Happy Birthday Danny
Danny entered Miss Appleby's classroom smiling happily and
full of excitement.  Today was his 12th birthday and he knew she
would make him student of the day.  He'd be allowed to stay in at
recess and help her.  She'd depend on him to run errands for her.
He'd get to stand next to her all day.  Last night he had dreamed
about her light summery fragrance and the touch of her soft skin.
Today it would be real.

Danny sat down at his desk, put his books away, folded his
hands neatly in front of him.  Miss Appleby had not yet come in.
When she did, she would see Danny sitting still and smiling

     A moment later, a tall woman strode into the room perfectly
balanced on slender ivory heels that were four inches high.
Danny slowly drew his gaze up the woman's long, shapely legs.  He
looked at the way her sheer ivory stockings hugged her pale flesh
all the way up to the middle of her thighs, where the hem of her
short, mint green skirt lay softly on her skin.  He could see the
contours of her thighs through the snug skirt and continued
looking up to the bottom of the closely-fitted matching jacket
that buttoned snugly at her small waist.  He stared in amazement
at the flair of her well-rounded hips before moving his eyes up
to her breasts standing straight and proud as they strained
against her jacket.  His mouth opened slightly before he drew his
gaze up to her slender, creamy neck, past her peachy lips, to her
teal eyes only to discover she was staring right back at him. 

     "What's the matter, little boy, never seen a teacher
before?" she asked.

     Danny blinked, gulped and blushed.  Her eyes flashed at him,
whether in anger or in merriment, he couldn't tell.  He dared a
quick glance at her hair before turning away.  A pile of thick,
deep auburn worn on top of her head like a crown.

     "I asked you a question."

     Danny turned his attention back to the woman.
     "Where's Miss Appleby?" Danny demanded to know.

     "The way it works is, I ask you a question and you answer
it.  You don't inquire of me."

      "She's the one who's supposed to be here,"  Danny brazened,
disappointed that his beloved teacher would not be there to
celebrate his birthday with him.

     "Are you a troublemaker?"

     Danny stared at her.

     "I think you're a troublemaker," the teacher said, nodding
her head.  "I deal with troublemakers in a way that causes them
to stop making trouble." 

     She picked up a long wooden pointer with a sharp rubber tip.

     "You," she said aiming the pointer at Danny,  "come up here.
Now," she demanded.

     Danny, less brave now, slid out of his chair and stood up.
He slowly approached the teacher's desk never taking his eyes off
the menacing pointer. 

     "Are you a troublemaker at home?" the teacher asked,
touching the rubber tip of the pointer to Danny's chest.

     "No." Danny shook his head as he answered.

     "No?" the woman asked, surprised at the response.  "Are you
telling me that you are always perfectly well behaved?  You never
do a single naughty thing?" she asked, poking him lightly with
the pointer.

     "Yes," Danny answered, looking at the black rubber tip
touching his chest.

     "Yes, you don't or yes, you do?" the teacher asked, frowning
in confusion.

"I do," Danny reluctantly admitted.

     "Ah ha!  I thought so," the teacher said triumphantly,
smacking the pointer on the floor.  She turned to the students.
"He's a troublemaker, boys and girls." 

     The students stared nervously at the woman, still unaware of
who she was.

     "Do you deliberately cause trouble?" she asked, lightly
bouncing the tip of the pointer against the floor.

     "No," Danny responded quietly.

     "'No' again." So, you're always innocently naughty?" she
asked, not believing him.

     "Well, no, but I ..."

     "You what?" she interrupted.

     "I just, sometimes I..."

     "What?  Sometimes you what?" the teacher asked, tapping
Danny's leg with the pointer.

     The kids looked from the teacher to Danny and back again,
worried for Danny at the same time relieved it wasn't one of

     "Stuff just happens," Danny tried to explain, looking at the
pointer touching his pants.

     "Stuff?  'Stuff' happens?  It just happens," the teacher
asked in disbelief.    "You're sitting at your desk diligently
doing your homework and stuff just happens?  And suddenly you're
naughty?  And then what, do you run to your mother crying 'Mommy,
Mommy stuff just happened.  I've got naughty all over me?'" she
mimicked a young boy's voice.

