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A Goten and Trunks Saga


Written by Miyu, Vampire Princess
Edited by Rinnako-chan and Miyu
A Studio X Presentation

Chapter the Fifth - A Sign for the Better

Eyes burning, bones aching, and muscles screaming, Ruri finally pushed herself into a kneeling position, placing her hands on the ground in front of her to keep her steady. She felt dizzy, and nauseous. It was like her energy was being drained away. Every movement, every breath, really hurt.

She remembered Goten talking to her. He was fighting someone. He and Trunks. She closed her eyes to a wave of smoke and dust, trying to focus on her surroundings.

Carefully she wiped her left cheek with the back of one hand, cringing slightly at the feel of a sticky, watery substance just beneath her eye. She coughed as smoke and dust blew around her from yet another blast. Slowly she lifted her head to look around her.

Goten and Trunks were still facing off against the intruder. They looked pretty pissed, and the intruder seemed to be laughing at them.

'What's going on?!' her mind screamed.


The young girl felt hands on her shoulders, pulling her backwards a little. She had to stifle a scream of pain, trying to turn her head to see who it was. Then she recognized the voice.


"Oh, dear Kami," the older woman said. She knelt beside Ruri, examining her wounds. "Are you all right?"

"I hurt," Ruri replied, her eyes tearing.

"I can see why," Bulma replied with a small smile. Ruri noticed she was still wearing her lab coat. She watched as Bulma tore the ends of her coat into strips. Carefully, she tied several around Ruri's arms and dabbed one at the cut just beneath her eye.

Still slightly unaware of her surroundings she asked, "Where's Ura?"

"Hmm?" Bulma replied, pulling the girl back into her lap, into a sitting position. Ruri winced the whole time and Bulma's heart sank. "Oh, Ura? She's with her grandfather. They're safe."

"What's happening?"

Bulma helped Ruri sit up, cradling the girl's head with her arm. Ruri could still see Goten and Trunks. They were talking to the intruder now. Had he decided to give up? The other man laughed at something they said, as two more figures dropped down behind him. Ruri squinted her eyes to make out who they were. The other man didn't seem to notice them until one of the figures tapped him on the shoulder.

"Look behind you...boy."

"Papa!" Trunks called out happily.

"Otousan!" Goten cried, jumping up and down happily.

"It's Vegita," Bulma said happily. "And Gokou."

Scourge slowly turned around, only to be met with a fist in the face. The younger Saiyan grunted at the impact, flying back several feet before he stumbled and regained his balance. Goten and Trunks scurried out of his way, backing up towards Bulma and Ruri.

"You," Scourge said, eyes glaring at Vegita and Gokou. "You DARE!"

"Yes, I dare," Vegita said with smirk, crossing his arms over his chest. "You're not so tough for a Saiyan."

Gokou leaned over to whisper in Vegita's ear. "Umm, Vegita, you don't really know that."

"Shush!" Vegita growled through gritted teeth. "Feel for his ki, Kakarotto. He's no match for us."

Gokou stood, eyes looking over Scourge. He reached out with his ki, sensing another strong ki. Vegita's, he wagered. Reaching further he found Scourge's ki. He was indeed strong. He had the potential to become a Super Saiyan. If he hadn't reached that level already, Gokou reminded himself. They didn't know for sure. But Vegita was right. He wasn't so tough.

"You, human," Scourge hissed, addressing Vegita. "Have no idea with what you're messing with."

He powered up and charged. His speed was good, but not good enough. Vegita and Gokou both powered up in response. They both dodged his attack, disappearing then reappearing in the same spot. Scourge stopped himself just before he hit a nearby building.

Scourge turned, surprised. It was his second surprise of the day. He wasn't sure he wanted any more surprises. "How did you--?!"

Vegita snickered. "We're slightly better than your average humans."

Scourge powered up again and charged. His speed was a bit faster, his ki rising to a level that made the younger Saiyan sweat. He wasn't used to emitting this kind of power, but he was too angry to notice the change.

Gokou moved, but Vegita stayed. He held up his hand as a small ball of light began to form. Scourge was undeterred, even after Vegita fired his ki blast. The younger Saiyan dodged the blast easily, tackling Vegita to the ground. His victory was short-lived however when Vegita powered up into a Super Saiyan and not so gently pushed the boy off of him using his ki. Scourge flew into the air, stopping himself just above the skyline of the city. He lowered himself back onto the Capsule Corp property, eyes red with anger.

"How dare you!" He said again. "How dare you interfere with my plans!"

"You wanted a challenge, didn't you?" Vegita said.

Scourge eyed the man wearily, his powers unwavering, then nodded. "I came to challenge this world's greatest champion. What is it to you?"

"Even if that person is not Gotenks," Gokou asked, finally catching onto the game.

Scourge raised an eyebrow. Not Gotenks?! Was that possible? Or were these humans bluffing?

"You mean he WANTED to fight us--" Trunks began. Bulma quickly put a hand over his mouth. Goten covered his own mouth so he wouldn't say anything. Ruri simply looked dumbfounded.

"But how did he know about Gotenks?" Ruri asked. Bulma shushed her quietly, eyes focused on the warriors before them. Ruri bit her lip.

"Well, boy?! Would you accept another challenge?" Vegita said.

Scourge eyed the two men, then nodded. "It would be...dishonorable...of me to NOT accept a challenge," he told them. "What is your proposal?"

Vegita and Gokou looked at each other and nodded. Then looked at the young man, both smiling. "You will fight...Gogeta...instead," Vegita answered.

"Gogeta?" Bulma asked.

"It's when 'tousan and Vegita-san fuse together," Goten whispered.

"They can fuse too?" Ruri said, eyes wide.

