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Sin City

By: Scarlet Fever


I cannot believe I’m doing this…. I muttered within my mind as I stood outside ‘Sin City’, a dark fronted club in Deling City.  And, from what I’d heard, what went on was just as dark as the seeming black bricks of the bar’s foundation.  And, I was totally chickening out.  Well, it’s not like anything like slavery or child abuse was going on, but it wasn’t like it was a senior’s Square Dance competition.  Sin City had a reputation, and that’s why I was there, hovering on the sidewalk, blowing up into my bangs, trying to convince myself to go in.

I’d already had a war with myself in the evening about going.  I’d always wanted to visit the notorious bar, and had always made some sort of excuse as to why I shouldn’t go in.  It was in a bad neighbourhood, my feet hurt, that Quistis would call from Balamb Garden.  All truly ‘viable’ reasons, but not ones that should have hindered my pleasure.  The only things that should have hindered my pleasure were my own insecurities.

Well, I guess I should explain how I got to the point of standing like a fucking moron outside a Bondage bar in Deling City.  I mean, I wasn’t supposed to be here.  Squall Leonhart wasn’t supposed to be a Leather Slut.  Squall Leonhart wasn’t supposed to be wandering around the darker areas of the capital of Galbadia.  Squall Leonhart, the illustrious SeeD, and the son of the most powerful man in world, Laguna Loire, President Of Esthar, and the biggest goof on the planet, wasn’t supposed to be… gay.

Well, maybe that’s what I should explain first.  I mean, I’ve always been the sort of man who would shy away from doing things simply for my own enjoyment.  I was in the army because I had nowhere else to go.  I became a SeeD because it was the ‘right’ thing to do.  Well, I am glad that I did become one, because it came in handy when Ultimecia attacked us.  I took Rinoa Heartilly as my girlfriend because it was also the right thing to do.  I did the best job of convincing myself that I loved her.  But, I didn’t do a very good job of convincing anyone else, let alone Rinoa.  Maybe the turning point in her dawning had been the fact that I got it hard once while fucking her, and it was only because I was thinking about how much those stringy thingies on the ends of her skirt looked like a garter belt.

Well, that didn’t mean I was gay, right?  Maybe it just meant that I was into bondage.  Which is partly true.  And, not wholly surprising.  I mean, look at the way I dress.  I wear black leather for a reason.  I wear so many belts for a reason.  Sure, I thought that Quistis with her whip was incredibly sexy, but I still couldn’t get it hard then.  No, the day I realized I was gay was when I saw Seifer Almasy wearing a Police Officer’s uniform.  He’d been walking down the streets of Balamb, and those handcuffs attached to his belt, that billy club, the way that blue shirt clung to all his muscles.  I realized that I wanted Seifer at that moment, and be damned if he was my former rival.

Well, after that little epiphany, I went back to the Garden, got dumped by Rinoa, and went back into my shell.  Well, I should have gotten over it and moved on, and fucked many a uniformed man, but you forget that I’m a total introvert, and I have stunted social skills.  I’m 23 now.  It’s been five years since I first took Rinoa as my girlfriend.  It’s been almost three since I saw Seifer that day in Balamb.  I wonder what happened to him.  In fact, I wonder what happened to most of the people I hung out with when I was seventeen.  My first real friends.  The Orphanage gang.

I still saw Quistis all the time.  She ran the Garden.  I just didn’t give a shit anymore. Before, I would have cared so much, pretending that I didn’t, but now…. Oh, well.  Whatever, as it were.  At least I’ve grown a sense of humor in my priest like state.  Selphie went back to Trabia.  I think she got pregnant, because she retired from the army.  Not sure if the kid’s Irvine’s or not.  I’m sure Irvine has many an illegitimate child in the world.  But, fuck, he’s a nice guy.  You know he’s a really great guy when everyone can overlook his obviously slutty behavior, which would be so gross in anyone but him.  I think Rinoa went back to Timber.  I sort of lost contact with her after we broke up.  I think she wants it that way.  It’s more than alright with me.  I mean, I don’t wish any ill will against her, but it’s just easier this way.

I also don’t see as much of Zell as I used to.  He got transferred to the Galbadian Army, and I don’t really know what he’s doing.  Quistis said something about him moving his way up the ranks.  Good for him.  I’m happy for Zell.  I wonder what happened to Seifer.  Five years since he was at Garden, five years since I used to fight with him all the time, five years since he’d scarred me.  Three years since he began my new lifestyle.  Well, it’s not like it’s any different than my old lifestyle.  I’ve only had sex once since I broke up with Rinoa.  And, it wasn’t really fulfilling.  Just a quickie one night stand that wasn’t very good.  I don’t even remember the guy’s name.  How pathetic.

But, that’s why I’m standing outside Sin City.  I don’t want to be pathetic anymore.  I was pathetic my entire childhood, so repressed and lonely.  And, now, I was repressed and scared.  I’d never actually gone in a Fetish bar before, and was a little nervous.  I mean, actually being whipped and such hurts a lot more than just fantasizing about it while you jerk off over a gay Leather magazine.


