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Susan Ivanova thought she was escaping her past, her lost loves and the chaotic lifestyle she had lived through on Babylon 5. Instead she is confronted by someone she thought long dead, as well a conspiracy that seeks to topple Earthgov when it is at it weakest, with a weapon more powerful than anything seen since the Shadow War.
Size = ~235,000 words.

Proxima III (Earth Alliance Colony)
Chapter 1 Chapter 6 Chapter 11 Chapter 16
Chapter 2 Chapter 7 Chapter 12 Chapter 17
Chapter 3 Chapter 8 Chapter 13
Chapter 4 Chapter 9 Chapter 14
Chapter 5 Chapter 10 Chapter 15 Complete Story

Songs of the Soul

While the Rasputin is repaired and upgraded, her crew have been granted three weeks leave. Susan and Talia make their way to Shiraka, a Minbari colony set aside as a place of learning for their telepaths. There, Susan hopes to learn enough to help her hide from Psi-Corps, while at the same time coming to terms with what has happened to her.
Size = incomplete.

Shiraka IVb (Minbari Religious Colony)
Coming Soon

The Secret of Arias

The Vorlons wanted a weapon to fight the Shadows, but even they could not imagine the terrible being they would create. Fearing for their very existence, they trapped the creature on a distant world, imprisoned for all time. However, even the Vorlons couldn't predict the arrival of an IPX survey vessel from Earth. Now the explorers have gone missing and the Rasputin and her crew have been dispatched to look for them. There, on a dying world, they discover that there are some things in the universe that even the First Ones are afraid of.
Size = ~175,000 words.

Arias (Vorlon Prison World)
Prologue Chapter 5 Chapter 10
Chapter 1 Chapter 6 Chapter 11
Chapter 2 Chapter 7
Chapter 3 Chapter 8
Chapter 4 Chapter 9 Complete Story

The Flying Dutchman

While visiting Vega colony, Susan is asked by an old friend to investigate a mysterious vessel apparently abandoned near the 5th planet of the Vega system. But she is not the only one investigating the mysterious vessel, and soon the Rasputin's crew learn that the ship may not be as abandoned as it appears. 
Size = incomplete.

The Liner Peregrinus
Coming Soon