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Dearest Group,
I hope that you have been enjoying the classes, do email me if there is
anything that you need.
All my love
Daily Ascension

"Let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus" Bible.
Let us follow our intuition, our inner guidance, our God Self always.
Keeping our mind steady in the light.
Say three times:
# We call in the Archangels to overlight and guide the session

Relax and say:
#I am an ascended master (by saying you are an ascended master, you create
#Get your body in a comfortable position, now go through your whole body
relaxing every bit of yourself.
#Take a deep breath through your nose. Then breath out with a big sigh
relaxing your body.
#Carry on breathing in and sighing out, and as you do, think of your love
for God and feel love for yourself.
Now say with enthusiasm:
#I love myself unconditionally, I love God, I serve God, I AM whole, I AM
love, I AM God.
Ask now for your favourite Ascended Master to overlight your reading and
practicing of today's lesson:

#I request the guidance and assistance of ......... to overlight today's
ascension practice. Say this three times.
If you don't have a favourite yet, I suggest Sai Baba, Jesus, St. Germain
or Archangel Michael. That means these beings will put you in their energy
and help you to raise your Light quotient and be of greater service.

Say the Soul Mantra three times and visualize your soul star like a ball
one-foot above your head, and about 30 cm in diameter. As you say the Soul
Mantra your soul star begins to flash, sending you God's love and light

#Soul Mantra
I am the Soul,
I am the Light Divine,
I am Love,
I am Will,
I am Fixed Design

#Now say the Monadic Mantra three times, by simply replacing the soul
mantra's first line with monad.

Now repeat three times. "I now command my Master Angel Within to assign the
necessary angels to bring me all the people, information and resources that
I need to aid in the full manifestation of my blueprint according to Divine
Will AND to also have the angels deflect all that is not relevant to my
blueprint so that I can be free to focus on my service." This is from

#Now send your love to the world, to the earth, to your brothers and
sisters, on earth and the ascended masters.
Now say in your heart:
Thank you God, for giving me the gift of service.

Ascension Seat
#I call forth to be taken by .......(your favourite master) to Serapis Bey's
ascension seat in Luxor.
I call forth Serapis Bey to anchor his ascension seat into my four-body
system, my home and my ascension column on a permanent basis." Say three
We will continue with Serapis Bey for a little while then as we continue on
our spiritual growth, we will anchor more ascension seats.

Chakra Toning Meditation By Dr. Stone
Begin with the first Chakra and for one minute chant the sound "o".
Move to the second chakra and chant the sound "shu", pronounced "shuck", for
one minute.
Then move to the third chakra and chant the sound "ya".
Move to the fourth chakra and chant the sound "wa", pronounced "yawn."
Move to the fifth chakra and chant for one minute the sound "he."
Move to the sixth chakra and chant the sound "hu", pronounced "hue", for one
Move to the seventh chakra and chant the sound "eye" for one minute.
This will completely tune up and open all seven chakras.

Dr Joshua David Stone Section
This section is taken from Dr Stone's books, anything I write here is all
his work, you can visit his homepage at

This class instead of doing the second initiation, which will be in the next
class I am doing the Angelic Hierarchy.

The Angelic Hierarchy

Djwhal Khul, in his teachings, has outlined seven great kingdoms that are
evolving on Planet Earth:
The mineral kingdom
The plant kingdom
The animal kingdom
The kingdom of humanity
The kingdom of souls
The kingdom of planetary lives
The kingdom of solar

Each of these kingdoms is, in a sense, an incarnation of God. There is only
one being in the infinite universe and that id God; all that exists is an
expression of that one being, including that mineral, plant, and animal

The Elohim

The elohim are the creator gods, the beings God created to help Him create
the infinite universe. In some teachings, the elohim are called the thought
attributes of God, whereas the angels are called the feelings of God. The
term "elohim" means "all that God is." It is plural so it refers to many
gods. This is interesting because the term is used over two thousand five
hundred times as the name of God in the Old Testament. So God did not
create the universe all by Himself; He had helpers - the elohim.
The Elohim and angels might be thought of as the left and the right hands of
God; they are direct extensions of the Creator. Each elohim has a male and
female aspect. There are seven great elohim, just as there are seven great
rays emanating from the Creator:
Hercules and Amazonia
Apollo and Lumina
Heros and Amora
Purity and Astrea
Cyclopia and Virginia
Peace and Aloha
Arcturus and Victoria

The Angels
There is alot more information available about the angels than there is
about the elohim because the angels work very closely with the kingdoms of
Earth. The study of angels is a vast subject; I will attempt to provide the
basics and a skeletal sketch of their function on this planet and throughout
the cosmos.
The first important thing to understand about the angels is that they do not
have free will as humans have. Angels are direct manifestations of the
Creator and have no will separate from that of their source. As I said,
they are like God's right hand. When you pray to God, God does not come
Himself; He sends His angels.
There is a hierarchy in the angelic kingdom just as there are hierarchies in
the human, planetary, and solar kingdoms. Angels are governed by
archangels; the archangels are the directors, and the angelic hosts do the
work. They do have specific likes and dislikes and individual
characteristics, even though they have been created to perform certain task.

