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Paris, October 4 1994

9:25 PM. Municipal Towyard of Porte de Pantin

Friends all their lives, Audry Maupin 19, and Florence Rey 20, rob two employees of the municipal towyard, lifting some guns and a little money. Since they didnít have an escape car (maybe there were three of them to begin with) they took a taxi by force. The taxi driver couldnít see any other way out to save his life but to crash into a police van in order to call attention to the situation. Three nervous officers got out of the van. Suddenly, there was a shoot out, two policemen and the taxi driver die (the latter and one of the police may have been shot by the police), the two friends managed to continue to flee. Taking another car and its driver, they headed towards the outskirts of Paris. A bit later they had to kill one of the motorcycle police that followed them. Stopped at a police check point, Audry was fatally wounded, Florence was arrested. The latter refused to make any report to the police. Once in jail, a few days later, she tried to escape by scaling the walls, since she is an experienced climber.

Both Audry and Florence were neighbors from the outskirts of Paris. They left the university after one year. Children of workers, they lived alone in a squat. They wanted, according to a letter written by Florence, "To be owners of their destiny". The police found the following text in Audreyís motherís house, the two friends had just written it:


We are all going to die. We are dying... Why live for others?

This world is not ours; it is the world of those who use us.

To subdue us, they talk of economy. Well this economy has only one goal: To distance us from what we are, from our human essence, from our freedom.

We are free to think but not to act! What hypocrisy! We all know it, Citizens:

Freedom is total or it does not exist!

To be free, is to have authority over oneself, is to practice that which you think and think what you practice.

In the name of a minority, they prevent us from being ourselves, they prevent us from being human beings. Are we going to accept this? Are we going to accept dying for the commodity, for money, for the state? Are we vulgar machines? What do we have to lose?

Nothing. What do we have to win? Everything.

We only loose our chains. History not yet begun. Lets begin to live.

Citizens! They want to sell us that which we already have: they want to sell us our own freedom, but all we need to do is practice it. They live off of our alienation.

Damn them! It is only enough for us to actualize what we think, and think what we practice.

Considering us for what we are, we donít need them any more. They use, live, and enjoy our work. They oblige us to suffer, to take on and execute their thoughts.

We know it comrades, we know it; our freedom passes for the freedom of all. If one person is restrained weíre all restrained.

Who do we live for? We donít live for ourselves but for them!

Will we wait longer while two-thirds of humanity dies of hunger and a third- us- is enslaved by a minority that freely decides luck and ours? Today there are more machines than we need, more food, more space, more wealth than what humanity as a whole needs...

Right now we can enjoy our own thoughts, our acts, to act on our thoughts, to begin to really communicate, to create our passions. Nothing can prevent us from doing it... We reject this state, we reject all states.

Anything is Possible!

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