     Now the students giggled.  Sides had been taken and, if the
pointer was not enough of an indicator, Danny knew he was in

     "No," Danny said, frustrated at this woman's lack of
understanding.  "It doesn't happen that way.  It just ... it just
..." Danny stammered and looked at his shoes while he searched
for words.

     "It just what?" the teacher asked again, demonstrating
endless patience.  "I doubt the answer is on your shoes," she
said, poking them with the pointer.  "Do you ever actually do
stuff?  Stuff that could be considered naughty?"

     "Yes," Danny finally conceded, pulling his foot back.

     "Yes!  You do!" the teacher exclaimed.  "I knew it!
Deliberately naughty.  In other words, you cause trouble.  Admit

     "Yes," Danny said quietly and hung his head in defeat.

     "Ooooh," a few of the students intoned mockingly.

"So, once again, how do your parents handle their little
troublemaker?"  Ms. Strictland sang the words, the pointer
keeping time against the tops of Danny's shoes.

     "I get punished," Danny evaded.

     "In what way?" the teacher asked as she lifted the hem of
Danny's pants with her pointer.

     "Scolded," Danny said truthfully.  At least, he thought,
that's part of it.

     "Scolded?" the woman looked in genuine surprise at her pupil
"Your parents scold you and that's the end of it?  Is that why
you're such a little troublemaker?"

     The students listened in rapt attention.

     "No," Danny responded, unsure of which question he was
answering.  "I mean, I do get scolded, but, you know..."

     "No, I don't know.  What do they do?" the teacher demanded
to know.

     "Spank me," Danny reluctantly admitted in a whisper.

     "Excuse me?  You want me to spank you?"

     Giggles erupted in the room.

     "No!"  Danny shouted.  "They spank me."

     "Oh, I see," the teacher exaggerated her understanding.
"Your parents spank you.  They spank you when you cause trouble,


     "Okay."  The woman paused while she thought and lightly
raked the pointer up Danny's trousered leg.  "Do they spank you
over these thick pants you're wearing?" she asked, reaching
around and touching Danny's bottom with her pointer.


     "No, huh?  They pull your pants down?"

     Danny nodded.

     "You mean your bottom is bare?" the teacher asked, feigning

     Danny blushed a deep red and nodded while the students burst
into peals of laughter.

     "Well, that's a daring thing to do.  But, I must admit, I'm
glad someone is trying to rid you of being a troublemaker."

     The teacher looked at Danny and aimed the pointer at the
corner near the blackboard. 

     "Stand over there, Little Mr. Troublemaker."

     Danny stood well away from the pointer and made his way
toward the corner.  A sudden whoosh made him tuck in his bottom,
walk a little faster, and turn around all at the same time.

The kids gasped at the sound before they laughed at Danny's

     Danny saw the teacher smiling, though not with affection.
The teacher raised the pointer again and brought it down in
another rapid whoosh, striking nothing but the air and fear into
Danny's heart.  The class laughed again and tears stung Danny's

     "Now, I believe we still have an unanswered question hanging
in the air.  Have you, or have you not, ever seen a teacher?" the
woman asked, lightly touching Danny's chest with the tip of the

     Danny nodded. 

     The woman raised her eyebrows.  "If I had asked you if your
brain rattles when you nod your head, that would have been the
perfect answer."
     The students tittered.  "I'm going to have to remember that
one," someone whispered.

     "Unless you want to feel this pointer across your bottom, I
suggest you say either 'yes' or 'no'. "

     "Yes," Danny murmured.

     "Excellent!" the woman enthused. "The boy has seen a

     The students erupted into a fit of giggles.  The teacher
turned her back to the class and wrote on the blackboard in a
large, neat script: "Ms. Strictland."  She turned to face the
class and used the pointer to touch her written name.

     "Are you able to read?" she asked, now looking at Danny.

     "Yes," he answered softly.

