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        Come on in and boogie down through my page!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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        Hi! This is the CATHY JO EDDY WEED (4/22/1956) homepage. I was born in Waverly, New York to REX JEROME EDDY and EUNICE CATHERINE ROOF. You may read more about EUNICE CATHERINE ROOF on the WILLIAM ROOF homepage. Just follow the link at the bottom of the page. We live out in the country on a small farm that my Dad started in 1944. After selling off half of the homestead in 1956, REX EDDY started building a new house. Bob and I had the house done over in 1991.

        847141422134. CATHY EDDY went to Towanda Area Schools. During school I was a member of the band, playing the flute. I went to County Band for many years and played solos and accompanied the choir many times. I graduated in 1974.

        Growing up I spent a lot of time on my grandparents (ROOF) farm. They gave me a puppy (Tippy) when I was five. I had that dog until I was sixteen. She would wait by the door everyday until I returned from school. My grandmother watched me and a lot of my cousins every summer while our parents worked. They didn't have a car large enough for all of us to get into so we had to ride in the back of the farm truck. I remember one of the high lights each week was when we all went to the store and our grandparents would by us all a nickel Popsicle. We all thought that was the greatest! My how times have changed!

        I love horses and dogs. We are down to one cat, Ivory. I have ridden ever since I was six, and have had my own horses ever since I was nine years old. My first horse just passed away. I had Lady (August 1963-September 9, 2001) for 36 years of her life. She is very sadly missed.

        The neighborhood kids all had horses too. We rode many a trail together. We would take picnic lunches with us and ride the mountain trails for hours at a time. Only in the deepest snow did we stay in, and not out on the trails. Sometimes we had to use the horses even then to get around in when we were snowed in and couldn't get around any other way. We could usually find a way around the drifts if we worked at it long enough.

        Robert Weed and I were married on September 28, 1975 in the Wysox Presbyterian Church, Wysox, Pennsylvania. Rev. Harry Ferguson, pastor of the church, performed the ceremony. We had to postpone our wedding for a day, due to the big flood of 1975. We were not sure if the roads would be open yet by the next day, but we took the chance. With the help of family and friends everything went off without a hitch. We had to change some of our menu items and did most of the work ourselves, but we got it done. The band got through and all of our family and friends made it to the wedding. In 1985 our pride and joy was born:

        8471414221341. ASHLEY SUE WEED she is a graduate of Penn State University, State College, Pennsylvania. Her degree is Information Sciences and Technology. She is currently going to Graduate School at Penn State Greater Valley in Malvern, Pennsylvania and is doing an internship at GlaxoSmithKline in King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Ashley is now working for Christiana Health Care in Newark, Delaware and has transferred to Wilmington University. She was inducted in the Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society in Business, Management and Administration on January 23, 2009. She will be recieving her MBA in May of 2009. You may read about ASHLEY on her own home page. Just follow the link at the bottom of the page.

        I worked at Sayre Lingerie, quiting when my daughter Ashley arrived in 1985. I have been the Tax Assessor for Towanda Township and I have taken care of children over the years. I now work part time. I own a small cleaning business and I am an auditor for Towanda Township.

        I love going to rock and country concerts. I am a member of the Courtland Country Music Club. I also like playing sports. I used to coach a youth league and indoor soccer team and a softball team. My daughter has now turned to our robotic team. When she was in robotics they competed in a Regional in New Jersey at Rutgers University, Pennsylvania Robot Challenge in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania, NASA/Maryland State Fair, Ramp Riot, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Championships at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and at the Reliant Center/Houston Astrodome, in Houston Texas in 2003. I now help here as much as I can. You may read more about our robotics team and its accomplishments by visiting my daughter's page. Just follow the link at the bottom of the page. I was also a co-leader for girl scouts ending with Senior Troop #265 and the former (retiring in 2001) secretary/treasurer for the Wysox Presbyterian Sunday School. When we aren't following Ashley around in her activities, we camp, hike, bicycle, or if Bob and I get a chance to go out, we like to go dancing.

        I have two sisters, Dixie and Cheryl, and one brother, Jack. There is more about them and their families in the following paragraphs. Now we will start with my Dad's life.