Both boys nodded.

"How come I didn't know about this?" Bulma asked, surprised.

Scourge considered this new challenge. He knew little about this Gogeta. But then, he knew little about Gotenks as well. As long as this Gogeta proved to be a challenge, he was only happy to oblige.

"I accept," he told them. "Where would I find this...Gogeta of which you speak?"

"He's right here," Vegita said. He looked to Gokou, a single thought crossing his mind. 'I can't believe I'm doing this.'

Gokou nodded to Vegita as they took their places, carefully measuring the distance between them. They glanced at each other, noting the other's readiness. Simultaneously they powered up, both of them going Super Saiyan. They positioned their arms as they had learned and began the fusion technique.

"Fuuuu-sion. HA!"

Light spread throughout the area, engulfing everyone in its glow. Trunks, Goten, and the others shielded their eyes from the light. To the boys, it was an interesting sight. For they had ever actually SEEN their fathers fuse. It was kind of like looking from the outside in.

Scourge, too, shielded his eyes from the light. The power surrounding him was incredible. He'd never felt anything like it. What was happening? Had he been taken for a fool?

A distant roll of thunder and the crackle of lightening heralded the completion of the fusion technique. Slowly the light faded revealing, not two, but one person. He was of average height, with unruly dark hair. He wore a blue suit of some kind, accented by an orange belt. His arms were crossed over his chest. The smirk on his lips indicated that Vegita's personality was the dominant one.

"You wanted Gogeta? Well, here I am," the man said, the smirk turning into a wicked smile. "Let's play."


"Dude, I don't think you understand."

"No, dude. It's you who doesn't understand," Keno said exasperatedly. He'd been trying for fifteen minutes to get through downtown. But this smutz, calling himself one of Earth's Special Forces, wouldn't let him through. His patience was coming to an end.

And so was Yamucha's. Couldn't this boy get it through his head that they couldn't let anyone downtown? The place was a mess!

"Look, for the last time, my little SISTER is in the east district," Keno tried to explain. "I HAVE to get to her."

"I'd like to help you out," Yamucha said, running a hand through his short, dark hair. "But no one's allowed downtown. Those are the officials orders, not mine."

Keno sighed. "Is there another way through town?" he asked Yamucha.

"Not unless you can fly," Yamucha answered with a small smile.

"That DOESN'T help," Keno replied, turning away from Yamucha with a frown.

"Yo, Yamucha. Something wrong?"

Keno glanced over his shoulder to see another man walk up. Correction, he didn't just walk up. He flew up! Keno turned to get a better look. He was smaller than the other guy, with dark hair. He wore a strange orange and blue uniform like the other guy as well.

"Not really Kryllin," Yamucha responded, pointing his thumb at Keno. "But this kid doesn't seem to understand that we can't let anyone past downtown."

Kryllin looked at Keno. "What's the haps? Why do you need downtown?"

"Like I explained to your 'friend' here," Keno said, nodding his head at Yamucha. "My little sister is in the east district. I HAVE to get to her."

"Well, I'm afraid you're going to have to take the long way around the city," Kryllin said.

"That'll take too much time," Keno said, clenching his hands into fists. "I need to get to Capsule Corp NOW!"

Kryllin and Yamucha looked at the boy in surprise. They looked briefly at each other before looking back at Keno.

"Capsule Corp?" Yamucha asked, eyes wide in shock.

"Yes," Keno said between clenched teeth. "My sister's visiting some friends at Capsule Corp today. I'm already going to be late as it is, but I need to make sure she's okay."

Kryllin scratched his head with a frown, looking the boy over again. He did look familiar. And if his sister was at Capsule Corp he could only be one person.

"You're Keno Hayashi aren't you?"

It was Keno's turn to be surprised. He looked at the smaller man and asked, "How do you know my name?"

Kryllin chuckled a bit, embarrassed. "I saw you at the Junior Martial Arts Tournament a few weeks back."

"Ah," Keno answered with a nod.

"That would mean that your sister is Ruri, right?" Kryllin said.

"Yes," Keno said with another nod.

"You mean the little girl Bulma's been talking about the past week?" Yamucha asked Kryllin. The smaller man nodded. Yamucha looked at Keno sadly. "Dude, I've got some bad news for you. The bad guys are AT Capsule Corp right now."

"What?!" Keno stared at them in shock. How did they know? What if they were lying?

"Sorry, kid," Kryllin said with a frown. "We'll do our best to get you over that way, but it's going to take some time."

Keno could only nod as the two men led him to a nearby bench to wait. His friends came over to join him.

'I can't be powerless. Why is this happening?' Keno thought to himself. As he sat down he leaned forward, placing one hand over his face. 'By Kami! What kind of people are your friends? Are you even all right?! Ruri.'


"Sir, there's another large energy reading coming for the city below."

Gohlet quickly walked over to the terminal. "Do we have a visual?"

"Yes sir, but there's nothing to see."

"On screen," Gohlet commanded.

The screen before them lit up like a light bulb. There was indeed nothing to see, except a dazzling flash of light. It seemed to engulf everything around it.

"Where is Scourge right now?"

"He's in the vicinity of the source, but we're positive it's not him."

Gohlet nodded. He stood, turning away from the terminal. "Keep me informed."

"Yes, sir."

Gohlet sighed, walking to the main chair on the bridge. He sat, head resting on one fist. His thoughts were of Scourge. And his Prince. What did Vegita have in mind? He remembered briefly something Vegita had told him earlier.

"This is ALREADY my home," Vegita had said.

He had searched through the information they had gathered on Earth. It appeared that their Prince was not able to conquer this world. But then, why did he stay? It was unlike a Saiyan to stay attached to anything for an extended period of time.

