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Chapter Officers

September 1998-September 1999

Worthy Matron: Rolena Williamson, PM
Worthy Patron: Roger Williamson, PP
Associate Matron: Cathe Markell, PM
Associate Patron: Richard Markell, PP
Secretary: Betsy Wood, PM
Treasurer: Keith Chandler
Associate Conductress: Michelle Fluharty
Chaplain: Donald Wood, PP
Marshal: Mabell Margurites, PM
Organist: Betty Dodge
Adah: Carol Cairns, PM
Ruth: Marianne Rudd, PM
Esther: Sally Uhrlaub, PM
Martha: Lisa McIntyre
Electa: Geraldine Erickson, PM
Warder: Joan Fancher
Sentinel: Chris Rudd, PP

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