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ambi is the crossing of boundaries, the forgetting of names, the erasure of categories

How does desire come to desire its own repression?


Our desires flow in all directions, unchanneled, unspecialized and uncategorizable. We project ourselves out, this way and that, without careering down a single valley. Against domestic inertia, terminal sedentization. There is no single path; we don't need to go through the negative to reach the positive.


We are not well defined and identified bodies, identified for easy insertion into the social structure, for easy domestication.


Our skills and knowledge are not specialized for one task. We learn as we go, creating a nomadic science.


An unbordered environment that is not enclosed in a social structure whose guiding principle is the production of scarcity; the mixing of ambiences, the mutation of bodies in an environment which is excess.
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Spawn of Croatan (Croatan Express #5):

Introduction to Ambi, Ambiguity: Ethnicity, Sexuality and Language, Rants on Identity, and Drunk Driving and Juggling

il frenetico

"It is a vital concern of every state not only to vanquish nomadism but to control migrations and more generally, to establish a zone of rights over an entire 'exterior' over all the flows traversing the ecumenon. If it can help it the state does not dissociate from a process of capture of flows of all kinds, populations, commodities, money or capital, etc. There is still a need for fixed paths and well defined directions, which restrict speed, regulate circulation, relativize movement, and measure in detail the relative movement of subjects and objects." --Deleuze and Guattari Nomadology

Articles from il frenetico #2:


Urban Camping


Ludic Nomad Encampments


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Other articles:

Don't ask permission to live! A flyer about a Santa Cruz armed robbery.
A Message to the Elves of the night

The Housing Crisis is a Burning Question in San Francisco

We are all going to die: Audry Maupin and Florence Rey, October 4, 1994.

Crumbs of Power in the People's Republic of China

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Anarchist Prisoners

To send money to help those charged with felonies in Seattle send checks (made out to "Mutual Aid Legal Fund"), money orders, or well concealed cash to:
Mutual Aid Legal Fund P.O. Box 95616, Seattle, WA 98145-2616

Jeffrey "Free" Luers and Craig "Critter" Marshall were indicted on nine felony counts and one misdemeanor, by a Lane County, Oregon grand jury, in Eugene. This investigation is one example among many of example of police harassment of the activist/anarchist community in Eugene. There is a lack of evidence against the accused yet they are facing up to 86 years each. They will face a grand jury pre-trial on July 28th, 2000.

Contact the Free/Critter Defense Committee: 541-343 8548
Jeffrey Luers (Free) #1306729 101 W. 5th Street Eugene, Oregon 97401

Craig Marshall (Critter) #1340996 101 W. 5th Street Eugene, Oregon 97401

Two anarchists were arrested on felony arson charges in Eugene: June 16, 2000

During the Eugene Oregon Reclaim the Streets, on June 18th, 1999 the pigs arrested Robert Lee Thaxton (Rob Los Ricos) and charged him with 2 felonies: 2nd degree assault (which carries a minimum sentence of 70 months in prison) and rioting. All of this because he allegedly threw a rock at a cop! He was convicted of both charges and was sentenced to 7 years and 4 months on October 13th. He will appeal this of course!!! He is really in debt and needs you help for legal fees.You can send money to:

PO Box 11331 Eugene,OR 97440
Checks payable to John Zerzan

You an write Rob at: Robert Thaxton #12112716, OSP,2605 State St. Salem, OR 97310

About the repression of anarchists in Italy:
End of Marini Trial: May 31, 2000
Summary of Marini's statements, adjournment of trial: February 23, 2000

Links to sites about Prisons and anarchist prisoners:
geocities archive Free Rob Thaxton
Committee for the Defense of Anarchists. About the recent repression of Italian anarchists.
geocities mirrorPrison Activist, has some good articles about prisons
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Insurrectionary @narchism

Articles of interest.


Here are five texts from the European journal Insurrection, which is no longer published: Beyond Workerism, Beyond Syndicalism, Autonomous Base Nucleus, The Affinity Group, Beyond the Structure of Synthesis, Breaking Out of the Ghetto. These texts can also be found at the Insurrection web site.

Against Amnesty, by Alfredo Bonanno

When Insurrections Die, by Gilles Dauve (aka Jean Barrot) --This text comes from Collective Action Notes.

Translated from Canenero: The Fullness of a Struggle without Adjectives: A critique of a letter written by Stasi and Gregorian that proposed the creation of an armed organization. The article is at times specific to Italy and the debate between Stasi and Gregorian, and Canenero. However, it is useful for its critique of armed organization. I do not include a translation of the piece which is being critiqued here because I originally translated this as a favor for a friend in Italy and he only wanted this part translated. I

geocities mirror Links to insurrectionary anarchist sites.

geocities mirrorKilling King Abacus, a new anarchist magazine

geocities mirror Venomous Butterfly: Some of Feral Faun's writings and articles from Willful Disobedience
geocities mirror Willful Disobedience
geocities archiveElephant editions

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As we break down our repression and begin to free our passions, certainly our gestures, our actions, our entire way of being are bound to become increasingly expansive and all we do we will seem to do in excess. Our generosity will seem excessive and our violence will seem excessive. Unrepressed expansive individuals squander all things.

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