     "Read this," the woman demanded, tapping the blackboard just
under her name.

     "Ms. Strictland," Danny murmured again.

     The teacher opened her mouth in mock surprise.

     "You're getting good at this answering business.  What is
your name?"


     "Danny?" Ms. Strictland asked.  "Danny, Danny, Danny.  Now
why does that name sound familiar?"   She folded an arm across
her waist, and let the tip of the pointer touch the floor.  She
used her left index finger to touch her mouth.  She raised her
eyes to the ceiling while she thought.

     "Ah!  Danny!  You're the little troublemaker Ms. Appleby
warned me about."

     "No!  No, I'm not!" Danny protested.  "Ms. Appleby likes

     "I don't tolerate troublemakers in my class," Ms. Strictland
said, ignoring Danny's protestation.  "Not even when I'm going to
be in a classroom for only half a day.  Now you march your
troublemaking self over here and pull down your pants.  I'm going
to spank your bottom with this pointer until trouble is the last
thing on your mind."

     Danny burst into tears.  The students had stopped laughing.

"Come over here!  Right now!" Ms. Strictland demanded,
slashing the air with her pointer and bringing it to rest at her

     Danny slowly stepped over to the substitute teacher. 

     "Pull your pants down, Mr. Danny Troublemaker," she ordered.

     Sobbing, Danny unsnapped and unzipped his pants and pulled
them down to his knees.  Marcy looked away.

     Ms. Strictland perched on the edge of Miss Appleby's desk
and pulled Danny over her knees.  His brief-covered bottom arched
high and inviting.  She raised the pointer.  The entire class

     "How about an even dozen spanks?" she called out to no one
in particular.

     The door to the classroom burst open and Miss Appleby strode
in with a bright smile and a short, snug dress of periwinkle

     Danny wept.  "Miss Applebyyyy."

     "Oh, I think twelve and one to grow on would be more
appropriate, don't you?" she asked.  She strode over to Danny,
ruffled his hair and kissed his tear-stained cheek.  "Isn't that
the traditional birthday spanking, Danny?  One for each year and
an extra spank to grow on?"

     Both teachers laughed and Ms. Strictland pulled Danny off
her lap. 

     "Surprise!" Ms. Strictland said.  "I'll bet you didn't
expect to be presented with me on your birthday."

     Danny stood between his beloved Miss Appleby and the
despised substitute, with his pants still at his knees, and a
look of confusion on his face.
     "It's a joke, Danny," Miss Appleby explained.  "You were
expecting me to be here, but that would not have been a surprise.
Birthdays are supposed to be full of surprises.  So, I arranged
for my friend to give you a hard time and I was going to come in
to the room just before she spanked you.  Wasn't that funny?" she

     The students laughed, more in relief than with mirth.

     "No!" Danny blurted and frowned.  "That was mean!  You were
supposed to be here!" Danny cried.

     "Well, I'm here now and you're surprised.  And I'm just in
time to give you your birthday spanking."

     "No!" Danny angrily refused.  "You were supposed to be here.
You were supposed to let me help you, and do things with you, I
mean for you and, and make a fuss over me," Danny's tears started

     "Ohhh, my poor Dannyyyy," Miss Appleby lamented.  She held
open her arms.  "Come here my little Danny."

     Danny hesitated less than a second before rushing into the
comforting embrace of the teacher he loved.  He snuggled his head
against her firm breasts and wrapped his arms around her trim
waist.  Miss Appleby hugged her favorite student tightly and
rocked him.

     "Oh, brother," Jordan whispered in disgust and a touch of

     "Danny?" Miss Appleby softly asked.

     "Hmmm?" Danny responded.

     "Your pants are down around your knees and your underpants
are showing."

     The students howled.

Danny pulled away from Miss Appleby's arms and reached for
his pants, his face a deep red.

     "Not so fast," Miss Appleby admonished, tugging on Danny's
arm.  "That's just where they need to be while I give you your
birthday spanking."

