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- from il Frenetico

I'm told by people who live in houses that it is hard to get hold of me to do something, because I don't have a phone. In fact, I have much more time to play since I don't work, but I still almost never plan events. My day begins walking down the street from where ever I slept, or possibly going to a cafe. It is here where I run into people and we spontaneously create playful situations. Then I wander until I hit upon a new co-conspirator or some intensity. I've met more people this way" Peral the crazy Dutch guy, talks of setting up an anarchy sailboat; people hitching off to Philadelphia to demonstrate for Mumia, wearing jackets with tails spray painting eyes and twats as they go; Robert, who moved out to SF after WWII, walks with a cane and has a hard time seeing but wants to sleep on the roof with me; and, punks in town for Ch@os Days starting food fights at Hamilton. The revolution is the spontaneous joining of creative ludic energies; it takes place in a public space, unplanned or mediated. The wellspring of creative energy has an overabundant flow once it has been tapped by play. If you begin to work, time becomes a rare commodity that must be organized to be efficiently used, events must be arranged. I phone you on Tuesday to organize a party for Friday night, then don't see you again for another week. This socially produced poverty can be ditched when one no longer lives a life of security. When I lived in Beijing, nobody had phones. To meet friends you had to just drop by where you thought they might be. Often others that you may or may not have met before would be there, and a party started. Here in the states, introducing friends is a much more consciously planned event, because get-togethers are mostly prearranged. Those spontaneous parties might start at 11am or 11pm; then there would be the throwing of bottles out windows, the walking drunk in the streets, the barking at cops, the peeing, dancing, feasting ... living without much dead time ...

il Frenetico
41 Sutter Street, Suite 1661
San Francisco, CA 94104

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