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a SaitouxSanosuke yaoi fanfiction archive.

by dee zoeldyck.

Oh Baby, Baby
humor. PG-13.
... When he came to, everyone was huddled on the futon, cooing and then ahh-ing at something cradled by Sano. ...

Third Party
humor. PG-13.
... "No!" Sano cried, grabbing his arm. "Don't kill him, Hajime!" ...

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by durendal and The Beef Chick.

Too Much Information
1. 2.

humor. PG-13.
... "I'm not a pervert. Sanosuke's technically an adult." ...

by Dvorak.

Rumors For Love
crossover. lemon. NC-17.
... "Hn. I suppose I should start off with the ahou. What do you know about these rumors that have spread throughout town about him?" ...

Rooster Allergy
lemon. R.
... "So is that how it is. We haven't had sex; I'm horny and then you get all sick whenever I come around you. What's the deal?" ...

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