So what was his purpose here? Perhaps he had decided to stray from the Saiyan way of life, having seen the horrors of his home and his people destroyed. Perhaps he had found the peace that every Saiyan longs for yet could never have.

No matter, Gohlet told himself. The prince had stated that this was his home. And like any good Saiyan he would defend it. Gohlet sighed. The power level they had detected in Vegita was great. Greater than he'd seen in a very long time. Scourge definitely was getting more than he bargained for trying to obtain this planet.

"Gohlet, have we decided on a tactic?"

Gohlet looked up to see Vergo standing before him. The two were close in age, much older than the children that ran the Ragata. The two had been through much together, the Saiyan equivalent of brothers, even though they were not related by blood. They had fought together, watched their children grow together, and their children's children and their children's children's children. Seven generations born and died on the Ragata, yet only they remained. It seemed a cruel fate for two loyal Saiyans.

Perhaps THEY were not ready to find peace.

"A great battle is brewing," Gohlet said with a weak smile.

"Scourge will not win," Vergo said matter-of-factly. "I've seen the energy readings from the most recent burst. It is unlike anything I have ever seen. There is something incredibly powerful down there, and Scourge has no hope of success. Not in his current condition."

"You sound so certain," Gohlet replied, running a hand through his light gray hair.

"Even you know I am right, Gohlet," Vergo said sadly. "He is a true warrior, but he is not prepared to handle this challenge."

"Yes," Gohlet said with a sigh. "You're right. I can not deny it." He shook his head. "The boy is as headstrong as his father."

"And his grandfather if I remember correctly," Vergo said with a small smile.

Gohlet smiled briefly at that, remembering some of his better days as a respected Saiyan warrior. How long ago had it truly been since they'd seen battle? They had been young and vibrant then. Now they were old, complete with the white hair and aging bones.

Relics of a dead race.

Silence passed between the two friends until Gohlet spoke, "There is only one thing left to do."

"What is that?" Vergo asked, confused.

"We will converse with our Prince," Gohlet told him. "We will settle this battle with words, not power."

"Are you certain?" Vergo asked, unsure of the idea. "Saiyans do not TALK well with the enemy."

"No," Gohlet said. "But this is our Prince, not our enemy. We will do what is necessary."

"I am coming with you," Vergo informed Gohlet. "I, too, wish to settle this."

Gohlet smiled. Vergo was always the curious one. A mishap of his mother's genetics, or so he was told. It had proved useful at times, and a hindrance in others.

"You wish to see the power source for yourself, Vergo." The other Saiyan looked away. "There is no shame in curiosity, my friend. Perhaps it will be beneficial to us in the future."

Vergo thought on this and nodded.

"Come," Gohlet said standing for the chair. "We have to prepare."


"This does not bode well, Dende."

Dende shook his head at Mr. Popo, clenching the staff tighter in his hand. Gogeta and Scourge were doing more damage than was necessary. Bulma would have to rebuild Capsule Corp for sure.

"I agree. Perhaps we should gather the dragonballs."

"What do you mean 'we'?"

Dende and Mr. Popo turned to where Piccolo sat meditating between some tree. He was floating at least five feet in the air. It never ceased to amaze Dende. He thought for sure that it would hurt if Piccolo lost his concentration. But as Piccolo had once told him, the trick was to NOT lose your concentration under any circumstances.

"I meant that perhaps Mr. Popo and I should look for the dragonballs. Your help would be greatly appreciated as well Piccolo."

Piccolo smiled, lowering himself to sit on the ground. "You don't think it would be dangerous to look for the dragonballs?"

"Well, sure," Dende responded. "But I want to help, Piccolo."

"You can help by staying here," Piccolo said, standing. "Do you have the dragonball radar that Bulma left behind?"

Dende nodded. "I'll go get it for you." He took off in the direction of the palace.

Mr. Popo looked at Piccolo oddly. "He does get rather bored around here sometimes," he commented, watching Dende disappear into the palace. "Would it be so bad if he went along? Just this once?"

"He has become a fine guardian for Earth," Piccolo stated with a small smile. "But he still has much to learn. He does not need to endanger himself in this. The time will come when he will be able to help." He shook his head. "But now is not that time."

"I see," Mr. Popo said, smiling a little himself. Piccolo had changed much since he absorbed Kami several years ago during the android invasion. Perhaps the changes he was seeing in him recently were do to their merging back into one person. Or perhaps Piccolo was becoming a different person all together. His smile widened as Dende returned from the palace, dragonball radar in hand.

"Here you go," Dende said, placing the dragonball radar into Piccolo's hand.

"Good," Piccolo replied, turning from the others and heading for the edge of Kami's Palace. He turned back briefly, stating, "Keep an eye out below and keep me informed. I'll be back as soon as I can."

Dende and Mr. Popo nodded, watching as Piccolo took off from the palace and headed down to Earth in search of the dragonballs.


"I'm picking up his power readings, Gohlet. He's several kilometers east of here, on the other side of the city."

Gohlet nodded from beside Vergo. The two Saiyans had suited up for battle in their original costumes, complete with weapons and scanners. It had been along time since either of them had worn these particular suits. The younger generation had a different taste in style, but these...these were the old mark of a Saiyan.

"Or the mark of an old Saiyan," as Vergo had joked before they left the Ragata.

Gohlet looked over at his friend. They were flying high above the city at a slow pace. Vergo was looking at the rolling hills and half-destroyed city below.

"This place is truly beautiful," Vergo said. "Brings back memories of the homeworld."

"Yes," Gohlet said with a small smile. "It does. 'Tis a shame we cannot make it our home."

