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Beckies are always borrowing cars to drive around and spread the good wordgeocities mirror
Hello! My name is Becky! Or couldn't you guess?
One can't help but get the feeling this Becky is going to try to sell you something... like a house or at least a Glamour Shots portfolio sitting.geocities mirror
A less popular offshoot of the original idea, the Velvet Becky paintings of the 1980s are typified by this portraitgeocities mirror
Becky X. of Texarkana aspires to be the wife of the governor of Texas, no matter who he is
boy names
like for governors
and pet arthropods
Maude    Yvette     Claudice     Athena     Eunice     Charity     Sylvia     Alice     Nora     Beatrice
Maude    Yvette     Claudice    Athena     Eunice     Charity    Sylvia     Alice     Nora     Beatrice
Maude    Yvette     Claudice     Athena    Eunice     Charity     Sylvia     Alice     Nora     Beatrice