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This family information is an accumulation of information from numerous sources including census records, wills, other genealogists, history books, and personal knowledge. If there are any additions or corrections, please contact me at


Generation No. 1

1. Gabriel1 Bobo was born Bef. 1679 in Florney, France, and died Bef. 1712 in King William Co, VA. He married Elizabeth Spencer Bef. 1703 in King William Co, VA, daughter of Thomas Spencer. She died Aft. 1725 in King William Co, VA.

Child of Gabriel Bobo and Elizabeth Spencer is:

i. Spencer2 Bobo, b. 1710, King William Co, VA; d. 1765, Culpepper, VA.


Generation No. 2

2. Spencer2 Bobo (Gabriel1) was born 1710 in King William Co, VA1, and died 1765 in Culpepper, VA. He married Jane Wofford. She was born 1714 in VA, and died Bef. 1749 in Culpepper, VA.

Children of Spencer Bobo and Jane Wofford are:

i. Gabriel Bobo, b. 1726, Caroline Co, NC; d. 1790, Prince William Co, VA; m. Elizabeth, 1750.

ii. Mary Elizabeth Bobo, b. 1729, Caroline Co, NC; d. 1789, Orange Co, NC; m. John Holt, 1749, VA.

iii. Absalom Bobo, b. 1730, Caroline Co, NC; d. June 5, 1811, Laurens Co, SC; m. Amy Sims.

iv. Lewis3 Bobo, b. 1736, Culpepper, VA; d. May 10, 1806, Union Co, SC.

v. Sampson Bobo b. 1737, Caroline Co, NC; d. April 17, 1804, Union Co, SC; m. Sarah Salley Simpson, Abt. 1762, Union Co, SC.

vi. Spencer Jr. Bobo, b. 1739, Culpepper, VA; d. February 20, 1816, Spartanburg Dist, SC; m. Nancy Berry, 1764, SC.


Generation No. 3

3. Lewis3 Bobo (Spencer2, Gabriel1) was born 1736 in Culpepper, VA, and died May 10, 1806 in Union Co, SC. He married Sarah Soloman Abt. 1765 in Union Co, SC. She was born 1737 in Union Co, SC, and died 1809.

Children of Lewis Bobo and Sarah Soloman are:

i. Elizabeth Bobo, b. 1757, Culpepper, VA; d. 1826, Madison Co, AL; m. Robert Skelton, 1790; b. 1750, New Kent, VA; d. 1830, Madison Co, AL.

ii. Sampson Bobo, b. 1759, Culpepper, VA; d. Aft. 1840, Franklin Co, GA; m. Rebecca Nln.

iii. Solomon Bobo, b. Abt. 1761, Culpepper, VA; d. April 19, 1816, Union Co, SC; m. Mary Polly Potts, 1786.

iv. Sarah Martha4 Bobo, b. 1763, Culpepper, VA; d. March 22, 1849, Bedford Co, TN.

v. Absolom Bobo, b. March 1763; d. December 1, 1816.

vi. Pattey Patsy Bobo, b. 1764, Culpepper, VA; m. Levi Smith.

vii. Spencer Bobo, b. March 29, 1767; d. February 20, 1816.

viii. Virginia Jenny Bobo, b. 1768, Culpepper, VA.

ix. Polly Bobo, b. 1769, Culpepper, VA; d. November 21, 1815, Union Co, SC; m. John Jack Rhodes, 1796, SC.

x. Abigail Migail Bobo, b. 1771, Union Co, SC; d. Abt. 1805, Union Co, SC; m. John Cooper.

xi. Nancy Bobo, b. 1773, Union Co, SC; m. Joseph Ray.

xii. Kindred Bobo, b. January 14, 1775, Union Co, SC; d. 1829, Union Co, SC; m. Mary Ann Murphy, 1795; b. July 2, 1781, Cross Keys, Union Co, SC; d. April 28, 1858, Cross Keys, Union Co, SC.

xiii. Laodicea Dicy Bobo, b. May 21, 1776, Union Co, SC; d. October 13, 1837, Union Co, SC; m. Neville C. Hollcomb


Generation No. 4

4. Sarah Martha4 Bobo (Lewis3, Spencer2, Gabriel1) was born 1763 in Culpepper, VA, and died March 22, 1849 in Bedford Cc., TN. She married Jonathan Charles Norman, son of George Norman and Margaret Dodd. He was born 1759 in Loudon Co, VA, and died 1839 in Bedford Co., TN. For children of Sarah Bobo and Jonathan Norman click here.