"Perhaps the Prince will allow us to stay," Vergo suggested. "After we talk to him, of course."

"Of course," Gohlet said. That consideration had not even crossed his mind. He smiled at the prospect.

"Down there," Vergo pointed. "Scourge is there."

Gohlet followed Vergo's pointed finger to a small cluster of dome buildings. Several were destroyed, while the main building was half-exposed to the elements. There was tremendous energy coming from that spot. He could sense it even without the scanner. There were several flashes of light to confirm his suspicions.

The fight had already begun.


Goten and Trunks quickly dodged the latest blasts. Trunks grabbed his mother and Goten grabbed Ruri to move them out of the way as well. All were blown into separate corners of the room.

Or what was left of it.

Scourge had already taken care of the far wall when he initially attacked. But the fight between he and Gogeta had also destroyed the roof and another adjacent wall. Less than half of the anti-gravity room remained unscathed.

"Your grandfather is going to have a cow," Bulma whispered to Trunks after taking in the latest devastation.

"Can he do that?" Trunks asked his mother, confused.

On the other side of the room, Ruri tried to raise herself with her arms, struggling with the effort. She glanced up in enough time to see a large piece of concrete falling in her direction. She screamed, throwing out her hands in an attempt to project a spell.

But the concrete slab stopped before she had a chance.

"Rurien?" Goten asked. He was holding the slab up with one hand!

Ruri recovered from the shock quickly. "It hurts to move. Can you pull me out?"

Goten offered his hand and hulled Ruri from underneath the concrete slab. Once she was safe, he let the slab fall. It crashed into the floor loudly, breaking into many smaller pieces.

"Arigato," Ruri muttered, forcing herself into a sitting position so she could see. Trunks and Bulma joined them, Bulma helping Ruri to sit.

"Where'd our papas go?" Trunks asked, brushing dust and stones from his clothing. He and Goten searched the area for Gogeta and Scourge.


Scourge crashed into the ground. Hard. His shield had been destroyed during the first round of punches with his opponent. Without his shield to protect him, Scourge was having a difficult time keeping up. Gogeta had given him a swift punch to the abdomen. He sat up, shaking his head. There were at least a dozen broken bones somewhere in his body, but the adrenaline was rushing over the pain.

"Why don't you give up, boy?" Gogeta taunted, floating high above the destruction of Capsule Corp. He stood with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face. It didn't appear that he'd even broken a sweat.

"Never!" Scourge said from between gritted teeth. He powered up, his anger adding to his fuel. He launched himself at Gogeta with a speed that was not normal for him. He was becoming faster with each attack. He could feel it. Yet Gogeta was able to compensate for his every move.

Gogeta smiled to himself, preparing for the newest attack. The boy was indeed a Saiyan warrior. His potential to be a Super Saiyan was evident, but there was something holding him back. No matter, the boy would achieve that level of power in his own good time.

Assuming he didn't kill the boy in battle.

Gogeta raised his own power level, drowning out Scourge's ki blasts. The younger Saiyan sent several quick punches in Gogeta's direction, none of which connected. Gogeta was moving too fast. Scourge howled in anger, trying to keep up.

"Stay still!" Scourge yelled.

Gogeta smirked, moving faster. The boy had wanted a challenge. Well, he was getting it. His fist moved outward in a blur, connecting with Scourge's already damaged abdomen. The boy managed a final blast before heading towards the ground once more. It scathed Gogeta's cheek as he turned his head, eventually crashing into a nearby business building.

"What's wrong, boy?" Gogeta said. "You said you wanted a challenge."

Scourge emerged from another half destroyed building. He was bleeding now, his wounds more evident. He looked up at Gogeta with a scowl. Yes, he had wanted a challenge. That is why he chose Earth. As a newly appointed Commander he wanted to put his powers to the test. He had beaten all the other challengers for his position easily. He had been hoping for more of a fight.

"Be careful what you wish for," Gohlet had told him.

Scourge clenched his fists in anger, clearing himself of any nearby debris with a single burst of power. His anger raged, taking control of his better senses. His power leaked, devastating everything around him. He could feel a renewed sense of strength flow through him. But would it be enough?

Bulma heard the rafters above them creaking. Whatever that boy was doing, it was going to bring down the rest of the anti-gravity room. She quickly grabbed Ruri and motioned for the boys to follow.

"The place is going to crumble," she told them. "We need to move. Now!"

The boys didn't argue, clearing a way for them to escape into the yard. Goten and Trunks helped first Ruri, then Bulma into the clearing. they all fell to the ground as the building collapsed in a roar or sound, smoke and debris.

Gogeta's attention briefly turned to the fallen anti-gravity room. Through all the smoke and dust, it was hard to see if Bulma and the children had made it out unharmed. he narrowed his eyes to get a better look. He sensed two strong kis, one fading ki, and the gentle hum that Vegita recognized as Bulma. He lowered himself, wanting to see more.

Then Scourge attacked from behind, using the distraction to his advantage. Gogeta tumbled from the force of ki blast, stopping himself in mid-air. He stared at the young boy upside-down. The others forgotten for the moment, a small smile spread across his face.

'Hmm, he's smarter than he looks,' Gogeta told himself.

Gogeta stared at the younger Saiyan, waiting for him to attack again. His power had risen another notch. The boy certainly had potential. Perhaps if he realized it in this battle, it would be much more interesting. Unfortunately, he was becoming bored with this little escapade. And fast. It was time to put an end to it.

Scourge stiffened as Gogeta raised his hands. What was he about now? he watched through narrowed eyes as the other warrior began to glow, a faint golden aura. He felt something snap inside of him, as if he recognized what he was doing. He pushed himself backwards a little, placing more room between them.

