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Title: Knowing the Drill

Author: Taryn Eve

Author's e-mail:

Fandom: Enterprise

Rating: NC-17

Category: Slash

Pairing: Tucker/Other, Tucker/Sato, Reed/Sato

Series: Trip's Toolbox

Sequel to: Screwdriver

Warning: Adult situations and violence; bisexual love triangle.

Summary: Hoshi is in a harem, Malcolm is undercover, and Trip is juggling drills as an alien continues his rebellion against a prince.

Comments: Warning: Explicit sex. Thank you to Saragirl for the beta reading and Mara for the encouragement.

Archived to Reed's Armory on 04/20/2003.

She ran her fingers along her thigh, enjoying the feeling of the silk stocking. After many days of scrubbing the floor of the bathhouse for her initial disobedience, she'd finally earned herself a few little luxuries and a little rest from the Orion woman overseer. Looking in the basket next to her alcove, she rubbed the floral cream into her pulse points and adjusted the ribbons on her dress.

Hoshi was very proud of her training as one of the elite concubines in the palace. So proud that she'd done extra chores to earn the material to make the dress. It had started life as a green leftover rag of some palace guest. For days, she cut, sewed and cursed until she created an outfit worthy of her new station. She made slits to reveal the stockings and the top tightly hugged her small breasts. Like all the other girls in the concubine's quarters, Hoshi wanted to do everything she could to help the revolution.

Her ears caught the tinkling of the bells to the entrance hall. Taking a deep breath, she tried to remember what the Orion woman had told her about Service.

"You're a bit small, but so are some of those rafjas the rebels hired. Keep practicing the exercises I taught you and be sure to take a bath as soon as your man leaves. Change the bedding in your alcove, too."

The sound of voices drew Hoshi out of her alcove, along with the other females. Most of them were Torman women who worked in the kitchen before the revolution a month ago. The overseer had worked night and day to train them in the love arts of her people. Two of the girls tried to run away, but Gelir brought them back. The first day, he beat the girls until they promised they would never run away again. On the second day, the man named Tucker fitted them all with their new collars. Any impulses to disobey were caught and crushed by the collars.

Hoshi could barely remember the week before the collar was fitted around her neck. Like Tucker's collar, it was dark blue. Hoshi's fears melted away whenever she saw the rebel weapons master. Like most of the other girls, she wanted to earn the right to Tucker's bed, but he seemed content to be the lover of Gelir, hero of the revolution.

The hero himself walked down the hall, inspecting each of them. The overseer tried to point out the excellence of their training as Gelir glared.

"I should never have killed the real whores." He paused in front of Hoshi. "Ah, the human woman."

Hoshi lifted her chin. "I'm Torman on the inside."

Gelir patted her cheek and chuckled. "Yes, you are now. Good. Your loyalty to me will help pay off my debt to those wretched mercenaries who gave me this palace. Tomorrow, they'll give me the rest of the world." With swift strides he walked back to the entrance and yanked open the door. "Tucker!"

A heartbeat later, the other man walked into the room with a huge scowl on his face. "Is this really necessary?"

Intrigued, Hoshi studied him. As far as she knew, Tucker was the only other human in the palace. He spent very little time among the slaves, though. The girls with friends in the kitchen said he spent most of his time working at the spaceport and training the mercenaries for their next mission.

Tucker ran his fingers through his spiked hair with a frustrated sigh.

"Do you need time with the whores, too, love?" Gelir asked in a bored voice.

Tucker slapped his gloves against his hands. "That's not what I meant, Gelir. I just don't like having all those damn mercenaries in the palace. It's a security risk. They gave you this place and they can take it back if they get the mind to. Let's send them back to the barracks at the spaceport."

"I just want to get that loudmouthed one laid and off my back," Gelir said. "He's been complaining about his needs for a woman ever he found out we had whores again."

Snorting, Tucker walked down the line of girls, glancing at each one of them with a slow smile. "Gelir lover, you should know by now that the only way to keep a soldier happy is to keep him soldiering. He won't be complaining this time tomorrow, believe me." He saluted Hoshi with two fingers to his temple. "Ma'am."

Hoshi felt herself getting wet as she stared into the depths of his eyes. His cologne and the tight black leather uniform were making her hungry for him, too.

