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Inscriptions Overprints On Stamps - N (78) Submit Inscriptions Overprints On Stamps
01 December 2003
Inscriptions Overprints On Stamps
No Name Languange Description
1 N.C.E. New Caledonia overprint on stamps of French Colonies.
2 N.D. Hrvatska Croatia.
3 N.F. German East Africa overprint on stamps of Nyasaland Protectorate, British Occupation (Nyasaland Force).
4 N.FL. Armenia inscription.
5 N.I.W.I.N. Netherlands Antilles overprint.
6 N.M.S. Madagascar Local stamps of Norwegian Missionary Society.
7 N.S.B. Nossi Be overprint on stamps of France.
8 N.S.W. New South Wales.
9 N.Sembilan Malaya, Malaysia, State overprint on Strait Settlements.
10 N.T. South Australia Official overprint (Northern Territory).
11 N.W. Pacific Islands North West Pacific Islands overprint on stamps of Australia.
12 N.Z. New Zealand.
13 Na Slask Central Lithuania overprint.
14 Nabha India Convention State.
15 Naciones Unidas United Nations.
16 Nagaland India Propaganda label.
17 Namibia Formerly South West Africa.
18 Namsos Bypost Norway Local Post.
19 Nandgam IndiaNandgoan, Feudatory State.
20 Nanking China Treaty Post Local stamp.
21 Nanumaga, Nanumea Two of the Tuvalu islands.
22 Napa, Nape (Resembles these letters) Montenegro, Serbia money unit.
23 Napoletana Two Sicilies.
24 Naskarb Poland semipostal stamps.
25 Nationaler Verwaltungsuasschuss Montenegro overprint on stamps of Jugoslavia, German Occupation.
26 Nations Unies United Nations.
27 Nations Unies Office Europeen Switzerland overprint forUnited Nations.
28 Nations Unieshelvetia Switzerland, United Nations Offices.
29 NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
30 Nauru Nauru overprint on stamps of Great Britain.
31 Nawabshan Jahanbecam India-Bhopal Feudatory State.
32 Naye Paise Arab Shiekdoms, India money unit.
33 Ne Pas Livrer Le Dimanche Belgium Tab label (Do not deliver on Sunday).
34 Neba, Nebb (Resembles these letters) Bulgaria money unit.
35 Nebr. United States Protective overprint for use in Nebraska.
36 Ned (Erlands) Nieuw Guinea Netherlands New Guinea.
37 Ned (Erlandsch) Indie Netherlands Indies.
38 Ned. Anti Llen, Nederlandse Antillen inscription on stamps of Curacao, 1949 also used on stamps of other Netherlands Antilles islands; Aruba, Bonaire, Saba, Eustatius and part of St. Maartin
39 Nederl Indie Netherlands Indies.
40 Nederland Netherlands.
41 Netb (Resembles these letters) Bulgaria.
42 New Hebrides Condominum New Hebrides overprint on stamps of Fiji, British and French Joint Government.
43 New York City Express Post United States Local Post.
44 Nezavisna Drzava Hrvatska Croatia.
45 Nieuw Guinea Dutch New Guinea.
46 Nieuwe Republiek New Republic.
47 Niger Niger Territory.
48 Nippon Japan.
49 Nisiro(s) Italy, Aegean Islands overprint.
50 Niu, Niutao Two of the Tuvalu islands.
51 Niuafo'ou Known as Tin Can Island.
52 Niue Niue overprint on stamps of New Zealand.
53 Nlle. Caledonie New Caledonia.
54 No Hay Estampillas Colombia-Cauca (There are no stamps).
55 Nodfrimaerke Indenlandsk Brevporto Denmark emergency postal stamps. Stamps are in red, text in white.
56 Nonte (Resembles these letters) Montenegro.
57 Nopto Mapka (Resembles these letters), Serbia.
58 Nopto Porto Jugosiavia, Serbia Postage Due.
59 Norddeutschepost Germany, North German Postal District.
60 Norddeutscher Postbezirk Germany.
61 Noreg Norway.
62 Norfolk Island Dependency of Australia.
63 Norge Norway.
64 North German Confederation Germany.
65 Nossibe Currently part of Madagascar.
66 Nouvelle Caledonie New Caledonia.
67 Nouvelle Hebrides New Hebrides.
68 Noviny Czechoslovakia Newspaper overprint.
69 Nowanuggur India Feudatory State.
70 Nowta Napa, Nape (Resembles these letters) Serbia money unit.
71 Noyna, Noyta (Resembles these letters) Russia.
72 Noyt Mapka Azerbaijan.
73 Noyta (Resembles these letters) Russia (means Postage).
74 Noyta Pycchon Apmin (Resembles these letters) Russia overprint, Offices in Turkish Empire.
75 Nponoia (Resembles these letters) Postal tax overprint of Greece.
76 Nueva Granada Colombia.
77 Nukufetau, Nukulaelae Two of the Tuvalu islands.
78 Nyassa Nyassa overprint on stamps of Mozambique.