Don't ask permission to live!

On January 16th, 1999 two people robbed a Cost-Co and a hair salon, here in the Santa Cruz area. A third person drove the car. Unfortunately, Emma Freeman, Anthony Cristifani and Craig Dickson got caught.

The press has mobilized to morally vilify Emma, Anthony, and Craig. It is up to us to show our solidarity with those who dare to venture out of regimented territory into the unknown.

The insurgent who rebels daily is not a reasonable person, nor full of good sense; she always creates a sense of unease. Those who take care not to do so live quiet lives: if any instinct were to push them to an excess of passion, reason would quickly persuade that it is in their own interests to cast such foolish inspirations aside. Whoever wants to enjoy freedom intensely, to taste it, will always find themselves faced with a uniform ready to prevent them, but they will also encounter many impassioned relationships of affinity.

Capitalism is a social relation that forces you to give up your life in return for a mere McSurvival and the privilege to watch others live on "The Real World" of TV. Life is Elsewhere. Emma said that she committed the robberies because she didn't have time to work because she wanted to pursue her art interests. Emma, Anthony and Craig decided to take back the time stolen from them.

Take what you need! Don't get caught!