The Archangels and the Seven Rays
Ray Master Archangel Qualities Natural Service
First El Morya Michael Protection, Power, Rulers,
Initiative Executives

Second Kuthumi Jophiel Illumination, Teachers,
Wisdom, Perception Students

Third Paul Chamuel Love, Tolerance, Arbiters,
Gratitude Peacemakers

Fourth Serapis Bey Gabriel Purity, Resurrection, Artists,
Artistic Development Musicians

Fifth Hilarion Raphael Concentration, Truth Doctors,
Scientific Development Inventors

Sixth Jesus Uriel Devotional worship, Priest, Ministers,
Ministration, Peace Healers

Seventh St.Germain Zadkiel Ordered Service, Diplomats,
Culture, Refinement Mystics
Diplomacy, Invocation

It is important to realise that there are angels working in all the
dimensions of reality. The angels of the higher planes consciously
cooperate with the Hierarchy and are considered equal to all ranks and grade
within the Hierarchy.
When people think of angels they are usually thinking of the archangels who
site at the throne of God and perform services for God at the request of
humans. This is not a true picture of the whole process. There is a
hierarchy of angelic beings, or devas, to use the Hindu term, moving through
the dimensions all the way down into matter itself. It is angels who are
the mothers of all form.
There are untold numbers of fairies, gnomes, elves, elementals, nymphs,
dryads, fauns, nature spirits, salamanders, sylphs, undines, brownies, and
satyrs, to name just a few of the other beings that exist. Every plant,
forest, meadow, and garden has a hierarchy of devas who are responsible for
it. All dense physical from, be in an animal, plant mineral or precious
stone, is created by these infinitesimal elemental beings under the
direction of devas who are each in charge of a particular manifestation.

The Angels
The angels are the beings humans are most familiar with, for they are the
ones who work most closely with humanity. The angels who are the worker
bees work under the direction of the archangels. Each person had a guardian
angel; such beings fall into this category.
There are infinite numbers of angels who work with humans and are available.
There are angels of healing, illumination, creativity, nature, music,
dance,writing and literature, protection, emotions, politics, science and
technology, devotion, purity, information, salvation environment,
transformation, peace, art, relationships, purity, and ceremonial order and
magic. All you really have to do is invoke them and they are happy to come
and serve.

I have always called on Angels whenever I have been in need, there are
angels of any and everything, angels for anything that you need, I have
heard that there is also Plummer Angels, and I have called angels for all of
my problems.

There has been many times when I have lost something that was precious to
me, and I have called the angels to help me find it.
Once I was running down a road towards my friends house and in the middle of
the road I lost a piece of Amber from my necklace, I immediately stopped to
look for it, I went back to my house and got a torch out and searched the
dark street for it. I then gave up and went into my friends house. On
returning home, very upset at losing my piece of amber, I prayed to the
angels of finding necklaces and asked that they bring it to me. So the next
day I was walking back to my friends house, and I had just stepped in the
door, and for some reason I felt drawn to look behind me, and when I did I
saw on the doorstep my piece of Amber. I knew then that the angels had
found it for me, because I had not lost my necklace anywhere near the house.
Another time was when I had my coat on and the zip kept on getting stuck, as
you moved the zip higher it wouldn't return back down again, and so I called
my husband to help me with it, and just as I was going to say let me take my
coat off before you zip it to the top and I cant get out, he zipped it right
to the top and there I was stuck. At the time there was three male friends
in the house, and they tried as hard as they could to unzip my coat, but to
no avail, they tried for ages, and in the end they gave up and said that
they would have to cut me out of it, I was so desperate, and I had almost
given up, when I remembered angels and said aloud "I invoke the angels of
zips, I invoke the angels of zips" at the moment I finished saying it the
zip worked like new.

Golden Key
No. 85
Repeat three times
We request that the Angels of Ascension help me in completing my seven
levels of initiation and achieving ascension, I ask for them to help me in
expanding my servic3 work and moving into my full, true and complete mission
on earth.

Ascension Techniques
Repeat 3 times.
We call to our soul and monad to fully anchor and merge with us, the
personalities on earth (every morning upon waking)

Meditation of Chakra Activation
Repeat Three times the individual sentences.

We request the full anchoring of and installation of my twenty-two chakras
and my fourth and fifth dimensional chakra grids.

We ask that my ascension chakra and all my brain centers be fully opened and

We call in all my higher chakras to descend anchor and remain with my all
day long

We request for my entire chakra column to be unified into one elongated
unified chakra

We call forth to Melchizedek, Metatron and Michael for the complete opening
of all my chakras, all seven layers of each chakra and all the facets within
each layer

We call forth my higher self and request the full and complete opening of
all existing chakras on all levels

We call forth Djwhal Khul and Lord Melchizedek for the permanent anchoring
and activation of my universal chakra pattern

We request for the very gentle awakening of my kundalini by the ascended
masters and my mighty I AM presence

We call forth Lord Melchizedek for the anchoring of his universal
transmitting system into my chakras. Every three to four months request and
increase in the wattage of this transmitting system.

Topic of Discussion continued for one week.
"What is the meaning of LOVE"
Post up on the message board your reflections of this from the week, with
all my love and thanks.
The next few Classes will be describing the initiations.
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