"Oh no," Bulma muttered.

"What?" the children asked in unison.

"Cover your eyes," Bulma told them.

"Momma?" Trunks asked.

"Just do it," she said covering her eyes.

The children didn't argue, covering their eyes with their hands.

Gogeta turned himself right side up. Arms still raised above his head, he increased his powers to the maximum. He smiled at Scourge, ready for the final blow.


Gogeta raised an eyebrow as he looked over his shoulder. He recognized the battle armor of the Saiyans. Then he was able to place the Saiyans themselves.

Gohlet and Vergo.

"What do you want?" Gogeta asked, annoyed.

"We wish to speak to Prince Vegita on Scourge's behalf," Vergo announced.

"You'll do no such thing," Scourge retaliated.

Gohlet held up a hand, stopping him from further discussion. "This was not your decision, boy. Do not anger your elders."

Scourge frowned, but did not present any further argument.

"Then speak," Gogeta told the other Saiyans.

Gohlet and Vergo looked strangely at the figure of Gogeta.

"Prince Vegita?" they both asked astonished.

Gogeta nodded. "At least by half," he answered, lowering his power level. He crossed his arms over his chest, turning towards the other two Saiyans. "State your business."

"Certainly, your highness," Gohlet said with a small bow.


"Are you sure this is safe, dude?"

Kryllin shrugged, balancing Keno on his back several hundred feet in the air. The kid was a bit heavier than he looked.

"Just don't fidget and you'll be fine."

Keno nodded, taking a deep breath. They weren't kidding when they told him the only way through downtown was to fly. The place was a wreck. Buildings collapsed, half standing. Windows shattered into the city streets. He could see the medical crews as they searched for survivors. Things looked pretty bleak below.

"How did you know?" Keno asked Kryllin.

Kryllin looked up as best he could. "What do you mean?"

"How did you know the bad guys were at Capsule Corp?" Keno restated.

"Oh, that," Kryllin said, looking for the right response. "The owner of the company is a friend of mine. They were able to translate the message from the ship and figure out what they wanted."

"Which was?"

Kryllin sighed. Just how much should he tell this boy. His sister was in danger after all. He took a moment to find the right words.

"They were looking to challenge someone."

Keno smirked. "You're kidding, right?"

Kryllin shook his head.

Keno frowned. "And this person just HAPPENED to be at Capsule Corp?"

"Yeah," Kryllin replied. He sighed again, placing himself in the kid's shoes. "Look, I know it's hard to swallow. We should be there soon. I'll explain it later."

Keno continued to stare at the ground below. "Thanks, dude."

Kryllin looked up, confused. "For what?"

"For helping me out," Keno said. "You didn't have to."

"Hey, no problem," Kryllin said with a smile. "And just for future reference, the name's Kryllin."


"Our 'agreement' with Frieza was coming to an end. Your father, King Vegita, was preparing to scatter what he could of the Saiyan race, hoping that one day we would be able to reclaim our home...and our lives. At the same time he was preparing his coup against Frieza. All that time spent preparing and waiting...all for nothing."

Gogeta stared back at the elder Saiyan, a blank look on his face. Gathered around him were Bulma, Trunks, Goten and Ruri. Scourge stood behind Gohlet and Vergo, glaring angrily at all of them although he did not raise his voice in argument. The others kept their distance from the warriors, even though it had been decided that there would be no more fighting until the story was complete.

And only then if it was necessary.

"We were preparing to leave with our battalion when we learned of the King's demise," Vergo continued the story. "The news set us back by several minutes. Because of our hesitance, we encountered several of Frieza's battle cruisers.

"I was at the helm when the ship went completely dark. When I woke up, I noticed that the ship had taken severe damage. And casualties...there were just too many to count."

"A crew of 2000 had been drastically reduced to a crew of 500," Gohlet said, shaking his head. "We drifted in space for over a year before we realized that we weren't drifting at all. The coordinates we had been given were for an empty sector of the Zanthes quadrant, one of the few places Frieza's power had not yet reached. But because of the damage, the coordinates were automatically reset." Gohlet frowned. "We were able to map them to a small sector of the Engorian Galaxy."

"This is all fine and good," Gogeta said, one eyebrow raised. "But Planet Vegita was destroyed nearly 30 years ago. Travelling to the Engorian galaxy alone would take 20 to 25 years."

Gohlet and Vergo looked at each other and smiled slightly. Vergo answered, "We will explain that as we go."

"There were 500 survivors, but only 30 regeneration tanks onboard the ship, several of which had been rendered useless during our escape from Planet Vegita," Gohlet continued. "On our way to the Engorian galaxy there were battles to see who would be able to live in the regeneration tanks until we reached our destination. Vergo and I were fortunate to have beaten all those who stood in our way. We were placed in the regeneration tanks and awoken once we reached the Engorian Galaxy."

"Then, how old ARE you?" Bulma spoke up, thinking on what Gogeta had tried to imply.

"Time passes differently in space," Vergo said. "And different still in the black hole known as the Engorian Galaxy."

"Black hole?" Trunks, Goten and Ruri asked in unison. The boys were keeping Ruri steady between them.

"The Engorian Galaxy was the one place Saiyans would not go," Gogeta said. "It is said to be covered by a hidden shield, dangerous to travelers. It acts as a black hole or vacuum to protect the system."

"Most of the remaining crew died while the ship passed through the black hole," Gohlet said with a nod. "The ship too, already battered, took on more damage and began to fall apart.

"The regeneration tanks were placed into a shielded room on the ship. It was the only part of the ship to survive. Twenty-seven useable regeneration tanks survived the trip, but only fifteen opened when we reached our destination.