Gelir reached out and pulled Hoshi's dress down until it freed her breasts. "You're a pretty little thing for a human woman." He returned to the entrance with a nod for the overseer.

Hoshi flushed. "I'm Torman," she whispered, fingering the cloth of her beloved dress.

"Aw, you're all right, sweetheart," Tucker said, fixing her dress to the way it had been before. "Can you do a good job for us?"

Blinking back her tears, Hoshi gave him a shy smile. "I can do anything, Tucker."

He squeezed her shoulder and turned to the rest of the girls. "All right, ladies, you know the drill. Make them happy, make them come, and make them leave us alone until next week if we're lucky."

Some of the older girls giggled at the tall man's bold words. Hoshi straightened her shoulders, proud to serve her country.

Tucker sighed. "Vive le revolution." He rejoined Gelir at the entrance and the rebel leader pulled on the edge of Tucker's collar with a hungry smile. Tucker caught his breath and opened the door.

A stream of naked men walked down the hall, eyeing the girls with appreciative looks. Hoshi struggled with her memory and the collar to produce the names of their species. Andorians walked in first, followed by Orions, someone with spots and a strutting redheaded man with a wrinkled nose.

Tucker closed the door after Gelir exited the room. "I'm only going to say this one more time," the weapons master said, giving each man a hard stare. "If any of these women so much as complains about a broken nail, it's coming out of your pay and your hide."

"Are you sure they're professionals?" the redhead asked in a whiny voice. "I swear I saw that one scrubbing the floor of the bathhouse two days ago."

Hoshi stared at her feet, remembering the feeling that someone had been watching her. She'd run back to the concubines' quarters as soon as she could to escape the creepy feeling.

"Bara, I'll enjoy her myself if you don't take what's on the table and get busy with her."

Looking up, Hoshi tried to stifle a smile. So Tucker was interested in her, too. Good.

The alien at his side tugged on his elaborate earring. "No, she looks rather fetching. I'll have her and enjoy her, my friend."

"You all have an hour, as per our agreement," Tucker said, his voice dark.

"We'll try not to wear ourselves out," Bara said, grinning at Hoshi.

She tried to smile at him, but he just wasn't Tucker. He was shorter, his muscles were smaller and he was staring at her as if she were a choice piece of meat instead of a woman with feelings of her own.

Bara bowed low. "My lady." The hungry sound of his voice tugged at her memory.

Overcoming her reluctance, Hoshi held out her hand. "My alcove is this way, sir."

With a short bow that would have been disrespectful from a Torman, Bara smiled. "Lead the way, my dear."

"One hour," Tucker growled. "I'll be waiting at the entrance."

Bara tongue darted over his lips. "Care to join us, Mister Tucker?"

A cloud of uncertainty passed over Tucker's face. "I don't fuck strangers, friend."

In answer, Bara smiled again and pulled Hoshi along.

The alcove wouldn't fit three anyway, Hoshi told herself as she took the lead. She opened the curtain and motioned him inside. There was barely room for him to sit and watch as she slid out of the dress in the hallway. His eyes glittered with desire as she slipped out of the red shoes, leaving her dressed only in the stockings. She shook her hair out and half-turned, posing so he could devour her with his eyes before he took her with his growing cock.

"Come here," he said, holding out his hand.

Nervous, she climbed into her alcove. The scent of his cologne, similar to Tucker's, teased and pulled at her memory. "You're my first lover here, you know."

"Good," he said in a relieved voice, which puzzled Hoshi, who had never seen the man before this evening. He leaned over to close the curtain. Turning, he took her hand and kissed it, eyeing her collar. "Does that hurt?"

She shook her head and touched the edge of the collar. "I had nightmares. Now I don't have them anymore."

"Nightmares?" he asked, kissing her neck.

Taking hold of his cock, she smiled. "You didn't come here to talk."

"No," he gasped. "I didn't."

She reached under her pillow and took out a jar of honey gel. His eyes widened as she dabbed a bit on his shaft. It throbbed in her hand and she quickly leaned over and encased the thick member with her mouth.

The stranger gasped and leaned against the pillow. "Hoshi, God," he whispered in a tormented voice.

Hoshi froze and eased him out of her mouth. "How did you know my name?"

Instead of answering, he shoved his mouth against hers. Their tongues fought each other and she melted against him, savoring the sensation of being touched. His fingers glided over her hips and squeezed her ass lovingly.

