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Welcome to Jesseīs Skiing page

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to be the best ski site on the web

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I love skiing so I search through the web to find some place where I could ski and I find plenty of them, below you have the countries, which have the skiresorts I have found this far, if you know about any Resort or country which isnīt at the list e-mail me at once and Iīll add it as soon as I can, I especially looking for resorts in Asia and Africa, but any country or resort will be great.....

Socrates said once; no man is truly free....

Socrates never skied!

Andorra Argentina Australia Austria (Over 100 resorts)
Bolivia Canada Chile England (Indoor skiing)
France (100 resorts!!!) Germany Italy Japan
Liechtenstein New Zeeland (Season starts in June) Norway Russia
Scottland Slovenia South Korea Spain
Sweden (Midnight skiing in June) Switzerland Turkey USA (Over 520 resorts!!!)

Skimaps are are great way to see if there is worth visit the resort, I have found this link and I think it covers, most of the resorts.....
Ski maps from all over the world

Of course the weather is important, check out these weather links, they probably tell you everything you need to know, but like a friend told me "as long there is snow to ski on, who cares about the weather!"
Global Snow report
Weather Report
RealAudio Ski-reports
WeatherCams, US
Snow Report, Europe

Maybe you are one of these people who dream a lot about the latest equipment and the fanciest resorts, read all about it and the latest news in Ski magazine and Skiing magazine or Hyperski, why not in Alpine World magazine

My part of the world is heading to the summer and this link could be a little inadequat to read but I couldnīt resist it, here it is, the Final standings in:
world cup

A ski site isnīt a real skisite without lots of links where to buy skiwear, skis, skiboots etc, so here are they:

Finally I bring you this link, it contains a lot of ski links and I mean a lot
Lots of ski links

I have found out that there is a lot of links out ther which I havenīt found yet and if you donīt find what you are looking for on my page, try these searchengines: they will give you a great help in your search for the ultimate choice of yours....

I also have a more boring homepage, which describe me a little bit more, unfortunately it includes a pic of me, but if you want to see it, follow this link remeber that I warned you!!!

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