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When I decided that the best way to share information with other family tree researchers was to post it on the web, I couldn't have hit the target any better!

My web pages have grown and grown!

I have my family broken up into easy understandable parts - by Grandparents!

My paternal grandfather was Lew Wade Ray This family is being moved to:

My paternal grandmother was Emma Melvina Cook Ray Mann MY COOK FAMILY cook.html



Mann & Forgy family information can be found at: (this is my father's step father's family)

My maternal grandfather was William Scott Martin Martin

Kassell - extensive information Illinois and Missouri



My maternal grandmother was Eleanore Clarice Syers Martin Harris Tensing ..

Some of my pages are being moved from one site to another - mostly from my Geocities account to other locations - this is due to space. The Cook information goes way outside the boundry of my Cook ancestors to include all the Cook family tree information that I can find on any Cook family that lived, slept, or tip toed through Kentucky or Tennessee. It is essential to note that the Cook pages (as with many other families) would not be possible without the help of others. Two other key Cook researchers include: Carla and Charlie .

My Kassell family has a similiar flair - any Cassell - Kassell - Kissell that lived in either Illinois or Missouri is a potential occupant at the Kassell family site.

Photos - marriage licenses - death certificates - all of these things help paint the picture of our family history - I scan all of these sort of documents and try to make them all available for other researchers to share. I have also attempted to compile researcher lists but have to admit that keeping that list current has proved to be more than I bargained for. I also try to create a link to the original source of information - please note that many times, the researcher is not me - I'm just the geeky cousin who likes to share information via the web.

I hope this helps you get through my web pages and better explains where everyone lives.

Thanks for visiting our sites!


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Census Forms Print out the blank forms from this site - it will be very helpful in understanding the data presented on this page.

Do you Information to share?    Note - while these are not my families maybe you can find a connection! Please let me know if you find connections so that I can put your e-mail address with the right county. 

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