I turn when I hear someone calling me.  It’s a woman smiling at me.  She’s wearing a vinyl waist cincher that makes her look like she’s got a ten inch waist.  She’s got a tattooed arm around another woman, who is in a nurse’s uniform.

“Nice outfit,” the nurse comments, her blue hair glinting in the moonlight.  “For a minute, we thought you were a woman…” She giggled, and buried her face in her girlfriend’s neck, hiding a blush.  Without them saying anything, I’d known they’d been scoping me for a threesome.  “Where did you get those pants?”

I look down at the leather bondage pants I’m wearing.  If you look closely, they’re actually a snakeskin type pattern, and they have chains that criss-cross against the backs of my thighs, and zippers on the thighs.  I also have leg belts around my calves, and my usual tri belts winding through the waistband.  I smile distantly.  “Esthar.” I’d found them on a trip to see Laguna.

They waved at me and went on their merry way.  Okay, fuck this, I’m going in.  I’m being bombarded by a sense of courage, and I walk into the bar, paying the cover charge instantly.  I will not lose my cool now.  I’m Squall Leonhart, a SeeD.  A top ranking SeeD.  I would not get scared by some bull dykes or faggots in leather. 

When I stepped into the bar, I was astounded.  I could feel a boner starting already.  The stuff with the female dominatrix whipping her slave girls and boys wasn’t really doing anything for me.  I mean, those Amazon women on their platforms in their bondage gear, surrounded by worshippers in flimsy clothing, just begging to be whipped, was quite a site, but I was looking for something more hands on, and definitely more male.  I didn’t want some big orgy type thing.  I wasn’t brave enough for that yet.  I just needed to find one or two men, and it would be time to experiment.

When I saw the bar, I decided that I would want a little bit of a buzz.  I ordered a Bloody Mary, and turned my back to the bar, surveying the room.  There was almost too much to look at.  I couldn’t even register it all.  I could see people practically molesting each other on the dance floor, as well as couples and trios disappearing into shadows to do God knows what.  My imagination conjured up pleasant images for me, the same sort that I would use on myself when masturbating.  I found myself mildly engrossed in a young man being tied up by two guys in buttless leather chaps.  I couldn’t believe I was actually here, in Sin City, the bar that had come up so frequently in my jerk off fetish magazines.

Another good thing about Sin City was it was in Deling City, far away from Balamb Garden, and my duties as a SeeD, and far away from Esthar, and my duties to my father.  I was supposed to take over Esthar in the case of Laguna’s death.  But, Laguna was a healthy man, so that was something I’d have to deal with in the distant future.  Hopefully.

My attention is immediately caught when all the lights go out.  There is a single, bright white spotlight that shines in the dark, the only light in the room.  It’s trained on a man, who is tied up on a stake, much like a witch or something.  He’s totally nude.  And, my growing erection is glad for it.  Man, I’m glad nobody I know can see me now, because I would have to die of mortification.  I can’t see the man’s face, because he’s got a black hood over his head.  All I know is that my cock loves him.  He was perfect.  I didn’t know how old he was, because he had a smallish body, but I knew he must have been over 21 to be here.  I hoped that to be true.  I also knew it because his body was definitely that of a man.  His muscles were nicely developed, and he had a really nice endowment.

I bit my lip and watched as another man came out, dressed as a priest, with a long, flowing cloak on, the white square of his collar shining against the blackness of his outfit.  He was also very attractive, with dark hair and nice brown eyes.  But, I wasn’t really watching his face.  I was watching the belt he had in his hand.  The words he was speaking just went in one ear and out the other.  It was all just white noise, a rush in my ears.  He was saying something about this beautiful man, whose face I couldn’t even see, being tied as a witch.  I jerked, taking in my breath sharply when the belt came down on the outer side of the man’s thigh.  I saw him flinch, but I also saw that it left no welt.  I narrowed my eyes in the dark, and saw that it wasn’t a leather belt.  It was velvet.  I noticed that my heart was racing.  The fact that it was velvet put me a little more at ease.  They weren’t really going to hurt him.  The jerking flinching reaction I’d experienced turned into a desperate biting of my lip when the belt came down over his shoulders.  The hooded head lolled back and forth, and I faintly heard a moan come out from underneath the black fabric.  At least I wasn’t the only one enjoying it.  I bit into my lip harder when I saw that erection beginning to grow between his thighs.  I had to put my drink down on the bar because a tremor moved through my body.  As the belt came down again and again, I could feel beads of sweat gathering on my forehead and the back of my neck.  I was just watching that cock getting harder and harder, and found mine echoing the motion.  Getting harder and harder, swaying every time he moved.  The priest was whipping him pretty thoroughly, and I couldn’t hold back the small moan that escaped my throat when I watched the hooded man come.  To me, it sounded so loud, but nobody else probably heard it.

When he came, it shot out of the head of his cock, glittering pearly, incandescent white under the bright spotlight.  It splattered onto the rigid muscles of his body, which were highly defined from the sheen of sweat on them, and it splattered onto the stage, and on his lean thighs.  And, Oh God, I wanted to run up to the stage and lick every milky drop off the planes of his muscles.  I wanted that priest to whip me just the way he’d whipped the hooded man.