"The kitchen girls talk about you," Bara said in her ear. "The pretty human woman." He grabbed the container of gel and smeared some on her clit. "My turn."

She wriggled against the pillows as he rubbed her. "Oh." His hard, sure touches felt wonderful yet strangely familiar. When had anyone touched her like this? she thought, moaning.

"On your back, love." He spread her legs wide and kissed her clit before licking her. "Mmm."

Hoshi stared at his reflection in the alcove's mirrored ceiling. For a moment, it felt like she had seen this man making love before. Wave after wave of pleasure assaulted her as the redheaded man continued eating her wet pussy. She moaned and ran her fingers through his hair.

"Give it to me," he whispered. "Come, darling." He cupped her ass and gently bit her thigh above the silk stocking.

The gentle touches set her on fire. "I want you in me," she said, holding out her hand.

"Hoshi," he said, protesting.

"Fuck me." She grabbed his hips and stared into his eyes. "I want you."

Bara ran his fingers through his hair. "Damn it," he said with a self-mocking grin. "Would you believe that I really just wanted to talk before I came here tonight?" He eased her onto her back and took hold of his cock. Closing his eyes, he slid into Hoshi. She wrapped her legs around his hips as he moaned in her ear. Digging her fingers into the pillows, she gasped at how good he felt inside her.

"Get on top of me," he urged. They carefully rolled each other into the new position, which gave his restless hands access to her breasts and clit and ass. It was as if he knew every bit of her body and loved her already. Glancing behind her, she noticed a shadow at the curtain.


Hoshi screamed incoherently as her orgasm overcame her. Moments later, a shattered look crossed her new lover's face and he gasped her name again. She collapsed against him, their hearts pounding. He tenderly wiped the sweat from her forehead. The shadow had vanished.

"Did I repay Gelir's debt?" she asked, slyly pinching Bara's wrinkled nose.

He sat up and playfully removed her stockings. "Oh, I think it was a good start."

"What?" she asked, pretending to be indignant. "A good start?"

He grinned. "Give me a bath and I'll make up my mind."

Hoshi grabbed her blue robe and opened the curtain. Bara wrapped the sheet around his waist and smiled at her. She felt a spark of love flowing out of him as they walked to the entrance. It confused her. She thought she might have dreamed about love a few times, but didn't know anything about it. They came to a halt before the closed iron door.

"Where are you going?" Tucker asked in a tight voice. Rising from his chair, he gave Bara an angry look.

"The bathhouse, sir," Hoshi said, bowing.

Tucker studied her, his face unreadable. "Report to my quarters tonight," he said gruffly.

"You should have joined us," Bara said, giving him an exhausted smile.

Dropping his gloves on the chair, Tucker walked over to the entrance and yanked open the door. "I believe our business here is done. Meet me tomorrow at 0800 on God's Hammer."

"Are we starting the assault, then?" Bara asked in a surprised voice. "That's way ahead of the timetable you gave me and my men."

"Trust me, Bara," Tucker said. "As a friend of mine used to say, I'm a bloody fuckin' genius when it comes to my job. Now have your bath and get the hell out of our palace."

Bara squeezed Hoshi's shoulder as they walked through the door. "You're in luck, my dear. From the shouts and screams I've heard, our friend Mister Tucker is a bloody fucking genius in bed, too."

Tucker slammed the door shut.

Puzzled by Tucker's behavior, Hoshi let Bara take her hand and guide her to the bathhouse across the courtyard. She collected the sponges and towels they'd need and guided him to the showers so they could wash off before they soaked in the hot pool.

"Won't your necklace get wet?"

"It's a collar," Hoshi said absently, disrobing. "Tucker told us it's okay. Not much will hurt it beyond a cannon to the head."

"Fuck." Bara slammed his fist into the pale tiles.

"What's it to you?" she asked, turning on the water and handing him the soap. "It's warm, get in."

He took the sponge and sighed. "Maybe I like you so much that I want to take you home with me," his said, his accent shifting so that he no longer sounded like Tucker.

Hoshi laughed nervously. "This is my home. I'm a concubine of the palace. I don't know any other life."

He raised his eyebrow. "Damn it, Phlox was afraid of this. You don't remember a thing, do you?"

Closing her eyes, she touched the cold metal of the collar. "I know I used to have another life."

