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Morleys in Haiti (Via Peace Corps)
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This website is about Zachary and Jennifer Morley  serving in the Peace Corps on Haiti. It is also here to help future volunteers to Haiti.  It does not represent the views or stance of Peace Corps.

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Constitution of Haiti
Last Update : November 15, 2004--see letters section, photos
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Peace Corps Assignments:
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Jennifer and Zach each recieved a description of their prospective assignments from the peace corps.  Each of the assignments is as follows..

Jennifer's pamphlet paraphrased:
Rural Health Education worker:
1. To improve rural child/maternal health through education.
2. To educate rural communites on clean water practices and basic hygiene.
3. To  teach about reproductive health, STD's, HIV/AIDs and family planning.

Zachary's pamphlet paraphrased:
Small Business Development Promoter
1. Train financial organization members proper savings and loan guidelines.
2. Train women's groups in microfinance techniques and small business growth.
3. Train small business owners in basic business plans, networking and marketing.
4. Linking agricultural coops with distribution companies in contractual relations.

The pamphlets were short but to the point.  Country, date, nature of assignment--This is the last stage of the process.  Helpful and grateful to finally get the word where we were going.

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Well its been over for a while; we got evacuated out of Haiti on February 15, 2004 or so and have been back in the USA ever since.  Thanks to all of our friends for protecting and aiding us while in country.