I felt like I was going to cream my pants right there.  Maybe it was a good idea after all that I’d gone to Sin City.  I saw the priest untie the other man, stroking his reddened flesh, as if comforting him.  The smaller man’s body collapsed to the stage, and I saw him run his hands over the fabric of the hood, pulling it off his head.  The priest clapped, and bowed to the audience, all smiles, teasing and inviting, showing that it was all just a game.  I then saw a third man come up on the stage.  From his body language, I could tell that he was more than familiar with the kneeling hooded man.  I watched as the priest exited the radius of the spotlight, and only the whipped man and his companion were left on stage.  The lights began to come back on, and the music played again.  Well, the lights weren’t really on.  It was still kind of dark.

I looked back to the stage, and almost jumped out of my skin.  The man that had come out of the crowd, was helping the other man to his feet, and they were hugging, both of them smiling and laughing.  The one from the crowd was blocking the other man from sight.  From behind, I wanted him already.  He was wearing a sleeveless black vinyl coat, that reminded me of Rinoa’s pale blue duster, but much sexier.  He also had short golden hair, and moved with a familiarity that unnerved me.  I gasped aloud when the taller one passed the shorter man a pair of shining red vinyl pants.  Now, that man was familiar.  It was Zell, and the man passing him his pants was Seifer.

What?  Seifer and Zell?  At Sin City? Together?  Together?!  Kissing and hugging?  The erection that had been a tented lump between my thighs dwindled, and the only thought I could hear running through my mind was Leave.  You must leave now.  Must leave now.  I pushed past a couple of people, and began to make my way to the door.  This was humiliating.  I’d finally worked up the courage to come here, and it all left me as soon as I saw Seifer and Zell.  And, saw Seifer and Zell kissing.  And, got hard by watching Zell get whipped, by watching him ejaculate.  Oh, dear God.  I sort of felt dirty, but at the same time, I could still feel arousal nagging at me.  Upon that thought, I bolted for the door.

“Going so soon?”

I gasped when I heard that darkly familiar voice crooning next to me.

“You’re pretty jumpy, Squall.  Most people who come in here aren’t so jumpy…”

I turned around, staring straight into Seifer’s aquatic blue eyes, which were teasingly glinting with mischief.

“You saw the show, didn’t you?” Zell asked as he pulled on a tight shirt that was supposed to be white, but the fabric was so see-through that I could see his nipples anyway.  And, he could have been wearing a fucking bulletproof vest, and I still would be picturing him naked.

“Well, guessing by that blush, he did see the show,” Seifer pointed out.  “Why are you in such a rush to leave?”

“You don’t seem all that surprised to see me,” I muttered, my voice finally coming back to me.

“We saw you before the show started.  Can’t say I’m surprised to see you here,” Seifer crossed his arms over his chest.  That sleeveless trenchcoat was barely buttoned, and he wasn’t wearing a shirt under it.  I couldn’t help but stare at his chest.  It was far better than having to meet his eyes.  “Did you like what you saw?”

“Seifer…” Zell trailed off, in a tone that was very familiar, the kind that comfortable lovers used with each other.

“Are you guys lovers?” I blurted out.

I continued to stare at Seifer’s chest, but saw the neck movement showing that he was looking over at Zell.  “Yes….. Why?”

“But…” I finally looked up, meeting Seifer’s playful gaze.  “I thought you two hated each other… I thought… Well, I guess it doesn’t matter what I thought.”

Zell smiled.  “What  can I say.. Arguing is a big turn on…..”

“How long…?” I began to ask.

“Since before we all went on that SeeD exam.  I think we were like, fifteen….”

I balked.  “What?!”

Seifer just blinked.  “We’ve never seen you here before… Why’s that?”

“Tonight was my first time here….”

Zell cocked his head, and I couldn’t help but stare at his crotch, encased in the red vinyl of his pants.  “Are you here because you’re a Leather Slut?  Do you like bondage?”  Zell suddenly laughed.  “I guess the answer to my question about your sexuality has been answered by the way you keep staring at Seifer’s chest and my crotch.”

I reared my head up.  “I was just leaving….”

“Why, you just got here….?” Seifer smirked at me.  “Got a little squeamish, princess?”

“Don’t call me that!” I snapped.  I suddenly became quiet.  “I was curious…”

“Kind of a strange bar to be ‘curious’ about…” Zell pointed out, taking a small step towards me.  “You’re curious about a lot of things, I bet….” He winked at me, which caused me to flush a deep crimson.

“So, this is where you guys disappeared to…” I muttered, desperately wanting to change the subject.

“Ah, ah…” Seifer poked me in the chest.  “You just can’t change the topic that easily.  Look, we know that you and Rinoa broke up a long time ago, and I also know you, Squall.  I know that you’ve probably never gotten laid since then….” Seifer laughed at me.

“I did so!” I exclaimed.  Suddenly, my voice became a whisper.  “Once.”

“Once?” Zell asked, like it was the most unbelievable thing in the world.  “Once?  But… Look at you….”

I blushed further, trying to remove my gaze from them.  I concentrated on staring at the floor.

“You came to get laid, didn’t you?” Seifer whispered, leaning in so he was a little too close for comfort.

“I…I have to go….” I turned to leave, but a hand wrapped around my bicep.

