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by Sasha K.

Recently, I've been reading a lot concerning language. In addition, I have continued to work in creating my own languages. The latest is linguazde, which my friend Leila and I are making. Language should be freed from the dictionaries, to become games of mutation. I've thus been reading about Pidgin and Creole languages. A Pidgin is a language formed from 2 or more languages used to communicate between people who have no common language. A Creole is a Pidgin that becomes the first language of a group of speakers. They come about in areas where people who from many cultural groups are mixed: most are found in the Caribbean, the Pacific or in Africa, where people moved to or through because of trade or slavery. Today Pidgin and Creole languages are very much alive and changing. Our language creation is a game of change that encourages playful mutations to unglue words from strict meanings and allow them to flow; to allow them to become moldable a malleable like playdough. Any rules or structures should be generative of meanings, the multiplication of forms and the happenings of mutations. Language becomes a continual creative process, instead of an end in itself. I would like to hear from others interested in languages and their mutation. So write to me and we can talk in more detail.

Sasha K.
41 Sutter Street, Suite 1661
San Francisco, CA 94104

It may take a bit to respond, as S@sha is travelling.

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