     "No!" Danny protested.  "Not here.  Not now."  He imagined a
barely warm spanking over his teacher's bare thighs.  He had
dreamed of her soft hand lightly stroking his bare flesh.  He
thought of himself sitting in her lap while she gently covered
his face in soft kisses with her full lips.

     Miss Appleby smiled.  "Ms. Strictland, will you push that
chair over here?" she asked, pointing to her large oak teacher's
chair while she firmly held Danny with her other hand.

     "With pleasure, Miss Appleby," the substitute replied and
she pushed the chair over to her friend.

     Miss Appleby let go of Danny at the same moment that Ms.
Strictland took hold of him.  She sat down, her periwinkle blue
dress sliding up her bare thighs nearly to her panties.  She
placed her high-heeled sandaled feet firmly on the floor.  She
gestured to Danny.  Ms. Strictland gave him a little push and
Miss Appleby took his arm and turned him over her knees.

     "Now I believe that was 12 and one to grow on, right?"

     "Yes, Miss Appleby," the students chorused.

     "And a pinch to grow an inch," Marcy called out with a

     "And an extra one for always readin' a book," Jordan
suggested, "instead of playin' basketball with me."

     "Anyone else?" Miss Appleby called out a little too loudly
before she began the spanking.

"Yeah," Heather answered as she burst into the classroom.
"One really hard one for being my little brother."  The teenaged
torment of Danny's young life strode to the front of the
classroom swinging her newly developed hips in her short,
charcoal-pleated skirt.  She thrust out her perky breasts and let
them bounce freely in her snug, deeply scooped-neck, cherry red
cashmere sweater. The low heels of her charcoal leather shoes
clicked on the floor like taps.  She beamed a smile through her
full red lips.

     Kelly walked in behind her daughter carrying a tray of
cupcakes, holding it away from her to keep the icing from getting
on her body-hugging pale pink wrap-around dress.  One slight tug
on the small bow tied neatly at her waist and the dress would
have opened to reveal the pink satin bra and matching bikini
panties she wore.  Her sheer stockings exactly matched her skin
and her high heeled sandals exactly matched her dress. 
     "Kelly?" Miss Appleby asked.  "Any extra spanks for you?"

     "No, not for me," Kelly politely declined.  "I'm going to
wait until I get him home to  spank my baby's sweet little bare
bottom.  Again."  Kelly smiled lovingly at her son, her soft pink
lips slightly parted.

     Ha!  'Sweet bottom,' Jordan mocked in a falsetto and the
entire class burst out laughing.

     "And I'll spank your not-so-sweet bottom when we get home,
Jordan, even though it's not your birthday," Shania promised her

     Jordan jerked his head up.

     "Surprised to see me?" Shania asked sweetly, her hands full
of party hats. 

     Jordan nodded. 

     "Well, I'll have a few more surprises for you when we get
home," Shania said.  She placed a party hat on her son's head and
lightly snapped the rubber band under his chin. 

     Shania turned and walked to the front of the classroom,
Jordan watching her bottom wiggle inside her trim straight plum-
colored mini skirt.  He could see the lines of her French-cut
panties.  As she walked down the narrow aisle, he could see that
her legs were bare and that her feet wore matching plum sandals
with slender high heels and that her toes were polished in the
same shade.  One toe was adorned with a narrow silver ring.
Shania put the party hats on Miss Appleby's desk and turned to
face the classroom with a smug grin.  She crossed her arms over
her long-sleeved, plum silk blouse.

"Okay, then, here we go," Miss Appleby said when everyone
was in place.  "Everyone help me out by counting."

     "Wait, Miss Appleby," Marcy said.  "Pull his underpants down
first.  Spank his bare bottom."  Now that it was Miss Appleby
doing the spanking and not Ms. Strictland, and that it would be
done with a hand and not the pointer, Marcy was ready to join the

     "Good idea, Marcy.  I had forgotten all about that."  Miss
Appleby made a show of using both hands to pick up the waistband
of Danny's white briefs and pulling them slowing down past his
bottom and then sliding them down his thighs to his knees, while
all the students giggled.