“You can fuck us if you want…” Zell murmured.  “I mean, you know us, right?”

I blinked, my eyes totally wide.  “Wha…what?!”

“We’re all friends here…” Seifer trailed off, giving me that damn impish look again.  It was such a turn on, and so were the vinyl and leather clothes they were wearing.

“But, we’ve lost touch…” I trailed off.  I was really grasping at straws now.

Zell shook his head.  “Leave him alone, Seifer.  Look, Squall…. If you just want to have a few drinks with us, we were going to go back to our place anyway…. Nothing has to happen except for old friends catching up….” He smiled at me, and it put me at ease.

Seifer nodded in agreement.  “We were just teasing you…. Well, I was just teasing you.”

I crossed my arms and frowned.  “You just love doing that, don’t you?”



It was three hours later.  I was at Seifer and Zell’s apartment.  It overlooked the gateway, and was very nice.  I knew that Zell couldn’t have afforded it on his military salary alone, so I wondered what Seifer did to get money.  And, if that little show at Sin City was a prelude to some other way they made money.

“So, what’s it like not to be with Rinoa anymore?” Seifer asked.  “I see she fell for yet another gay man….”

I shrugged, on my fifth Bloody Mary.  “Well, it’s been a long time since Rinoa and I were a couple.  But, I’m the way I was before her, so nothing’s really changed.” I looked around the apartment.  “Seifer, what do you do? I mean, you aren’t in the military or anything….”

Seifer smirked at me.  “You think I’m some sort of bondage whore, don’t you?”

I flushed.  “I… I wasn’t…I mean…”

Zell laughed.  “Seifer’s in law school.”

“How can you afford this place?” I asked, gawking at the view of Deling City they had from their balcony.  I opened the sliding doors and stepped out into the cool night air.

“I’m independently wealthy…” Seifer trailed off, coming outside with Zell to join me.  “I invested in the right ways, and now have a lot of money.”

“Wow…” I trailed off.  “You guys seem so…In such a different place than I am right now….” I stretched my arms out to my sides.  “I mean, you guys know where you’re going, what you want… I just kind of go along with everything, like I always have.  I still feel like I’m that seventeen year old kid that led us to fight against Ultimecia.”  I closed my eyes, and titled my face to the breeze.  “I mean, I can’t even work up the social skills to ask a man to fuck me.  It’s not like I’d have to talk a lot…” I cracked a smile.  “What’s it like?”

“What’s what like?” Zell asked.

“Your… sexual lifestyle…” I sighed, still keeping my eyes closed, still having my arms stretched out at my sides.  “What’s it like being into S&M?”

“Well, you should know…” Seifer purred.  I shivered because his voice was very close to my ear.  “I mean, you were in Sin City for a reason, Squall.  You like it as much as we do.  You’re just shy about it.  Like a virgin, almost.”

“I just can’t present myself to strangers, especially over something so personal….”

“I’m not talking about with other people.  I’m talking about within yourself.”

“Seifer’s right…” Zell mused.  I could feel his body standing next to me now.  I decided not to move, not to open my eyes.  “You’re shy with yourself.  You can’t even admit to yourself what you like, so you’re never going to be able to present yourself to others to derive pleasure.  Jerking off in secret to some fetish magazines isn’t being honest with yourself.  Own it, Squall….”

“But…” I trailed off, but my words stopped when I felt hands on my waist.  Seifer’s hands, resting around my waist.  I then felt Zell’s hands move over the backs of my shoulders and onto the nape of my neck.  I slowly took in my breath as their hands moved all over my back and waist.  I felt fingers move into my hair, and it felt so fucking good.  It was like a gentle massage, so tender, and yet, I could feel the underlying harshness of nails raking over my scalp.  It wasn’t hard, and it didn’t hurt, but it had the potential to hurt.  I parted my lips, letting my breath out slowly, and I felt breath that wasn’t my own wash over my mouth.  It was very warm.  Even though my lips weren’t touching any surface, I could feel Seifer’s mouth on mine.  And, Zell’s hands moved over my back, slow circles, a gentle yet hard massage.

When I felt Seifer’s mouth on mine, and felt Zell’s hands now tracing my groin muscles, I pulled away, trying to disentangle myself from their grips.  I stumbled, and my back hit the railing.

“What?” Zell asked, thorough confusion in his voice.  “Why are you pulling away?”

I panted, just looking at them from under my bangs, which had fallen in my eyes.  They were both just looking at me, standing close together.  They wanted me in a threesome?  What sort of threesome?  “But…. I mean, I know you guys…. You guys are a couple…”

“And?” Seifer asked blandly.  “We’ll be a couple long after you’ve gone back to Balamb, and that’s the whole point…” He crossed his arms over his chest.  “You went to Sin City for a reason.  You wanted to get laid.  You wanted to have some Leather Slut totally dominate you.  Why else would you have come?  I mean, you can sate curiosity with magazines.  You wanted something.  And, the fact that you know us, and that we know you make it better.  It’s more comfortable.”

Zell nodded.  “Look at what you saw at Sin City tonight.  I let another man whip me into orgasm.  Does Seifer seem angry and jealous?  No.”

