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Big Projects
Cherry Entertainment Center

Black Cherry throughout, this is by far the biggest item I've ever built, took almost a year.  To give you an idea of its size, the TV in the center is one of those large-screen types.  Cabinet is over (well over) 8 feet tall at the top center.

With the exception of the TV area, every part of the center is lighted.  Doors open and then slide in, out of the way.  Bottom center doors are double-folding types.

I kid you not, this was a project!

Large Cherry Entertainment Centergeocities mirror

Victorian House Finial

This is me, mounting the finial on top of the central tower of one of the victorian era houses here in town.  The house owner handed me a trash bag full of bits and pieces that he'd found around the yard and in the bushes, asking if I could re-create the design.  He also had a 100 year old picture, about 2x2" of the whole house back then - if you looked at it with a microscope you could see the original finial on top of the tower.  Lotta help that was.

Fortunately, there were enough pieces overall that I got a pretty good feel for the original design and could build a template.

Picture's not the greatest, it was mounted on a rather cloudy day.  Project certainly came out well though.
Victorian House Finialgeocities mirror

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