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Cryptogram puzzle game for Windows. The computer makes it easy to erase mistakes. Letter frequencies are provided to make solving more fun. Hints help you if you get stuck. Solve puzzles from books or magazines, create your own puzzles, and print puzzles. Complete on-line help. The registered version comes with over 10, 000 puzzles to entertain you for years! See more at our web site: www. KMRConsulting. com
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TEA CrossWord Helper

TEA is a crossword puzzle solver with over a million words and phrases. It finds crossword answers; solves anagram clues; helps with other word games such as Scrabble and Countdown. Letter variables help solve cryptograms and find words with unusual properties such as palindromes; punctuation matching finds phrases and hyphenated words. The integrated dictionary and thesaurus includes over 190, 000 definitions and 130, 000 citations.
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