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Jefferson Davis Cook ca1900

Great Great Grandpa Jefferson Davis Cook and Mary Emma Roach Cook

My Cook Family Tree

Jefferson Davis Cook
1860 - 1916
My Great Great Grandfather

All help is appreciated! 


Mary Emma Roach Cook
My Great Great Grandmother


I am researching my Cook / Roach / Long family tree roots and offer this information to you for your review and input. I am Pat Ray Scheele. My paternal grandparents were Lew Wade Ray and Emma Melvina Cook Ray Mann. I have been researching my family tree off and on over the past ten years. As a child, my mother would tell stories about her German Grandmother who spoke in a mix of German and English. Another grandmother made hats. These tales created a visual image for a small child. I decided to capture as much information as possible about my parent's families.

Dad didn't know his paternal grandparents, but as luck would have it, a great deal of information became available to me about his father's family; the Ray Family. The Ray family came to Calloway, Graves, and Marshall Counities from Virginia via Tennessee in the early 1800's.

My father's mother's family, (Grandma Emma's family) proved to be a much larger challenge! I have compiled as much information as I have about these folks and can provide gedcom files to any other researcher who might be interested. It is my Grandmother's family that these following pages provide information on.

The Cooks - Western Kentucky

There are several mysteries in the Cook family. I have pieced together what I believe to be the Cook Family Lineage. I am still looking for some of the census records that I need to "prove" some of this information but offer it to you with as many facts as I have. Emma Melvina Cook Ray Mann was the first child born to Jasper Marvin Cook and Cora Mayhue Long Cook

Jasper's parents died when he was young and neither my grandmother nor her siblings knew their paternal grandparents. My Great Aunt Datha Cook Ely told me that Jasper's parents were named "Emma" and "David". Jasper had 2 brothers, Iley and William. With a great deal of good luck, "Emma" turned out to be Mary Emma Roach Cook and David was actually Jefferson Davis Cook. "David's" death certificate named Newton Cook as his father.

Jefferson Davis Cook and Mary Emma Roach Cook

Jefferson Davis Cook and Mary Emma Roach Cook were known thought to be named "Dave" and "Emma" according to Datha Mayhue Cook Ely, my great aunt. Datha did not know her paternal grandparents, she knew that they had died when Jasper was young and that was about all.

* * * * * * * * * *

Jefferson Davis Cook Family Group Report



Birth: 5 Nov 1860 Place: CALLOWAY, County Kentucky, USA or was it Tennessee?

Death: 23 Sep 1916 Place: Ballard County, Kentucky

Burial: Sep 1916 Place: Bethleham Cem, Ballard County, Kentucky, USA

Father: Newton Cook (but which Newton?)

Mother: ????? --------------------------------------------------

Marriage: 1 Jan 1882 Place: WICKLIFFE, Ballard County, Kentucky, USA




Birth: Jul 1865 Place: Kentucky, USA

Father: JOSEPH H ROACH (1832-)

Mother: SUSAN LOUISE (1832-)




1. Child: COOK

Death: 22 Feb 1882

Burial: Feb 1882 Place: Antioch, Graves County, Kentucky, USA



Birth: Feb 1886 Place: Ballard County, Kentucky, USA

Burial: Place: Bethleham Cem, WICKLIFFE, Kentucky, USA




Birth: Aug 1887 Place: Kentucky, USA

Death: CA 1940 Place: ST LOUIS, ST LOUIS, Missouri, USA



Birth: 13 Nov 1893 Place: WICKLIFFE, Ballard, Kentucky, USA

Death: 16 Oct 1955 Place: GRANITE CITY, MADISON County, ILLINOIS, USA



Marriage: 1917 Place: Kentucky, USA

Husband's Notes...



Jefferson Davis Cook was a widow when he died in 1916. I have a copy of his death certificate in which Iley Cook is the informant. Little information is available on "David" Cook but a photo exists of him which was probably taken about 1896-1900 with his wife, "Emma" and boys Willie, Iley and Jasper Marvin. He was a farmer by trade.

Wife's Notes...



A photo taken about 1900 notes her name as Emma Matilda O'Roche. O'Rache. However, I belive that the notation was made many years after the photo. Census information for "Emma" Cook identifies her as the head of the household, a widow, born in Kentucky, father born in Tennessee, mother born in Tennessee with children: Willie, Jasper, and Ollie. (Census record for 1900). I have not found a census record for her in 1910 or beyond. By 1900 she had had 5 children total, only 3 living. She was enumerated in Carlisle County.

* * * * * * * * * *

Jefferson Davis Cook's death certificate stated that he was a widow when he died: Sep 23, 1916 in Ballard Co, Kentucky. It further states that he was born in Calloway Co, Ky on Nov 5, 1860 to Newton Cook. By trade he was a farmer. Iley Cook is the informant on the death certificate. Burial took place at Bethlehem Cemetery, Wickliffe, Kentucky. I believe that the Bethleham Church had a fire and lost church records from this era. I did not find a stone for Mary Emma Roach Cook when I visited the Bethleham Cemetary a few years ago. And while I have not found a death certificate for (Mary) Emma Roach Cook, my great great grandmother, I have found this census information.


#1864-218 COOK, Andrew, 26, head, laborer, Ky, Ky, Ky Do you know anything about this family?
Janey, 29, sis, Ky, Ky, Ky
Jeff P., 18, bro, Ky, Ky, Ky is this Jefferson Davis Cook?


Cook, Emma, head, white female, July 1865, 35 widowed, 5 children / 3 living, KY, TN, TN ** great great grandmother (Mary Emma Roach) Enumerated: West Bardwell

Willie, son, white, male, August 1887, 12, single, KY, KY, KY
Jasper, son, white, November 1893, 6, single, KY, KY, KY
Ollie, son, white, male, February 1886, 14, single, KY, KY, KY
Hart, Martha, May 1840, 60, widow, 2 children, 1 living, TN, Ireland, England - boarder
Boutwell, Lewis, March 1880, 20, laborer - boarder, IL, IL, IL
Holloway, William, June 1865, 34, farm- laborer, TN, TN, TN

1910 Ballard Co, Kentucky Census

Ballard Co. Iley L Cook, head of household, white, 24, is married to Marvis G.
Ballard Co. Jasper M. Cook , white, 16, enumerated with William J. Gardner
Ballard Co. Will O Cook , white, 22 enumerated with Charlie McChristain

What happened??? The death certificate for Jefferson Davis Cook is 1916. But the 1900 census shows Mary (Emma) already a widow in 1900. I could not find a census record for either Mary Emma Roach Cook or Jefferson Davis Cook in 1910. My guess is that Jefferson Davis Cook may not have been home at the time of the census taker's visit in 1900 and the information was recorded incorrectly.

From Don Simmons Publication "Graves Co, Ky Gen Abstracts", on Feb 22, 1882 an infant of J. D. Cook died and was buried at Antioch. These dates do not line up very well with the marriage date for Jefferson Davis Cook and Mary Emma Roach Cook. Another researcher, John Roach was kind to find the marriage record for Mary E Roach & J D Cook, married 1 Jan 1882 in Wickliffe, Ky. I believe that Mary Emma Roach could be the daughter of Joseph H Roach born 1832 Graves Co, Ky and Susan Louise born 1832 in Tennessee. More information about the Roach family follows later.

I did say that Jasper was one of 5 children, 2 died and their names are unknown to me. It should be noted that Ollie on the census of 1900 is really DAVID ILEY COOK, brother of Jasper Cook. I have death certificates for Jefferson Davis Cook, David Iley Cook and Jasper Cook to "prove" this information.

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