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is offering you a  FREE COOKBOOK
as a way of saying thank you
for supporting me and my writing career.

Forty-three internationally known authors share more than a hundred recipes in a simple and fun cookbook you will enjoy for years! From simple dishes prepared in a few minutes to exotic dishes from around the world, this cookbook will become a treasured addition to any kitchen! And best of all, it's FREE!

While these authors tempt our imaginations by creating entertaining and informative books, they tempt themselves in the kitchen with everything from homey, comfort food to exciting, innovative recipes. Now they've decided to share their culinary secrets with you as a thank you for supporting them and their books.

"Now We're Cooking! - 43 Authors in the Kitchen"
is a cooperative effort of authors whose books are published in electronic bindings. Representing every genre, these authors prove they are just as talented in the kitchen as they are at a keyboard.

Eva Kende, project coordinator, says "This cookbook composed of contributions by a community of authors is like the cherished and collected church and community cookbooks of yesteryear. The recipes are as diverse as the authors' usual genres are. The Internet made it easier for the contributing authors from various corners of the world to get together in this effort and technology made it possible to offer this exciting collection free as an e-book to readers and collectors."

Available in a variety of formats,
"Now We're Cooking! - 43 Authors in the Kitchen"
is a cookbook that deserves to grace your bookshelf and offers a glimpse into the kitchens of some of your favorite authors.
Authors who contributed to
"Now We're Cooking 43 Authors in the Kitchen" include:

Moni Draper
J.M. Dubry

Beth Anderson
Karen Beck
Elizabeth Bennefeld
M. D. Benoit
Linda Bleser
Lauralee Bliss
Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Joan Bramsch
Diana Lesire Brandmeyer
Amy B Crawshaw
Patricia Crossley
Kathleen Culligan Techler
Lanette Curington
Elizabeth Delisi
Christine Duncan
Jim Farris
Pat Fredeman
Denise Gasta
Judith B. Glad
Sandi Haddad
Lauryn Hale
Valerie Hardin
Rita Hestand
Elaine Hopper
Eva Kende
Gail Kennedy
Mary LaBranche
Jim and Joyce Lavene
Dee Lloyd
Maureen Mackey
Kristie Leigh Maguire
Tara Manderino
Michelle Marr
Gregory Michel
Bonnie Napoli
Leta Nolan Childers
Janet Privett
Hannah Rowan
TL Schaefer
Mary Taffs
MacKenzie Raye Van Cleef
Juliet Waldron
Chris Williamson

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If we have any ulterior motive at all, its simply to share our excitement in e-books with you, by sharing our favorite recipes in a free e-book. We offer it free to highlight the low cost of e-books. Production costs are very low, so often you can buy two, three, or even four e-books for the same price you would pay for a paperback or hardcover book. That's easy on the wallet and on the environment as well. There were no trees used or waste created from the production of this e-book. Since you only print out the recipes you are interested in, you are saving paper as well. And you've already discovered how quickly you can access an e-book by downloading this cookbook from the Internet.

Once you've checked out our recipes, you may find you are interested in us. The contributing authors write a variety of types of books. There are authors of Romance, and Westerns. Some write Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Children's Books. There are Cookbook authors, and those who write Horror. And some of us write books that cross all boundaries of genre. Many of us have numerous books published. Some of our e-books are multimedia, including graphics, background sounds and voices, music, animated graphics and video clips. Some of them are even interactive.

Feel free to use the web addresses we've provided you at the end of each recipe to get to know us better. There are links to learn more about our books as well. If you are so inclined, buy one (or more!). With the speed of the Internet, you could be reading the novel of a famous international author while you sit down to eat the meal you prepared using the recipe he or she provided for this cookbook. How's that for interactive?

You can email any of us from our websites. We'd love to hear from you. Let us know how you like our recipes, our websites, or our books, cookbook or otherwise.

Thank you for supporting our books and us. Thank you also for taking the time to share with us a piece of our hearts and our kitchens. I'm sure you'll get as much pleasure from this cookbook as we had putting it together for you.

Please take the time to visit my author's page. 

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I hope you enjoy
"Now We're Cooking!
43 Authors in the Kitchen"
for many years to come!
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