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The links on this page are only to anarchist groups and movements. You can find lots more interesting stuff on the Anarchist Reading page. 


Workers Solidarity Movement This is a "Platformist" anarchist organisation, based in Ireland. Excellent site (part of the wonderful Struggle site), with tons of good reading.
Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici Italian Platformist group with links to its journal and some basic literature.
nefac.gif (10614 byte) Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists An organization which identifies with the communist tradition within anarchism. Based in USA and Canada.

Alternative libertaire French organisation which describes itself as "rooted in the libertarian workers movement". Great site, mainly in French. You can read their monthly paper online.

Libertäre Koordination FAUCH-OSL/BE

Organisation socialiste libertaire

Swiss group close to Platformist positions. Two separate sites, one in German, one in French.

Red Libertaria Apoyo Mutuo RLAM, an anarchist network based in Spain, is made up of affinity groups and is a member of the SIL. Huge site, updated daily, mainly in Castillian. ZABALAZA ANARCHIST COMMUNIST FEDERATION New South African platformist federation (including the Bikisha Media Collective and Zabalaza Books). Wonderful site with TONS of reading and downloadables. Organizace revolučních anarchistů - Solidarita Platformist group organized in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Recently split. The link is to the old pre-split site.


Juventudes Libertarias de Bolivia Bolivian anarcho-communists. Small site with good pictures. In Castillian.

Organisation Communiste Libertaire French Platformists (Libertarian Communists). A large site with plenty to read, in French.

Federação Anarquista Gaúcha Platformist group from Brazil founded in 1995. Site includes an interesting collection of Portuguese and Spanish anarchist songs. AUCA - Socialismo Libertario Argentinian group which has been around for 5 years. They produce a paper, Ofensiva Libertaria, which is available on the site together with other material.   International Libertarian Solidarity (ILS/SIL) An new international solidarity network of anarchist communists and syndicalists, aiming to promote co-operation and assistance between groups from the "north" and "south" of the world. Anarchist Federation British & Irish anarchist communist group. A nice site with plenty to read and links to other local AF sites in England, Scotland/Alba and Ireland. Industrial Workers of the World The IWW (or Wobblies, as they are known) is an anarcho-syndicalist union which is organised in different countries. You can find links to various international branches here. International of Anarchist Federations Site of the umbrella group which provides links to the various member national federations. International Workers Association (AIT) The IWA is a federation of anarcho-syndicalist unions. The site provides links to their national branches, like the Spanish CNT and Britain's Solidarity Federation. Confederacion General del Trabajo General Labour Confederation. Spanish anarcho-syndicalist union. Castillian-only site.      

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