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Giant Black Pirahna 10 - 12"
This species is extremely aggressive. Black Pirahna have no tolerance for any fish in the same tank and will kill all other fish out of spite no matter what the size of the other fish is. They grow very quickly to four inches, but then their growth slows.
Most often, Black Piranha is sold as the Serrasalmus rhombeus, but this serrasalmus striolatus is a more beautiful (and rarer) species.
As this fish matures its'  eyes become a deep red color and its scales start to turn black. There are several variations in coloring due to the specific region's water conditions.
In the wild, piranha eat fish, bugs and any other animal they can eat while in the water. When young, feeding brine shrimp and blackworms works well, and can later start with small fish. They will eat any animal that they are able to, even snails in the tank. Some people have success with dry pellet food and vegetable matter as well.

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