"When we awoke, we had landed on a planet of some kind. It was sparsely populated with both vegetation and people. The inhabitants of the planet welcomed us as friends. We, of course, destroyed them and took what we needed." Gohlet sighed. "Only to realize that we were stranded."

"Survival become a priority," Vergo said. "Food was in short supply. The animals on the planet were not as hearty as what we were used to. And there was no entertainment save for what we could produce ourselves, which was very little. We lived on that planet for eleven years before our OTHER survival instincts took over.

"Other instincts?" Goten and Trunks asked. They looked at Ruri, who only shrugged.

"I don't know what you humans call it, or if there is even a word to describe it," Gohlet said with a small smile. "Fifteen Saiyans, twelve males and three females. Let us say that, for a while, we had found our entertainment.

"Our children grew up on the barren planet we had called home. We had no means with which to send them away as was customary. We had to our way of life."

"Then a new enemy appeared," Vergo said. "Strange creatures. They outnumbered and overpowered us. We were treated as slaves, and taken to their home world. The youngest ones didn't survive past a year there. The rest of us waited, biding our time. Finally the day came when we rose, overpowered our captors and stole one of their ships."

"You STOLE an Ahnkaran ship?!" Gogeta asked, amazed. The Ahnkarans were known for their cunning and skill, not brute strength. They were a worthy foe of the Saiyan warriors.

"You refer to the Ragata?" Gohlet asked. He shook his head. "No, that is not the ship we stole. The Ragata became ours as payment for services rendered. The ship we stole was of Jordinien design. The ship became oiur home once again as we searched for a way out of the Engorian galaxy.

"Three generations of our blood wondered the decks of the Jordinien ship. Finally we came upon a small outcast group of survivalists. They too were looking for a new home, and had heard of the Saiyans' work in helping to obtain such things. They hired us to find them a home in the Engorian galaxy. They built us the Ragata in return."

"They must've been an advanced race," Bulma commented, "To have built such a ship."

"No longer," Vergo replied with a frown.

"We turned on them afterwards, destroying them and their new homeworld." Gohlet chuckled half-heartedly. "Perhaps it was our injured pride over having no home to call our own. Nevertheless, we escaped the Engorian Galaxy about a year later, using the Ragata."

"Four generations?" Gogeta asked with a smirk. "How did you mange to spread the blood?"

"Several lines are now tainted," Gohlet said. "Mixed blood is not traditionally smiled upon by the Saiyan race. But we had lost our pride before we conceded to such ideas. Scourge here is one of those byproducts of a mixed line. My bloodline."

Everyone gawked. Bulma knew from experience what the Saiyans thought of mixed blood. But it was still hard NOT to take offense to their words. Even Gogeta couldn't help but be surprised. He couldn't comment to Gohlet. He too had tainted the bloodline of his family. Yet, it seemed to be a benefit as a opposed to the hindrance he was always led to believe.

"Seven more generations have walked aboard the Ragata," Vergo informed them. "Scourge is but one of the youngest. A child."

"His father was the last captain of the ship. He left the job to Scourge upon his early deathbed," Gohlet said. He turned towards the boy, placing a hand on his shoulder. Scourge looked on, undaunted. "Scourge has been our leader for two years now. And shows much promise. Unfortunately he still has the setbacks of youth to contend with."

Gogeta nodded his agreement as the others continued to look on. Ruri collapsed to the ground, her breathing shallow. The boys were immediately at her side, and so was Bulma. She tried telling them she was all right, but they disagreed. Gogeta paid little heed, as he wanted to hear the end of the story.

"We have been searching for a new home since we freed ourselves of the Engorian Galaxy," Gohlet continued. "We have come across many planets, but none like this Earth. Scourge's first act of commander was to take over this world. Of course, we did not know the our Prince was already here."

"Why do you keep referring to him as 'prince'?" Scourge muttered through gritted teeth.

"Hush!" Vergo said vehemently to the boy. To the others he said, "I'm sure our story has bored you all to near annoyance. But we owed it to our prince." He looked at Gohlet. "And to ourselves."

"It has been a VERY long time," Gohlet said with a brief smile. And a terrible mistake on our part."

An apology? Gogeta grunted. "That does not settle what has already begun."

"You are still unsatisfied then, then?" Gohlet asked. "We know this is not the way a Saiyan warrior partakes in battle, but as Vergo said it was necessary." The elder man straightened, sticking out his chest. "In accordance with Saiyan tradition, we kneel before thee and beg for thy mercy."

Both men kneeled on the ground. Scourge watched in horror. He finally did as they did after an asking, and angry, glance from Gohlet.

Gogeta vaguely realized what they were doing. It was an old tradition from long before their time. When two Saiyans battled each other, the battle was not won until one was dead, or conceded their own defeat. Many Saiyans preferred to die in battle. It appeared, however, that there were others unwilling to die for their pride.

Then again, as Gohlet had stated, these Saiyans had lost their pride years ago.

"Then you are conceding defeat?" Gogeta asked with a smirk.

"No!" Scourge immediately shouted before both Gohlet and Vergo silenced him.

"Yes," Gohlet said with a sigh. Scourge bowed his head in shame, for the first time looking like the teenager he was. Vergo nodded his agreement with the decree. "WE are conceding defeat."

Gogeta nodded, uncrossing his arms as a bright flash of light engulfed him. As the light disappeared, two silhouettes could be seen through the shadows of the approaching dusk. Vegita and Gokou gave each other the thumbs up as their sons ran over to them happily.


Trunks met Ruri in front of the newly remodeled Capsule Corp building two weeks later. Keno objected vehemently, but Ruri traveled by herself taking the bus through town. It didn't look nearly as devastated and run down as it had when Scourge attacked.