“But…..” I trailed off.

“We’ve wanted you for a long time, Squall…. But, you were always so cold, and then you were with Rinoa….” Seifer smirked at me.  “I can’t think of all the times where we were fighting, and I just wanted to throw you down and ride your ass raw, where I wanted you to take those fucking belts of yours, tie me up, and totally make me your bitch…”

I totally blushed at Seifer’s brash words.  “Seifer!”

He shrugged.  “Why are you being such a prude….?  Don’t you think we’re hot?”

I stammered.  “Well, I….. Yes…..”

Zell chuckled.  “And, we both know you liked what you saw at Sin City…” He briefly looked down at his own body.  I looked as well, and my eyes became glued to his crotch again.  “And, you’re still picturing me naked.”

“Alright, so what if I am…. But, I mean….. Just say we did have a wild all night orgy or something…. What would happen after that?  I mean, I know I haven’t been in contact with either of you for a while, but I still consider you friends, and it would just make it weird.”

“Only if you let it…” Seifer pointed out.

He had me there.  I sighed, pressing my back into the railing.  I closed my eyes, and kneaded my temples with my fingertips.  My body was agreeing with everything that both Seifer and Zell were saying, and I wanted to curse the hot fire that was moving its way down my body, all heading towards my growing erection.  And, since my pants were rather form-fitting, I knew that both blondes probably knew that their coaxing was wearing me down.

I gasped when Seifer’s arms came around my waist, pulling me against his body.  “It will only be strange if you let it… Wasn’t sex with Rinoa strange?”

I felt Zell’s arms snake around me, and his chest press against my side.  “Are you scared?” His lips found my earlobe, and began to play with it.

“A little…” I answered truthfully.  “Actually having Sadomasochistic sex is different than just fantasizing about it…”

“Well,” Zell purred, now sucking on my earlobe, nibbling on it, a little harder each time his teeth pressed into the flesh.  “You can’t be scared forever.”

“We’ll go slow, and you can say stop anytime you want, you know… Unless we gag you…” Seifer laughed, his lips moving over my forehead and brow.  And, at the thought of being gagged, my body shivered with pleasure.  Without really thinking, my head lolled back, and I captured Seifer’s lips with my own.  I wondered if kissing Seifer would make Zell jealous.  The hands that moved up my chest, finding my nipples under my shirt didn’t seem jealous.  They seemed wanton, greedy.

Seifer pulled away, smiling at me.  “There, you see… Doesn’t it feel good to take initiative?” 

I panted, unable to respond because Zell was pinching my nipples in a way that I’d always wanted.  It was rough, but still pleasurable.

Seifer offered his hand to me as Zell pulled away.  I watched them both, standing in the threshold between the balcony and their apartment.  They looked at me with patient desire.  I couldn’t remember when I’d cared about anyone looking at me with want in their eye, and now, I had two men looking at me like they wanted to just rip my clothes off and throw me down, taking turns ramming into me.  That last mental picture did it.  I took Seifer’s hand, and I let him lead me towards their bedroom.

Once inside their room, I didn’t have time to look at the furniture, the large bed, the standing candelabrum in the corners of the room.  I didn’t even really notice the half opened draw, vibrators and dildos poking out.  I briefly noted the whips on the wall.  But, Zell grabbed the front of my shirt, and kissed me with force, pushing his tongue into my mouth.  As Zell’s mouth ravaged my own, I felt Seifer beginning to remove Zell’s clothes.  My hands became greedy, and I tugged at Zell’s shirt, only breaking our kiss long enough to pull it over his head.  I kissed him this time, devouring his mouth, almost raping him with my lips.  He moaned into my open mouth, and I felt his naked flesh suddenly pressed against me.  His hands were on my hips, pressing into them with bruising force.

Zell pulled away from me, smiling through lips that were wet with his saliva and my own.  I just looked at his nude body, drinking it in now that I wasn’t a room’s distance away.  He craned his head away, kissing Seifer.  I just looked at him, looked at the perfect lines of his muscles, looked at the hardening cock between his legs.  My hands reached out, and he inhaled sharply when my fingertips brushed the head of his penis.  I felt Seifer pull my hand away, and he looked at me with mischief.

“Not yet….” He pulled away from Zell, and the smaller blonde’s hands began to pull off Seifer’s clothing.  Seifer’s hands weren’t stationary, either.  He was tugging at my clothes, throwing them to the floor.  Soon, we were all nude in front of each other, and I felt very much on display, because both of them were looking at me intently.  I almost wanted to shield myself, embarrassed because I was so hard in front of them.  Just looking at Zell’s nude body, and now Seifer’s naked flesh had made me very erect.  Seifer was very impressive, and my whole body shuddered in anticipation at looking at his cock.  I wanted to feel him fuck me, deep and hard.  I wanted Zell to ram into me once Seifer was done with me.

