"Forward everybody! And with hand and heart, word and pen, dagger and gun, irony and curse, theft, poisoning and arson, we will make war on society!---Joseph Dejacque

Magistrates are showing off. They give orders and the troops in uniform and scrap iron invade our homes in the search for proof and expedients to imprison us, then they pose in the limelight to explain their gesture, to wrench consensus, to end up 'in triumph' as in the case of assistant Public Prosecutor in Rome, Antonio Marini.

But what are they looking for?

They told us they are looking for elements to demonstrate the existence of an armed clandestine organization. For this reason they have arrested dozens of anarchists all over Italy.

An armed gang?

Too poor a thing: it would not have been able to contain our excessive intentions. Too narrow a thing: it would only constrict our uncontainable explosions. Whoever insurges openly against one's own and others' oppression does not seek leaders, other directives, other cages to take the place of this society, nor do they seek affiliates.

The insurgent who rebels daily is not a reasonable person, nor full of good sense; they always create a sense of unease. Who instead takes care not to do so lives a quiet life: if any instinct were to push the, to an excess of passion, reason would quickly persuade them that it is in their own interests to cast such foolish aspirations aside.

Whoever wants to enjoy freedom intensely, taste it, will always find themselves face with a uniform ready to prevent them, but they will also encounter many impassioned relationships of accomplice affinity.

Antonio Marini is showing off.

He doesn't realize what his action will provoke; he who only associates with regimented people like himself doesn't know that whoever does not fear the unknown is free to choose the instruments they prefer, according to individual circumstances and attitudes, without limits.-----Anarchists

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