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Family History
The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Eliza Street came 1859 on the Wellesley with Enos Podger
Mary Streeter came 1853 on the Ann Milne with John Holland
Luke Charles Strickland wed 1892 to Elizabeth Jane Tilley
Fanny Stringer wed 1883 to Chas Marden
Catherine Strobell wed 1861 to John Rule
Samuel Strogeon wed 1888 to Mary Jane Barclay
John Henry Strong wed 1881 to Georgina Britter
Sarah Strong wed 1854 to James Lee
Agnes Struthers came 1853 on the Waverley with William Tolmie
Eliza Jane Stuart wed 1885 to Gilbert Stirling Lang
George Walter Stuart wed 1888 to Margaret Crellin
Sarah Stuart wed 1856 to James Davidson
Walter Stuart wed 1855 to Catherine Milne
Wilhelmina Stuart wed 1883 to Eli John Ellis
William McAuley Stuart wed 1897 to Lillias Ann Kerr
Charles Stubbings wed 1885 to Florence Matilda Bates
Clara Jane Stubbings wed 1887 to Frederick George Jury
Ellen Louisa Stubbings wed 1888 to Henry Barclay
Mary Matilda Stubbings wed 1882 to Horace Jones
William Stubbings came c1856 to NSW with Martha Neale /Neate
Charles Stubbs wed 1850 to Eliza Twigley/Quigley
Esther Stubbs wed 1872 to David Phillip Mayman
Henry Stubbs wed 1886 to Alice Roughead
Martha Stubbs wed 1872 to Peter Magg/Maggs
Clara Edith Stuchlik wed 1902 to John Browell Chandler
Freda Stedwell Stuchlik wed c1910 to Herbert John Howells
Julia Stuchlik wed 1901 to Alfred Perceval Duncan
Martha Ida Stuchlik wed 1906 to Albert Ernest Claridge
Peter Wm Godefron Stuchlik wed 1901 to Florence May Buzza
Theodor Emanuall Stuchlik came c1877 with Frederica Walter
Sarah Wyton Stuckberry came c1850 with John Turvey
Ada Mary Stuckey wed c1900 to Wm Lobban Beatty
Lillian Florence Stuckey wed 1897 to Ernest Joseph Dowey
Thomas Stuckey wed 1869 to Sarah Wright
Thomas Stuckey wed 1913 to Florence Gertrude Bradford
Carter Studman wed 1870 to Tabitha Harris
Creseat Studman wed 1850 to Charles Clark
Emma Peers Studman wed 1855 to David Gray
Esther Carter Studman wed 1854 to James Russell
Ruth Elizabeth Studman wed 1905 to William Martin Bews
Somerville (Samuel) Studman came 1848 on the Tasman with Sarah Carter
Thomas Carter Studman wed 1861 to Ann Brookes/ Brooks
Thomas Carter Studman wed 1874 to Mary Wilson
Andrew Sturni wed c1914 to Veronica Orht
Bartholomew Sturni wed 1875 at Maryborough Victoria to Amelia Thorp
Isabella Sturni wed 1894 to John Alfred McKie
Mary Elizabeth Sturni wed 1894 to Edward Morton
Peter Bartholomew Sturni wed c1911 to Mary Orht
Ellen Sturrock wed 1854 to Peter Laurie
Mary Styles wed 1885 to George F Laudehr
Grace Isbister Sugden wed 1888 to Frederick William Whitehead
Jessie Olivia Sugden wed 1890 to Frederick James Hackett
Joseph Sugden wed 1864 to Margaret Robinson Isbister
Joseph Airedale Sugden wed 1895 to Edith Constance Neille
Caroline Suhr wed c1864 to Wilhelm Uebergang
Bridget Sullivan wed 1856 to Peter Hastings
Catherine Sullivan came c1862 with Patrick Fennessy
Dennis Sullivan wed 1871 to Margaret Tolmie
James Sullivan wed 1874 at Melbourne, Victoria to Mary Ann Hannigan
James Sullivan wed 1878 to Hannah Chesterman
Louisa Sullivan wed 1885 to James Henry Prince Austin
Mary Ann Sullivan wed 1895 to John Drysdale
Albert George Sulman wed 1902 to Annie Jane Breaky Forward
Elizth Emily Sulman wed 1896 to Charles Frederick William Hinneberg
Ethel Grace Sulman wed 1920 to Robt Rintoule Stephens
Louisa Sulman wed 1865 to George Budd
Louisa Jane Sulman wed 1899 to Herbert Arthur Lawn
Martha Sulman wed 1853 to James Chiddle
Martha Louisa Sulman wed 1899 to Alfred Henry Hinneberg
Robert Edward Sulman wed 1911 to Ida Greenham
Thomas Pardon Sulman wed 1866 to Mary Ann Townsend
Kesia Amelia Summers wed 1834 to Thomas Dyster
Henry Sumpter wed 1857 to Ann Jane Henry
Wilson Sumpton wed 1866 to Emma Chaplain Gibbons
Harriet Ann Supple wed 1886 to James Oates
Henry Lennox Supple wed 1855 to Sarah Martin
Martin John Supple wed 1884 to Eleanor Peck

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