Trunks smiled and waved as Ruri came through the front gate. She still wore several bandages on her arms and face. The rest were hidden underneath her florescent green tank top and denim shorts. There were still some bruises on her legs, too, but the senzu bean appeared to have fixed her right up.

"Rurien," he called as he jumped from the front porch and ran to her on the lawn. "How are you?"

"Okay," Ruri told him with a bright smile. "Tired, but okay." She sighed, shaking her head. "I haven't slept so much since I had mono."

Trunks looked at her oddly. "What's mono?"

"Is she here yet?" Vegita's gruff voice called from inside the house.

"Hai," both children answered.

Vegita seemed to emerge from nowhere as he walked through the front door. He stopped on the porch, watching the children. Briefly, he examined the girl. Her power level was suppressed, but still strongly present. As for her injuries, she looked no worse for wear. Good. Now perhaps his mate would stop worrying about her.

"Is everyone here?" Bulma asked, stepping out onto the porch as well. She smiled when she saw Ruri. "Glad you could make it, Ruri. Are we ready to go?"

The two children nodded.

"You'll meet us there, right?" Bulma asked Vegita. He nodded in agreement. "Great." She ushered the children to the side of the house towards the garage. "Let's go."

The trip to the meeting sight was about four hours from Capsule Corp on a deserted island somewhere in the West Sea. Bulma was surprised that Trunks had wanted to sit inside the capsule 'copter for the duration of the trip. She supposed the fact that Ruri couldn't fly kept them inside.

The children talked all the way. Ruri was as happy and cheerful as ever. One would never have guessed that she'd been through something short of a potential war.

It seemed that her family had taken the news of the battle well. Her brother, Keno, was a bit frayed along the edges when he arrived at Capsule Corp with Kryllin. They had missed the other Saiyans by about five minutes. Keno grabbed Ruri in a bear hug that could've easily been a chokehold.

Her father had also been most understanding, although none too pleased that his daughter was hurt. Bulma could sympathize. If it had been Trunks she would've felt the same way. He told them that he was grateful for their help and for doing the best they could for her. He had also been the one to allow Ruri to take the senzu bean that Gokou had brought back from Korin's.

Then Ruri told them about the doctors that fussed over her so-called injuries after she'd taken the senzu bean. She complained about all the needles and tests, and pouted over the fact that they had forgotten to give her a lollipop for her troubles.

Before long, Bulma spotted the island. She steered the capsule 'copter downward, preparing to land. Yamucha and Kryllin were already on the island, as well as Dende and Piccolo. She smiled when she noticed that Juhachigou had also decided to join them. Gokou and Goten stood not too far from the group, waving up at them.

The capsule 'copter landed several yards from the group of people. It blew up a puff of dust and sand is it touched down. Trunks jumped out of the 'copter as it touched down. Ruri waited until the 'copter had landed to jump out. She ran as fast as she could to catch up.

"Where's Vegita?" Gokou asked as Bulma joined the group.

"He should be along," she told them, watching as the boys introduced Ruri to Piccolo and Dende. The young girl bowed politely with a smile. "He was going to pick up the other two Saiyans before coming here."

"Is that really wise?" Yamucha asked, scratching his head. "I mean, one of them did destroy half a city."

"True," Bulma replied with a sigh, hands on her hips. "But I'm not going to argue with him."

"He knows what he's doing," Piccolo said. From the corner of his eye he could see the children and Dende examining the dragonballs. Then his ears twitched. He looked off to the east. "Someone's coming."

They all looked east to see three dark specs in the sky. The Z warriors recognized Vegita's energy signature immediately. They assumed the other two signatures belonged to his two companions from the alien vessel.

Vegita landed on the island gracefully. Gohlet and Vergo followed his lead. They had agreed to this meeting strictly out of curiosity. The two older Saiyans were no longer wearing their warrior armor. Instead they had donned what looked like white, ceremonial robes.

There were no introductions as the group gathered around Dende and the dragonballs. Dende said the incantation to bring the dragon to life. The sky above them grew dark. Thunder boomed and lightening flashed. It wasn't a storm, and the lightening didn't threaten them, but Ruri couldn't help but feel a little fear. She huddled between Goten and Trunks as a dark mist arose.

Slowly the mist spiraled into a solid form. Green scales rising as farther than Ruri could have imagined. She had to crane her neck to see all the way up. Closer to the top were two small arms. Just above the arms was the head of the dragon, a mane of glowing green floating aimlessly in the air.

"Amazing," Vergo whispered, gawking at the demon before him.

Gohlet was speechless. Vegita had briefly told them about what was to happen, but he failed the mention this. Perhaps their prince had planned it as a surprise.

"You have two wishes," the dragon stated in a gruff, monotone voice. He looked down upon the gathered group. "What is your first wish?"

"Shenron!" Gokou called out. "We wish for you to restore the health of those people injured during the new Saiyans attack on Earth."

There was a crash of lightening and another roll of thunder before Shenron proclaimed, "You wish is granted." He paused. "What is your second wish?"

Gokou smiled, looking down at the boys and Ruri. "Vegita and I agreed that the children get the second wish."

Their eyes lit up in delight. "Really?" they asked, smiling.

Gokou nodded.

Goten and Trunks looked at each other, then at Ruri.

"Why don't you make the wish, Rurien?" Trunks suggested.

"Yeah, wish for anything you want," Goten said with a smile.

"I don't know, guys," Ruri said shaking her head.

"Go ahead, Ruri," Dende prodded.

"Yeah," Goten and Trunks said, motioning for her to go forward.

"Well," Ruri said, still unsure. She hadn't wanted the wish all to herself. Trunks and Goten should be able to have their say, too, but if this is what they wanted, then.... "Okay."

