug. 2, 1945; Graves Co, KY; Boydsville
widowed Tiny Jones; father George Washington Cook, NC; Louisa Brown, KY
H. P. Cook
Feb. 25, 1919; Mayfield, KY; 12y, 2m 23d
May 18, 1931; Graves Co, KY; buried at Boydsville
(child) father Author Cook, KY; mother Effie May Ford, KY (see death cert for Effie, above)
information: Hattie Henson, died of tetanus from a foot wound
Edmund Cook
age 87
December 12, 1912 Calloway Co, KY
Edmund J. Cook
May 5, 1840, VA; age 87Y 7M 7D
December 12, 1927, Calloway Co, KY; Hicks Cemetery
widowed; Edmund Cook, England; Mary O'Brien, Ireland
Ephran Cook
Apr 10, 1837, Calloway Co, KY, age 75
December 18, 1915, Calloway Co, KY; Spring Creek?
Marcelles Cook, NC?
George LeRoy Cook
Jan 26, 1926,Graves Co, KY, age 20
May 21, 1946, Ballard Co, KY; Pottsville
single; Charles E. Cook, KY; Maggie Mae Jones
Grevessa Cook
June 27, 1912, Calloway Co, KY, age 2Y 4M
October 26, 1914; Calloway Co, KY, Bonner Graveyard
(child), James Cook; Maddie Wall
Harriet Cook
Feb. 12, 1858, Trigg Co, KY age 66Y 8M 13D
Oct. 28, 1924, Trigg Co, KY; New Prospect
married; David Downs, Trigg Co, KY; Clara McClain
J. M. Cook
July 1, 1868; Missouri; age 68y, 1m, 4d
Aug 5, 1927; Fairbanks, Graves Co, KY;
widowed (can't read parents names)
Jacob Henry Cook
November 30, 1866; Calloway Co, KY age 65y, 5m, 17d
May 17, 1932, 1st ward Mayfield, KY Graves County, KY; buried New Chapel Hickman
single, father John J. Cook, born Douglas Co, TN; mother Mary E. Taylor, Calloway Co, KY
information: William F. Cook of Clinton KY
Jack B. Cook
Apr 25, 1872, KY, age 57Y 7M 7D
April 6, 1905; Calloway Co, KY; Cook Cemetery
married; Jesse Cook, KY; Mary J. Smead, KY
James Daniel Cook
Sept. 5, 1854; Trigg Co, KY; age 81Y 4M 3D
January 9, 1936; Calloway Co, KY; Hopper Cemetery, Murray, KY
Belle Downs; Billie Cook; don't know
Jasper Cook (not my Jasper)
Feb. 28, 1849; Hardin Co, KY; age 70y, 6m, 20d
September 18, 1919; Hardin County; buried at Valley Creek
married; father Joel Cook, KY; Elizabeth Huffman?, KY
informant: Henry Horned; suicide by hanging
Jasper Newton Cook
Jan. 23, 1855; Shelby County, KY; age 82 y, 11 m, 13 d
Jan.6, 1938; Shelby County, KY; Buried Bagdad, KY
married - Emma Bohannon; William Cook, KY; Cynthia Ann Carr, KY
informant Mrs. Joe Mosehart - interesting note there are Carr / Cook marriages in Harrison Co, KY
Jefferson Davis Cook the author's great great grandfather
Nov 5, 1860; Calloway Co, KY age 55 (Calloway Co, may be incorrect)
September 23, 1916; Ballard Co, KY; Bethleham, Wickliffe
widow; Newton Cook; unknown
researcher: Mary Emma Roach
Jes Cook
May 31, 1833; Graves Co, KY; age 79
November 22, 1912, Calloway Co, KY; Boydsville
widowed; Hutson Cook; Kissie Young
Joe Cook
Nov. 3, 1901, KY; age 9Y 3M 3D
Feb. 6, 1911; Calloway Co, KY...
(child) Henry Cook; A. Robinson
Joe D. Cook
Ballard Co, KY; age 58
July 18, 1937; Ballard Co, KY; Bethleham?
Lucy Reeves; John Cook, TN; Bette Hughes, KY
John Lewis Cook
Oct. 23, 1865; Graves Co, KY; 87y, 8m; buried at Cook Cemetery
June 1932 can't read date of death
widowed; father Jessie Cook, Graves County, KY; mother not listed
information: Bly Cook
John P. Cook
Oct. 22, 1851; KY; age 73y, 10m 24d
Sept 16, 1925; Graves County, KY; Highland Park Cemetery
married; father William Cook, KY; mother Millie Howard, KY
informant: Mr. N. L. Story, Mayfield, KY, farmer
Joseph Anderson Cook
Dec. 9, 1830, Tennessee, age 98Y 0M 16D
December 20, 1928; Carlisle Co, KY; Bardwell Cemetery
widowed; Marcellis Cook; Rawson
Larr A Cook
July 4, 1873; Ballard Co, KY; age 40
July 23, 1913; Ballard Co, KY...
married; J. H. Watson; Rachel Whitiker, KY
Lorine Cook
Aug 5, 1916, KY, age 1Y 10M 27D
July 2, 1918; Calloway Co, KY; unknown (Lynnville?)
child; E. ? Lawerence Cook, KY; Vera West, KY
Lucy Cook
Aug. 16, 1855; Henry Co, TN; age 72Y 11M 19D
July 28, 1928; Calloway Co, KY; Parker Cemetery
widowed; Elbert Davis, TN; Elizabeth Moody, TN
Margie Elizabeth Cook
Nov. 14, 1931; Trigg Co, KY; age 2Y 9M 5D
Sept 27, 1934; Trigg Co, KY; Adkins Graveyard
child; F.C. Cook, TN; Velma Taylor, Trigg Co, KY
Mary A. Cook
...Ballard Co, KY; age 81
February 21, 1913; Carlisle Co, KY; Alred Graveyard
widowed; Abe Watson...
Milton B.Cook
Jan 20, KY, age 80Y 8M 8D
Sept 28, 1919, Trigg Co, KY; Adams Graveyard
married; Collins Cook, KY; Matilda Cook, KY
Ollie J Cook
Jul 22, 1909... age 21
May 1, 1931; Ballard Co, KY; Wickliffe
single, James H. Cook; Hattie Wiggins, KY
Robert Cook
Jan. 4, 1858, TN, age 21
Apr 27, 1929; Trigg Co, KY; Jennie Ridge
married; James Cook; Francis Scott
Thomas H Cook
...Ballard Co, KY, age 52
August 10, 1933; Ballard Co, KY; Barlow
single, John Cook, TN; America Hughes

