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Crew Lounge Old Paper Logo
Departure Gate 4

Retirement Party - Bayside Yacht Club - 1986

Millie Peters, June Alcure, Teddy Mejia, Pat Burton Kenny, Jeannine Kilkelly Saalfelder
F/A's Millie Peters, Joan Alcure, Pat Burton Kenny, Teddy Mejia and Jeannine Kilkelly Saalfelder Carney

Say Teddy, those twinkling blue eyes of yours can still get you into trouble with the ladies.  Do you remember.........Teddy singing his medely of "I love New York" songs coming into JFK from SJU?  As he went from one song to the next, the smiles would broaden on everyone's face.  One passenger upon deplaning suggested to Teddy, "Don't give up your day job."  He's still working at the same "day job", but now for Air Florida.

Capt. Tom Burlace ?,  F/A Norman Eagan,  or is this the Capt.?  ,   ?  .
Capt. George Cooke, F/A Norma Eagan, Capt. Tom Burlace,  ? .
Some one fill in the question marks, please.
Which one of the two gentlemen above is EAL Captain Tom Burlace?
Does anyone know the lady on the right?
Thanks to Bud and Carole (Steppe) Leppard, JFK
"Re the picture of Tom Burlace with another pilot and two flight attendants,
Tom is the pilot on the right.  The one on the left is George Cooke."

"Head 'em up, move 'em out !"  Remember the SJU boardings at JFK?
JFK F/A's Herman VanEps, Fred Waller, Bicky Aguilar Day
F/A''s Herman Van Eps, Fred Waller, Bicky Aguilar Day
Herman Van Eps had the most organized boardings on the SJU flights.  Maybe that's because he was born in Puerto Rico.  Herman, one of the honored retirees, Fred Waller and Bicky Aguilar Day, our Spanish speaking trio of  flight attendants are pictured above.   Bicky was in the first class of flight attendants hired in Mexico.

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