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Hi, My name is Jennie and I am doing a survey on womens self defense as a school project. I need all the help I can get, and the statistics gathered here will help all women so please help us by answering the survey. This survey deals primarily with the effectiveness of a woman defending herself using any of the moves that target a mans testicles (like a knee to the groin). It has been questioned whether or not these techniques would actually work in a real situation. Some skeptics and martial artists have serious doubts in the way women are taught to defend themselves in a "typical" womens self defense class(the kind that teaches these moves).This survey will attempt to find out the average womens chances of incapacitating a man with a strike or grab to the testicles. Women who have done this, men who have had it done to them by a woman, or anyone who has seen this happen or heard about it happening, are encouraged to take the survey. The incedent doesnt have to be in a life or death situation as we are only concerned with her RESULTS not her MOTIVES.

Do these moves really work when you need them to, or have these "womens self defense" classes only given women a FALSE sense of security?? I ask that you please answer all the questions TRUTHFULLY.
Update: School project complete, but I'm gonna keep the page running as normal since I got such a response from the people who visit it.

Update: Survey no longer active

Click Here To Take The Survey.

Results of the old surveys (recently edited surveys from back when it auto-posted)
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Results of new surveys(pre edited-for content)
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