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RiverWonders Shipping rates and Policies
We have the biggest money saving Shipping Rates on the Net!

Brand New Super Savings with Flat Fee Shipping to the US.
You pay only one flat fee shipping price for any quantity from 1 - 300 fish!
Small fish including small piranhas and plecos (1 - 3 inches) - $29
Medium Fish (4 - 6 inches) including black piranhas - $34
Stingrays and Turtles- $34
Some Specialty Items will have other shipping rates. If PayPal overcharges your shipping rate, we will always refund you the difference. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or for custom quotes.
Remember, you pay only one shipping charge for up to 300 fish! The more fish you get, the more your savings get. If you purchase more than one type, please round up to the larger fish shipping price (but again, only one shipping fee!).
Alaska and Hawaii orders add $20 to the Flat Fee. For International Orders or larger volume orders, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Shipping live (and rare) fish is not something that can be overlooked (and we certainly do not). Many customers are surprises to find that we can ship any of our livestock to virtually anywhere in the US (and indeed most locations around the world).
We are able to do this by shipping our fish Express, along with insulation, treated water, oxygen, and heat packs when nesesary. Our shipping methods, and healthy acclimated livestock allow us to offer a "live on arrival" guarantee on all purchases. Please remember that if there are any problems, they must be reported immediately upon receipit.

For International Orders, or any shipping questions, contact us at

RiverWonders - 735 Concord Ave, Boulder, CO, 80304