Cautiously, Ruri stepped up to the dragon. She looked up at him wide-eyed, more in awe of the beast then in fear of him. She bit her bottom lip, staring at the sandals on her feet. She needed a really good wish. One that Trunks and Goten would want too. But what to wish for? Finally, she smiled.

"What is your wish, little one?" Shenron asked.

For a moment Ruri pouted, hands on her hips. Why did everyone call her 'little one'? She shrugged it off quickly, making her wish.

"I wish for have a new planet to call their home."

The adults looked at her in disbelief. Even Gohlet and Vergo were visibly shocked. Trunk and Goten only smiled and nodded.

"Is it...normal...for a human child to make such a wish?" Vergo whispered to Gohlet. His friend merely shrugged in confusion.

"Perhaps her injuries have caused her to go mad," Gohlet offered with a shrug.

Shenron regarded the young girl, his mane blowing in an unseen breeze. He didn't move or speak for some time. Ruri thought that perhaps her wish could not be granted. Then Shenron answered, "Your wish has been granted."

"Sir," Gohlet's communicator came to life. "The Ragata's received new space coordinates. Should we set course?"

Gohlet and Vergo looked at each other before looking at Ruri.

"Is there nothing you wanted, child?" Gohlet asked the girl as she turned around to face the others.

Ruri shrugged innocently. "Well, sure. Everyone wants something."

"So why not ask for it?" Vergo asked curiously.

Ruri shrugged again, stepping over to rejoin Goten and Trunks. "I think this was a better wish," she told the two Saiyans. "With a new home of your own, you won't have to bother Earth anymore." Ruri blushed. " least not for a while."

Goten and Trunks nodded their agreement.

Gohlet and Vergo smiled, thanking the young girl for her generosity. Perhaps these Earth children were more thoughtful than most. Or was it that they were just more devious than most? In any case what was done was done.

"Set course," Gohlet said into his communicator. "We're going home."

The two Saiyans bid farewell and took off in the direction of the Ragata. Vegita watched them leave, feeling a part of himself slowly drifting away. He stared at the sky, long after they were gone, until Gokou placed a hand on his shoulder.

"We're not alone," he told the Saiyan prince with a small smile.

"No," Vegita answered. "We are not."

"Do you wish you were going with them?"

Vegita's eyes widened. He had spent many days and nights aboard the Ragata in the past two weeks trying to understand these new Saiyans. And they had asked him to join them. Much to his own surprise, he refused. He offered no explanation however, and Gohlet didn't ask for any.

The question was expected, although he had hoped it would go unspoken. He sighed, trying to remember his prepared answer. He thought the question would come from either Gokou or Bulma. He could answer to them easily. Instead, it was Trunks who asked the question. Not someone he could easily answer.

At least, not as easy as he would have liked.

Vegita clenched his fists at his sides, his practiced response forgotten. He looked at the ground. If he didn't say something quickly, the others would take it as a bad sign.

"Vegita?" This from Bulma. She was trying to hide the worry in her voice, but failed as always.

"Perhaps," he finally muttered in reply. He stared back up at the sky. "But they were...different. Not the Saiyans I remember."

"Things change," Gokou said with a smile. He patted Vegita's shoulder before stepping away. "Perhaps for the better."

Vegita snickered at Gokou's comment. 'But,' he told himself. 'The fool may be right.'

The Saiyan race he knew was dead. But Gohlet and Vergo were part of that old race, and they were helping to build a new one. And Scourge was proof that the power was out there, even if not properly tapped. That could be changed too. Perhaps it was a sign for the better after all.

"Well, we should be going," Gokou announced, patting Goten on the top of the head. "ChiChi will be starting dinner soon. She'll be worried sick if we don't make it back on time."

"Typical ChiChi," Yamucha said with a smile.

"You said it," Gokou replied with an equally large smile.

Everyone said his or her good-byes, waving and smiling. Eventually only Ruri, Trunks, Bulma and Vegita remained on the island. Bulma ushered the children over to the capsule 'copter where Trunks proceeded to give Ruri a mini-lesson on flying with ki.

Once she was sure the children were okay, she approached Vegita. He had been strange for the past two weeks. Perhaps spending time with these other Saiyans had taken its toll on him. And he had decided to stay, even though they offered him a place among them. She smiled briefly.

Vegita stood at the edge of the island, the incoming tide rolling over his feet. He sensed Bulma as she approached but didn't acknowledge her. He continued to stare at the sky.

"You didn't have to, you know?"

Vegita turned and looked at his mate oddly. "Didn't have to what, woman?"

"Didn't have to stay," she whispered to him, the smile never leaving her face.

He stared at her, eyes wide. He hadn't expected that from her. He had thought she'd cry, whine, pout, and yell at him. She was too calm for his taste. And she had caught him off guard. A rarity for her, but she did it at the oddest moments.

He looked up at her, trying to think of answer but she shushed him with a finger. "But I'm glad you did," she said, the smile growing larger. She had given him an out. She was testing HIM for a change. And judging by her smile, he had passed. His smirk slowly turned into a smile.

"Will you be home in time for dinner?" she asked him.

"Maybe," he answered, feeling a bit more like his old self.

Bulma sighed, knowing what he was doing. She shook her head, determined not to give in to his little game. At least he was back to normal. She turned, waving to him.

"Fine, just don't be mad at me if it's cold."


Bulma stopped, turning to face Vegita.

"Arigato," he whispered.

She smiled at him briefly before turning, walking back toward the 'copter.

Vegita looked back up at the sky. He stayed on the beach long after the capsule 'copter had taken off. He closed his eyes and sighed.

A sign for the better, indeed.


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