“Oh, Squall…” Zell trailed off.  “You’re gorgeous…”

I blushed, biting my lower lip.  I reached my hand out to touch Seifer’s erect penis, but got my wrist caught in Zell’s iron grip.  He was very strong.  He smiled at me, and flung me down on the bed, so that I was facedown in the sheets.  I then felt a heavy weight on the backs of my thighs.  Seifer.  Suddenly, I was face to face with Zell’s cock.  I just watched it, wondering if he would just ram it into my mouth, or let me take control. But, I knew I definitely wasn’t in control when Seifer blindfolded me.  The fabric was smooth black satin, and it covered my eyes.  My heart began to race.  Now that I couldn’t see, I had to rely on touch and hearing.  I felt something hot and hard against my cheek.  Zell’s cock.  Well, no time like the present to be truly experimental.  Hell, I was already blindfolded, in a Zell and Seifer sandwich, so I may as well suck some cock while I was there.

I parted my lips, and found the head of Zell’s cock, taking it into my mouth.  I rolled my tongue around it, and purred.  Some people would say that cocks don’t taste that great, but at that moment, it tasted like Heaven.  I must have done something right, because Zell moaned, and his fingers curled in my hair.  I felt Seifer’s weight shift on my thighs, and then felt his tongue trace the crack of my ass.  I moaned around Zell’s cock, but continued the task before me.  He was now pulling my hair in a way that hurt, but still greatly aroused me.  I was now sucking him off in earnest, and he just seemed to be getting harder and harder in my mouth.  I could taste his precum on my lips and tongue, bitter Heaven in my mouth.  As I sucked Zell off, I furrowed my brow.  Seifer’s weight had disappeared off my thighs.  I wondered where he went. 

But, my question was answered when I felt something snap against my back.  It stung, but it didn’t overly hurt. He’d whipped me.  The shock of the motion had caused me to grunt, and flinch around Zell’s cock.  I must have toothed him, because he inhaled loudly.  I would have apologized, but he grunted, pushing his cock deep into my mouth, his hand tightening in my hair.  He must have really liked it.  I could feel Seifer running the whip over the lines of my back, and could tell by the soft feel that it wasn’t a bullwhip.  It was one of those velvet ones.  Seifer then raised my hips off the bed, so my ass was in the air, and he began slowly whipping me as I sucked Zell’s dick.  Seifer’s pace got faster and faster, until I was letting out high-pitched moans around Zell’s cock.  I was totally deep-throating him now, and had to swallow to let more of his erection into my mouth.  I could feel Zell’s balls pressed against my chin, and Seifer’s balls against one of my now tender ass cheeks.  He was really whipping me now, and it hurt, stung, burned.  But, I loved it.  It wasn’t debilitating pain, not like some of the injuries I’d received in SeeD duties.  I moaned again from the feeling of that velvet quickly coming across my ass, and gasped when I felt Zell’s hand tighten in my hair.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth, and came against my face, the hot fluid splattering over my lips and cheeks.  I could feel the thick semen dribble down my chin, following the lines of my neck.  The whipping stopped, and I moaned as Seifer yanked on my hair, pulling my head back so my neck was taut.  I felt him crawl on me, and felt his hot tongue lapping at my face.  He was licking me clean.  I smiled as one of his hands smoothed over my ass, and then gasped when it came down, spanking me.  I felt Zell’s weight leave the bed, and heard him rummaging around for something.

When Seifer had licked my face and neck clean, he kissed me deeply.  He spoke against my lips, and it made me feel very safe.  I mean, I was blindfolded, and at the mercy of two men.  I should have been more scared.  I was also so very hard, and wanted relief of my erection.

“You’re doing fine….” Seifer whispered, licking across my lips.  He then pulled the blindfold off me, and I looked into his eyes.  He smiled at me, then held up a pair of handcuffs, and some rope.  He pushed me down on their large bed, so that my outstretched arms were pointing to the headboard and footboard, which I just noticed where bars.  I looked up as I smelled matches.  Zell was lighting candles, and I’d also noticed that he’d pulled a few toys from the drawer.  I just blinked, wondering how on earth they could use some of those dildos on me or themselves, for they were so large.  There were a few double headed ones, ones of different colors and sizes.  Just looking at them made me harder, and I made a whimpering noise, wanting to come at that instant.  The pressure building up between my legs was becoming too much.

“You wanna come, don’t you?” Seifer purred.  He pulled one of my arms towards the headboard, and used the handcuffs on me.  The, he took the other arm, cuffing it to the footboard.  I looked at him, wanting him to either suck or jerk me off so badly that I wanted to cry.  His body moved down, so he was almost on the floor, and I felt his breath move over my overly sensitive cock.  I sobbed in relief, but it turned into a moan when he parted my legs spread eagle, and tied one of my ankles up in rope.  He then tied it to the headboard.  He did the same with my other ankle, tying it to the footboard.  So, now I had everything exposed to them, and I was still as hard as I could be.  I saw Seifer reach for a vial and unscrew the cap.  I pressed my cheek into the mattress, the cool air of the room teasing my now exposed entry.  I gasped into the sheets when his finger rubbed along the puckered entry into my intestines.  I moaned lowly and loudly when his finger poked into my body, pushing the lubricant in as well, which was strangely warm within my body.  The smell was also making me warm.  It was an aphrodisiac. 