        84714142213. REX JEROME EDDY (3/23/1916-5/7/1987) was born to ALEC EDDY and DAISY BELL MYERS. REX EDDY was born in Laquin, Pennsylvania, during a blizzard, the worst storm to hit Laquin. It was the coldest winter in 62 years. Dr. Coons was away at a funeral, so ALEC EDDY had to telephone Dr. Bevins of LeRoy, Pennsylvania, he came over the mountain on the back of a mule. The snow fell 48 inches deep the night REX EDDY was born. The Doctor couldn't get back home that night. Laquin is an old lumber ghost town now. On October 18, 1943, ALEC EDDY, DAISY EDDY, REX EDDY, and Dixie Eddy saw a pure white six-point buck deer in Laquin, Pennsylvania. REX EDDY graduated from Towanda High School in 1936. He was very active in sports. REX EDDY was the quarterback for the high school team. In 1930 they were the only Towanda team to ever capture the S.V.I.A.A. title, under the leadership of their coach, Lloyd Trimmer. REX EDDY was also the quarterback for the ALL-SVIAA League football team. After graduation, REX EDDY coached basketball and played for the Elmira Pioneers Baseball team in Elmira, New York. REX EDDY also enjoyed hunting, fishing, and camping. In 1963, while fishing in the Little Loyalsock Creek, he caught a 21 1/2 inch long brown trout that weighed four pounds. He was a member of the Wysox Presbyterian Church and the Towanda Gun Club. REX EDDY was employed by the Eclipse in Elmira, New York and later was co-owner of Eddy's Meat Market in Towanda. REX EDDY also worked for several years with various construction companies in the area and was employed for 15 years by Pennsylvania Department of Transportation in Towanda, retiring in 1978. REX EDDY died of arteriosclerotic heart disease with congestive heart failure. He also had diabetes and a myocardial infarction in his early twenties. The funeral and committal service was held at the Mayott-Bowen Funeral Home, 217 York Avenue, Towanda, Pennsylvania. With Rev. Harry L. Ferguson, pastor of the Wysox Presbyterian Church, Wysox, Pennsylvania, out of town on vacation, the Rev. Kenneth J. Lynde, pastor of the Towanda Presbyterian Church, Towanda, Pennsylvania, officiated. Interment was in the Wysox Cemetery, Wysox, Pennsylvania.

        REX EDDY was first married to Alma Hendershot (7/12/1916-8/15/2007). They had three children. Dixie, Jack, and Cheryl Eddy. REX EDDY and Alma later divorced. REX EDDY then married EUNICE ROOF JOHNSON on March 5, 1956. They were married at 131 North Second Street, Frederick, Maryland, at the Calvary Methodist Church by the Rev. E. William Hall. They had one daughter, me, CATHY JO EDDY.

        847141422131. Dixie Eddy married Harold Remsnyder. Harold was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Remsnyder. They had two daughters:
        8471414221311. Deborah Remsynder married Troy ?. Later they divorced. On July 20, 1956 Deborah was entertained at a birthday party at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Remsnyder in Indianapolis, Indiana. She was 2 years old. They had three children:
        84714142213111. Jennifer
        84714142213112. Tifani
        84714142213113. Johnny
        8471414221312. Kathy Remsnyder married Jed. Later they divorced. They have two children:
        84714142213121. Kari
        84714142213122. Jeremiah.
        Dixie has a grandson, Braden Andrew Davids. Dixie Eddy and Harold Remsynder later divorced. Dixie Eddye is retired now and lives in Maryland.
        847141422132. Jack Eddy married Linda Badger and they had one son together:
        8471414221321. Randolph Joseph Eddy (11/25/1964-7/27/1996). Randy was a graduate of Towanda High School, Towanda, Pennsylvania. He was employed by Tri-Bro Supply Company of Canandaigua, New York and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation in Towanda, Pennsylvania. He loved football, hunting, music, and art. The funeral services were held at the Maryott-Bowen Funeral Home, 217 York Avenue, Towanda, Pennsylvania, with the Rev. David Wilkerson officiating. Jack Eddy and Linda Badger later divorced. Jack Eddy then married Judy Buckingham and they had three daughters:
        8471414221322. Cindy Eddy has a daughter:
        84714142213221. Cindy Eddy then married Lance Ridall. Lance and Cindy have a daughter:
        8471414221323. Nicole Irene Eddy married Joseph Edward Maloney on August 13, 1997 at four o'clock at the Assembly Of God Church in Towanda, Pennsylvania. Joseph is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Maloney. They later divorced. They had two children:
        84714142213231. Andrew Maloney.
        84714142213232. Mallory Maloney. Nicole Maloney and Wayne Felter have two twin boys:
        84714142213233. Mitchell James Felter.
        84714142213234. Braden Robert Felter.
        8471414221324. Kelly Eddy. Kelly graduated from Towanda Area High School in 1994. Kelly Eddy went to Mansfield University. Kelly Eddy and Rich ? have one daughter:
        84714142213241. Daisy.
        Kelly also has a son:
        84714142213242. Percy
        8471414221325. Jack Eddy. BJ Eddy graduated from Towanda High School in 1999 and works for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation in Towanda, Pennyslvania. Jack Eddy is retired from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation as of May 2003.
        847141422133. Cheryl Eddy married Mark Shaylor (11/23/1945-4/7/2003) and they had one daughter:
        8471414221331. Tina Shaylor married Shawn James and they have one son:
        84714142213311. Tristan Shawn James. Cheryl Eddy and Mark Shaylor later divorced. Cheryl Eddy then married Rick Secor and they divorced. Cheryl Eddy then married Mark Smith and then they divorced.

        You may read more about the Eddy's on their ancestor page. Just follow the link at the bottom of this page.

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