These Grayson County, Kentucky Death Certificates available from: 

Stephen Cook
b. Mar 19, 1952 Grayson Co, KY
d. Jul 29, 1917 Grayson Co, Anneta, KY
Burial Rock Creek Church Cemetery
Parents: Billie Cook and Bettie Lisle
Margaret Cook
b. 19 May 1858 Grayson Co, KY
d. 19 Feb 1936 Butler Co, Reedyville, KY
Burial Grayson Co, Anneta, KY
Married  Stephen W. Cook
Parents: Berry Tate b. Breckinridge Co, KY and Barbara Milam b. Breckinridge Co, KY
Viola C. Matthews
b. 30 May 1880  Grayson Co, KY
d. 23 Sep 1959 Jefferson Co, Louisville, KY
Burial Emery Family Cemetery near Caneyville, KY
Parents ? ?
( I believe this is the daughter of Stephen and Margaret Tate Cook)
William Harvey Cook
b. 17 Nov 1880  Breckinridge Co, KY (This is a mistake should read 1887)
d. 25 Oct 1941 Grayson Co, Leitchfield, KY
Burial McGrew Church Cemetery Grayson Co, Anneta, KY
Married  Mae Embry Cook 
Parents: Steve Cook b. KY Margaret Tate b. KY
Amanda Cook
b. _____ Grayson Co, KY (13 Sep 1889)
d. 15 May 1928  Hardin Co, East Eastview, KY
Burial Grayson Springs, KY  (Burial is McGrew Church Cemetery Grayson Co, Anneta, KY)
Married Robert Cook (son of Stephen Cook)
Parents: W H McGrew b. Grayson Co, KY Maggie E McGrew b. Grayson Co, KY

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