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To Be A Raver

Well well... you'd never guess would you? Neither would I but hey, expect the unexpected!! Yea... I love to rave and I guess that makes me a raver.. scary thought aint it? I knnow lots of people think that raves are evil and bad and have nothing but kiddies from JHS and HS that cant get into any other clubs... but thats just a bunch of *$#%. Ive met some of the greatest folks in my life at these raves... youngins to old folk (yea... so ive seen this lil old grandma jamming... talk about double takes. I was kinda jealous cause the loose nuts and bolts in her joints made her move alot more than I could... damn old people). Not to mention that you hear the freshest music and watch the world's greatest djs spin... you've basically got a concert that lasts all night long till the wee morning.

So... its been awhile since i've started partying and my list of parties has grown immensely as well as the space on this website. I had to break down the list into seperate pages and for my next party i'll need to start a brand new site to hold all the pictures. Hopefully this makes it easier for you to view all the pics and see where i've been and what i've done... here we go:

Raves in 2001:
Raving from Winter to the Summer!
Raving from the Fall to the Winter!

Raves in 2002:
Just another year, definitely not just another party.

Places to Check out: One of my top favorite DJ's, Jason Blakemore, site. Get all the goodie info on him and the DJs and productions that LifeMusic runs. Definitely worth your time if you love the music.
Nicholas Bennison Everytime i've seen him perform, its always been one unique set after another. He holds ranking with some of the best djs in the world and never disappoints a crowd. Check him out and stop by to show your support, its well worth the time. One of the many interesting groups of people in the Rave Scene. Candy Kids are by far the nicest people ive met in the scene and are fun to hang with.. check em out. Ever wonder how we find out where to go and when? This site contains the information you need to party hardy till the break of dawn. A site dedicated to caputuring all those precious moments at the hottest parties around. Way better pics than mine by far!

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