sPatch Version 1.5
Copyright © 1996-1998 Mike Clifton

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sPatch is a free spline based 3D modeler for the Windows environment. It exports to POV-Ray, VRML, DXF, and BMRT.

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Secondary Download for sPatch Help & FAQ
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Still not sure it is what you want? Read a quick review of sPatch by Marjorie Graterol. Or are you looking for something like sPatch but with more features? Try the free modeler hamaPatch, or English Mirror. Clip-Shapes
Clip shapes are those predefined objects/shapes that appear when you choose one from the menu under "Model" -- "Insert". You can make and install your own clip shape by creating a new model and saving it without an extension (.spt) and placing it in the directory "Clip Shapes" under the sPatch program directory. The following files are add on clip shapes to be installed in the same manner:
Circles 3, 5, 6, 10, 12, 16 point circles. Created by Clifton Odenwalt. Complexed Sphere The default sphere has been reported to export as a cube in .x format (Direct X). This complex sphere is supposed to fix this problem. Also useful if you just want a sphere with many more points than the default. Created by Clifton Odenwalt. Head Hamakazu's head outline. Place in Layer 1 and extrude head splines around the outline. Star Hamakazu's star clip shape from early versions of hamaPatch. Triangles 3, 4, 6 point triangles. Plug-ins
Plug-ins are files ending in ".exp". Access a plug-in via "File -- Export" . Place a plug-in file into the directory "Export Plugins" under the sPatch program directory. The following should be installed and accessed in this manner:
Pov-Ray triangle mesh export Export objects to POV-Ray smooth triangle meshes instead of bicubic patches. From the Piggy Modeler. POV-Ray .inc export Exports a POV-Ray .inc file, read the readthis.txt file in the zip for directions. Allows for more decimal places per point and declarations in export. Discovered here. Wolfie's Layered DXF Export A plugin to allow for layered DXF exporting in sPatch and a download of sPatch available. Wolfie's page sPatch to Moray Plugin Plugin to allow for export in .mdl format for use with the Moray modeler. sPatch to POV Lab Plugin Plugin to allow for export to .scn format for use with the POV Lab modeler. Renderware plug-in Plug-in allowing for exporting of sPatch models to Active World's Renderware format. Tree Designer Plug-in Export plug-in to make leaves for use in Tree Designer 1.0. sPatch to Leveller Plug-In Export sPatch objects to Leveller format with this plug-in. OpenGL/C++ Source Export Plug-in for OpenGL code for use in C++ programs. Fox Vase download appears to be a program and source code given as an example implementation for ouptut files in programs. GL View Plug-in sPatch Plug-in to export to file GL View file format. You must rename the dll to exp before use. Also includes C++ source for the plug-in. sPatch Export Source for sPatch export files so you can learn to write your own sPatch exports. Page on some 3D file formats. International Mirror Sites
Below is a listing of all the mirror sites I have found from which to download sPatch. The country before the link is the one which I thought hosted the file (FTP at bottom of page). Australia:
Site 1
Chile: Site 1
France: Site 1 , Site 2
Japan: Site 1
Poland: Site1
Russia: Site 1 exe install
South Africa: Site 1
Taiwan: Site 1
USA: Site 1, Site 2, Site 3, Site 4, Site 5, Site 6, Site 7, Site 8
FTP: Site 1

See the sPatch Object Collection for tutorials, models, and utilities & plug-ins.

sPatch Version 1.5

Copyright © 1996-1998 Mike Clifton


Please note that I did not create sPatch and have no access to the source code. Mike Clifton is the author of sPatch.
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