     Danny burst into tears at Marcy's betrayal and the
humiliation that his bare bottom cheeks were being displayed to
his classmates.

     "Oh, that's much better!" Miss Appleby enthused.  She patted
Danny's chubby bottom.  "It's all round and perfectly white and
plump.  Just right for a good birthday spanking." 

     The students agreed and laughed again, each one glad it was
Danny and not them who was getting spanked.

     Miss Appleby raised her hand and clapped it down on one
clenched bottom cheek.


     One! The students chorused.

     SMACK!  A sharp clap on Danny's other cheek.

     Two! The students yelled.

     Kelly smiled and winked at Ms. Strictland.  She placed the
tray of cupcakes on the teacher's desk just as Miss Appleby
spanked again.

     Three! The students called out.

     Kelly turned around and lightly spanked one quivering pudgy

Danny began to kick and wail.

     Four! The class managed to shout through their giggles.

     Miss Appleby struck the other cheek sharply.


     Miss Appleby glanced up at Ms. Strictland who, acknowledging
the cue, leaned over and heartily smacked both pink cheeks at


     "Me! Me!" Heather called out. 

      Miss Appleby spanked Danny's bottom again.


     Heather, not waiting for tacit permission, soundly spanked
each cheek in succession.

     Eight!  Nine!

     "Heather, that's enough!" Kelly scolded, pulling her
daughter back.

     "One more!" Heather begged.

     Miss Appleby smacked a red cheek.


     "No," Kelly said firmly.
     "Please?  Mommy?" Heather flirted.

     "No.  If you ask me again, it will be your bare bottom
getting spanked in front of the class. How would you like that?"

     Kelly punctuated her question by reaching over and spanking
one of Danny's warm cheeks with a stinging smack.


     Heather pouted.

     Miss Appleby spanked the middle of Danny's bottom.

     Twelve! The class shouted, fully expecting more.

     Miss Appleby obliged with another sharp spank.

     "hirteen!" was shouted by some of the students, just as
others called out "one to grow on."

     Miss Appleby struck Danny's bottom again.  "And one for
always reading instead of playing with Jordan."

     SMACK!  "One for being Heather's little brother."

     "Yeah!" Heather cheered.

     SMACK!  "One for having a birthday on a school day."

     "Booo!" one of the boys called out.

     Shania reached out, uninvited, and spanked one pudgy red

     SMACK!  "One for having such a cute and perfectly spankable
little bottom," she said.

     "Mom!" Jordan shouted, giving the word three syllables,
while the rest of the class laughed.

     "Okay, Honey, that's enough," Kelly said firmly to her son's
teacher, while, shooting an angry glance at Shania.  "That sweet
little bottom belongs to me.  If anyone is going to continue
spanking him, I am." Kelly's blue eyes flashed, hinting at a
spark of green.

     Honey Appleby, her arm poised for another smack, looked at
Kelly with real surprise.

      "But, as I said, I think he's had enough," Kelly murmured
before smiling.  "Let him up, Honey."

     "Okay, Danny, Mommy says you're done," Miss Appleby informed
her weeping student.  She helped him off her lap.

     Danny stood up, his shirt falling to the tops of his thighs.
Still crying, he turned to Kelly, who wrapped him in her arms and
hugged him firmly.  She lightly patted his shirt-covered bottom.

     "Wasn't that a fun birthday spanking, Sweetie?"  Kelly asked
to the delight of the class.

     Danny shook his head.

     Kelly lifted Danny's chin and looked at him with a warm
smile.  She kissed his forehead. Danny smiled back at her,
looking deeply into her eyes, reading her mind, knowing her
thoughts were all about her love for him.  He could see that she
was going to speak.  He waited anxiously for her tender words.

     "I guess we'd better pull your pants up," Kelly said.

     The class burst into laughter, joined by Miss Appleby, Ms.
Strictland, Shania and Heather.  Danny blushed but could not help
smiling when Kelly did.  She leaned over and pulled up his briefs
and pants.

     "Happy birthday, Danny!" the class shouted in unison and
then they sang the tribute to him.

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