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Okay, so the fake story goes like this, Gwar, through the years, shockingly, started loving things, not killing as many people, etc. Scroda Moon (the new scumdog) was pissed and came to earth to refresh Gwar's mission and now, they must Kill Everything! The real story, fans didn't like the less sick lyrics, the album, regardless, still failed on the mainstream no matter what Gwar did to become successful, so with impending failure, they said, "fuck it, let's write the sickest piece of shit that we can write." And so, it was with songs like the turbo charged speed song "Babyraper" the fun march song "Fuckin' an Animal" and other sick things like that. This album returns to pure punk/metal with tons of killer guitar riffing and soloing. All the characters, slimey, oderus, beef, the toilet, and scroda sing the toilet tribute epic metal song "Jiggle the Handle" and Scroda comes to tell Gwar they fucked up on the speedmetal hardcore song "Tune from da Moon". Ranging from the Iron Maiden like instrumental "A Short History of the End of the World (Part 7 (the Final Chapter (Abbrv.)))" to the Blink 182 sounding metal/pop punk song "Mary Ann" ("your heart is cold when it's in my hand, is it wrong to love you mary ann?"). "Mary Ann" is also the first recorded attempt of Balsac to sing. Mike Bishop returns from Kepone because Casey Orr went to do his side project the Hellions and Tim Hariss from Kepone takes Pete Lee's spot because Pete had to have surgery. Lead guitar on the ultimate riffer "Jaggermonsta" played by one of the earliest Gwar scumdogs Greg Ottinger aka Cornilous Carnage. New session players called The Hot Asian Cunts play the horn section on "The Performer" and Nathan Brown plays piano on it. Also, this album was entirely produced by Gwar for the first time and rumor has it that some songs date back to the days of Scumdogs of the Universe(circa 1990).

Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungus-vocals 
Mike Derks aka Balsac the Jaws of Death-guitar and vocals on "Mary Ann" 
Tim Hariss aka Flattus Maximus-guitar 
Mike Bishop aka Beefcake the Mighty-bass 
Brad Roberts aka Jizmak da Gusha-drums 
Hunter Jackson aka Scroda Moon-vocals on "Tune from da Moon" 
Danyell aka Slymenstra Hymen-vocals on "My Girly Ways"