I saw Zell kneel beside me, a candle in his hand.  There were also a few on the nightstand.  He’d also moved the candelabrum to the beside, so there were more candles there.  I saw him watching as Seifer’s finger moved in and out of my body.  Because my legs were tied in such a position, I could also see Seifer’s finger disappearing into my body.  When he inserted a second lubricant coated finger, Zell dipped the candle over my chest.  Deep purple wax dripped from the melted well around the flame, and splattered over my nipple, and continued to flow down, covering my chest in hot wax.  I moaned, the wax burning the delicate flesh of my hard nipples, drying on them in the cool room.  I whimpered as he reached for another candle, and when the wax from this one, a cheery yellow color, Seifer’s fingers touched my prostate, and I arched as far as I could, considering I was tied down, and wailed in pleasure.

The wax was now cooled and solid once more, molded to my chest, but I didn’t feel it.  All I could feel was Seifer’s fingers in my ass, moving over that hidden sweet spot.  I bucked against his fingers, and hissed when I felt him stretching me out, just a little.  He didn’t do it very much.  I heard a click, and snapped my eyes open.  Zell was holding a switchblade.  I just looked at him with wide eyes..

“Don’t move….” He purred, and ran the sharp edge over my chest, picking up the dried candle wax.  I slowed my breathing, and felt Seifer’s fingers pull out of my body, leaving me feeling empty.  I was just watching as Zell removed the wax from my chest with the gleaming, sharp knife.  He sheathed the knife, and pulled the wax off my nipples by hand.  I closed my eyes as his tongue soothed the stinging flesh.  I smiled, then my mouth opened in a silent wail as I felt Seifer’s shaft pressing against my rectum.  The head of his cock poked into my body, and it sent a fire up my spine.  The fire grew hotter as he pushed himself in deeper, deeper, deeper, until his balls were flush with my sore ass cheeks.  I whimpered, tears escaping my eyes.  Now, this definitely hurt.

“Shh…” Zell coaxed.  “It’s okay….”

I tried to jerk away from the pain, but my arms and  legs were pinned, so I had to deal with it.  Zell lowered his head, and began biting my nipples.  I could feel that he was biting hard enough to dig into my flesh, and I felt something warm dribble down my chest.  Blood.  My blood.  Zell suckled at my sore, bleeding nipples like a baby at its mother’s breast while Seifer fucked me.  He was thrusting very slowly into me, but it still hurt.  Slowly, the pain from Zell continuously biting my nipples to get blood out, and the pain of Seifer’s thick cock stretching me out vanished, and I was left with this blissful, stinging pleasure.  Seifer was going faster, and I was bleeding pretty good by now, and it felt fucking fantastic.  Seifer was really fucking me.  This wasn’t lovemaking.  He wanted to hurt me at least a little, and I loved it.  I knew that it still hurt, but it was a pain that I wanted, that I liked.  Zell moved his body so he was straddling my hips, all the while still sucking my nipples, and I felt him wiggle his ass against my cock, which was still painfully hard.  I opened my eyes, which had been squeezed shut in pain, and saw Seifer fingering Zell in the same manner that he’d done with me.  He was very quick about it, and bit into the back of Zell’s neck as he thrust into me with suck force that the bed shook, and I moaned loud enough for the whole building to probably hear.

The moan turned into a high-pitched whimper when Zell lowered his body around my cock, so that I was completely sheathed by Zell’s burning hot body.  I was tied up totally, so couldn’t even really rock my hips.  I just let them fuck me, and boy, were they ever fucking me.  I was moaning into the pillow, just letting Seifer fuck my brains out, letting Zell suck my nipples and ride me like a cowboy.  It didn’t take long, and I came with such a force that I almost blacked out.  I felt Seifer release into my body, and it was wonderful.  Zell’s come splattered all over my chest.  I panted, my body feeling weary.  But, Seifer and Zell didn’t give me much time to relax.  Zell pulled off my body, leaving my nipples to the cool air, blood still coming up from the cuts he’d made with his teeth.  He lowered his head between my legs, and ran his tongue over the stretched rim off my ass. I shivered, and watched as Seifer sat on my chest, his ass facing my face.

I knew what he wanted me to do, so I ran my tongue down the crack of his ass.  I felt him lapping at the splattered drops of Zell’s come, which had pooled in the hollow of my stomach.  I could feel Zell’s tongue moving in my body, so I mimicked the motions, probing Seifer’s body with my tongue.  He let out a gasp, and covered my again hardening cock with his mouth.  Getting double oral was causing me to lose concentration on eating Seifer out, but I tried my damnest.  I felt Zell’s tongue pull out of my ass, which was closing up again, and then used the opportunity to really go at in on Seifer.  I could feel him panting around my cock, and he even had to pull of, which made me very proud of myself.

It was my turn to pull of when I felt Zell jam into me with his cock.  It didn’t hurt as much as it had when Seifer’d pushed into me, because I was well broken in at this point.  But, there was still discomfort, because Zell was being far more rough that Seifer had been, and that meant that he was being pretty damn rough because Seifer hadn’t been gentle with me.  As Seifer sucked my dick, he parted my legs further with his hands, and I felt the muscles in my inner thighs stretching, a discomfort moving through me.  But, it was nothing compared to the feeling of Zell’s cock moving in me like a hot, throbbing piston, or the feeling of Seifer’s rectum quivering around my tongue, or the feeling of his talented mouth around my dick. 

