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Horse Race

Supplies: Supplies: beer, people, and a deck of cards.

Begin by taking out all of the aces and place them face up in a row at the end of a table. These will be your "horses".

Next, take out all of the kings and queens and place them face up in a column along the side of a table. - See diagram. These cards designate the spaces in the field. They represent the kings and queens watching the race.


Each player chooses one of the aces(horses) to bet on and bets a number of drinks. (ex. "I bet 4 on the hearts").

The dealer turns over the remaining cards one at a time to determine which horse move. The ace whose suit matches the drawn card's suit is moved up one space. (ex. If a heart is drawn, then the ace of hearts moves up one space.) Cards are drawn until a horse crosses the finish line. It must pass the last king or queen. All other cards remain in place.

Here's the fun part - the drinking. Drinks are determined by the player's bet times the number short of the finish line. For example, if the ace of hearts finished three spaces behind the winner and a player bet 4 on hearts, he would drink 12 drinks (3 spaces x 4 bet).

Variations: Choose a wild card and every time that card is drawn have the horse move back one or have all the others move up one.  

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