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Exotic and beautiful Fish without the Middle-Men!

We are direct importers from the Amazons, Asia, and expert breeders delivering right to your door. You will find everyting from hard to find RiverWonders to high quality Tropical Fish here at unmatched prices.
Our Expert staff and high tech facilities ensure you get healthy and live animals, We guarantee it! Below are some of our best sellers, feel free to browse our Categories for pictures and information on all our species.

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Motoro Ray  (Potamotrygon motoro)
5 - 6"
List Price: $109
Our Price: $85


Hystrix Ray
AKA the Mottled Ray and the Amazonian Freshwater Stingray
(Potamotrygon Hystrix)
5 - 6"
List Price:  $100
Our Price: $85


Discus Fish
Beautiful 3 - 4" Discus Fish
Pigeon Blood (on picture)
Marlboro Red
List Price: $100
Our Price: $49
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False Zebra Pleco

New in stock! The hard to find False Zebra Pleco

At a Bargain price

3 - 4"

Red Belly Pirhana
Serrasalmus natteri
List Price: $25
2" Pirhana for only $7
Browse our catalog for other sizes and Pirhana species!

Mata Mata Turtle
Own your own unmistakable MataMata!
4 - 5"
List Price: $350
Our Price: $189

Also available, the rare Red-Yellow Wolf Fish
Wolf Fish
An extremely rare specimen.
Agressive, with teeth.
A great addition to the exotic aquarium.
List Price: $75
Our Price: $25

$300  Only one available!
11" Completely Unknown Species!!
Beuatiful and unique Spined Plecostomus.
Brought home by our own Amazonian Expedition, at 15 inches, this is a Fancy Pleco lover's dream.

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