It didn’t take nearly as long for me to come this time, and Zell and Seifer weren’t far behind.  I felt Seifer release on my collarbone and chest, and Seifer pulled off just as I was coming, my semen getting on his face.  He pulled away quickly once more, along with Zell.  Seifer ran his fingers over some of the whiteness on his face, and brought it into his mouth.  Zell got up, and picked up a dildo from the table.

“This one?” He asked me.

I had to open my eyes, which was a big task, and look at the one he was holding up.  He held up a second one.  One that was really fucking big.  It was long, and wide, and Zell couldn’t even get his hand around it. He saw me eyeing the big one.  “This one?”

I sort of nodded in agreement.  He sauntered over to me, bowing his head to lick Seifer’s semen from my chest.  As he did this, he pushed the big dildo into my body, sitting on the bed beside me, licking Seifer’s face clean.  They started kissing as Zell pushed the dildo deeper into me.  I turned my head into the sheets, tears of pleasure and pain pooling under my lashes.  It turned into tears of frustration as he pulled it out of me completely, then just traced the rim of my rectum with the head.  I tried to buck my hips up to the impalement, and this must have been a sign to him, because he jammed it into my body, fucking me with the fake cock that had to be about the size of theirs put together.  He pulled it out once again, and once again, I moaned in disappointment.  Zell started fucking me with it at a furious pace, his hand guiding it up and down, deeper, deeper, out, in, deeper.

I felt Seifer untie my legs, and once I had mobility of my lower body once more, I bucked my hips to Zell’s hand, fucking that dildo so hard that I knew I would feel it for a week.  At least.  It was ramming into my prostate, and it was so big, and it felt so fucking good.  Zell pushed the dildo in as far as it would go, and I wailed, coming again.  This time, the force of my orgasm sent me into total blackness.


I opened my eyes as I felt the bed moving.  I was disoriented, and rubbed my eyes.  My wrists felt sore, and so did my ass.  The burning of my rectum brought back what had happened.  I opened my eyes.  I wasn’t tied up anymore, and was sleeping in a big bed that belonged to Seifer and Zell.  The movement was that they were fucking beside me.  Seifer was on his back, his legs around Zell’s shoulders, and Zell was pounding into him.  I sat up, watching them.  The both turned their heads, looking at me.  It was only brief, but it was a look of invitation.  They turned back to each other, and Seifer threw his head back, moaning.  I crawled up on my knees, and moved my body behind Zell’s.  I found that same vial of sweet smelling lubricant that we’d used last night, and coated my fingers with it, then prepared Zell’s ass.  I didn’t need to get an erection, because I had a morning hard-on, and seeing them fuck had sealed the deal.  Once ready, I pushed into Zell’s body, which caused him to moan, and press himself deeper into Seifer, which caused the taller blonde to moan.

I fell into the same rhythm that they had, and we were like a well-oiled machine, moving perfectly in sync.  Zell’s body was so tight around me, and his internal muscles were gripping me in a way that a vagina never could have.  With one hand, I stroked Seifer’s calves, and with the other hand, I reached between Seifer’s legs, and started jerking him off.  One of Zell’s hand joined mine, and it didn’t take long for us to all come in unison, almost at the same time.

Zell panted, collapsing on Seifer’s chest.  I smiled into Zell’s corn-coloured hair, and rolled over on my side, so that my head was resting on Seifer’s broad chest as well.  The flesh against my cheek was warm and covered in sweat.  I just looked at Zell over Seifer’s chest, smiling.

“What now?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” Seifer asked sleepily. “Eat breakfast, go about our daily business…”

“No, I mean, what now about me?” I asked.

“Well, you seemed to enjoy yourself….” Zell noted.  “You like big cocks as much as we do…” He snickered at me.

“You have to go back to Balamb, don’t you?” Seifer asked.

I nodded against his chest.  “Kind of sad that this was only a one time thing….”

“When did we say that?” Zell asked.  “Fuck, we enjoyed your body as much as you enjoyed everything…. You’re the prettiest man we’ve had for a threesome….”

I rolled my eyes.  “Thanks….” I looked at both of them.  “Thanks…”

“Hell, it’s not like we didn’t get anything in return….” Seifer pointed out.  “At least join us for breakfast, and we’ll discuss your vacation scheduling, and book you in for nice hard fucking….”

“Where are we going to eat?” I asked, hoping that we would just stay in their bed and eat each other out.

“Sin City….?” Zell trailed off.

“They serve breakfast?” I asked.

“Yeah…” Seifer murmured, running his hand down the small of my back, and his finger dipped into the crack of my ass, tracing my entry.  “It’s actually really good.”  When he said the word good, he poked into my body with his finger.

I purred.  “Well, it can be a late lunch, right?”

They smiled at me.  “Well, at least you’ve come out of your shell….”

I slightly nodded in agreement, rocking my hips against Seifer’s finger.  This was by far the best I’d ever felt.  Sure I felt a little slutty, but it was okay.  Sure, my ass was sore, but that was really okay.  And, it was definitely okay that I’d finally decided to go in Sin City.



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