Images of another shower, this man laughing, and Tucker rolling his eyes whirled in her brain. The three of them wouldn't fit in the shower in Trip's cabin, and she scrambled with Malcolm into the water first, leaving an exasperated Trip on the tile by himself. The shock of the cold water made Malcolm howl...

She opened her eyes. His hair was the wrong color and something was different about his nose. "Your real name is Malcolm."

"Yes," he said, squeezing her hand. "Hoshi love, I've been trying to recover you and Trip for over a month."

She backed away from him. "What are you talking about?"

Bara--Malcolm--took a deep breath. "Gelir is a Torman rebel who kidnapped you and Trip Tucker, our partner. With those collars, he's brainwashed you into thinking you're Tormans fighting for the rebellion."

"I am a Torman," she protested, drawing away from him.

Malcolm winced. "You're as Torman as I am Vulcan. Listen to me, Hoshi. Trip has built the weapons system on a very complex warship. We've got to stop him before it launches tomorrow. Do you think you can help me? Innocent lives are going to be lost if you don't. If I must, I'm to order our ship to open fire on God's Hammer. Do you want Trip to die?"

Shaking her head, Hoshi backed toward the door. "No--no." Her collar grew warm to her skin and her hands started to shake. "Please, leave me alone."

Malcolm buried his face in his hands. "Damn it. This was a completely mad idea. How the hell could I rescue you without any weapons from a man who knows my mind as well as he knows our bodies? I haven't even been able to disable the security grid long enough to beam us out of this bloody palace."

The door swung open. Tucker leaned against the frame with a hard look on his face. Hoshi ran to him and he wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Your time is up, stranger."

As the water splashed over Malcolm, it highlighted how defenseless he was in this situation. He gave Hoshi a regretful look. "I hope to see you again soon."

"I don't think so," Tucker said in an icy voice. "After we're done with tomorrow's mission you can go back to wherever the hell you came from. Come on, Hoshi."

Naked, Hoshi obediently followed the Torman weapons master back across the courtyard. Looking back, she saw Malcolm staring at her with a frown. Malcolm loved her, she could feel it. Tucker wanted her. As she walked with Tucker, the fading sunlight reminded her of waking in Malcolm's arms and making love with him while Tucker cradled her, somewhere in one of the palace guestrooms. Hoshi didn't know who she was anymore, only that she had loved them both once. Missing the warmth and love she knew that both men had given her in that other dream life, she shivered.

Tucker took off his jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders. After a moment's hesitation, he took her hand and led her deep into the palace to his own quarters. They frantically stripped him of his clothes. She kissed his cock and rubbed it against her lips. Yes, she knew him. He pulled her into his arms and they kissed until the hard, cool metal of his collar bit her flesh. She inched away from him and reclined on the pillows, licking her lips.

Tucker caught his breath and knelt before her, kissing her again. He sucked on her nipple for a moment and trailed kisses down to her ankle. At a signal from him, she scooted down to the edge of the bed. He bit his lip for a moment and went to the dresser while she put a thick pillow under her hips. To Hoshi's amusement, he had his own jar of honey gel. He put a small amount of it in Hoshi's hand and let her rub his shaft with it.

"Oh, yes," he whispered. "Mmm, you know how to touch me."

Tucker opened his eyes and spread Hoshi's legs apart so that her ankles rested on his shoulders. Taking hold of his cock, he eased into her as she gasped. He grinned and pumped into her, gripping her thighs as she moaned. She squeezed her breasts and tightened her pussy around his shaft, loving the way he filled her.

Sweat trickled down Tucker's face as he gasped. Her shaking fingers sought out her clit and his grin widened.

"Oh, you're so wet," he said, "and I'm so close."

She spread her labia and squeezed his shaft before sliding her fingers against her clit.

"Yes!" he hissed. "Come with me."

Her thoughts fled back to Malcolm and a memory of a time when he'd said the same thing to both of them. Gasping, she came as Tucker shouted incoherently.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered as they moved under the heavy black sheets.

She settled onto his shoulder, feeling safe for the first time in weeks. Only the cold touch of their collars and the soft candlelight kept her awake.

"Tell me about God's Hammer," she said in a husky voice.

He stared into her eyes, clearly fighting himself. After a moment Tucker buried his fingers in her hair. In the hours before dawn, he told Hoshi everything...

To be continued in God's Hammer

~the end~

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